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  1. trustne1

    Project Valor - save the old gurl

    Thanks for making this available in the EU wargaming!
  2. trustne1

    Game unscheduled downtime?

    Back up now!!
  3. trustne1

    Game unscheduled downtime?

    Some unscheduled downtime on WoWS EU? "Error Connecting Server Server temporarily unavailable. Please try again later" - Customer Service Center.
  4. trustne1

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Bug Reports

    I get this too, I reported it for the public test, but there must not be much QA performed on the game and they just released it out! Wargaming is there any point to us playing in public beta test in order to try to help improve the game if you do not act on the feedback that we provide and you release these bugs in any case? Thank you and happy sailing.
  5. trustne1

    Submarine Division Bug - Fix Incoming 07:00 CEST

    Agreed, if you select the submarine you cannot select another ship in the port, and as you cannot go in to battle with it you are pretty stuck. Exiting and restarting the client will not solve it as the sub gets selected as last ship next time it starts. Go to you preferences.xml file when not in the game and change the <ship></ship> reference number to one of the last ships and it should select you a ship that works. Or completely rename preferences.xml and restart (although you lose all your default settings).
  6. trustne1

    Team scores, team panel

    Can someone from Wargaming please advise when this will be solved? We used to be able to float over a players name after the game and see the full name (like at the start) before the introductions of clans. Also given some of the screen resolutions that I am sure many of us are running at it would be helpful if the game took advantage and painted the names in full for widescreens and high-resolutions.
  7. trustne1

    Sharing Credits Between Clan Members

    One mechanism I have seen for this on other games is for a clan to be able to levy a daily credit tax at a certain percentage rate from all clan members e.g. from 0% to 5%, The leadership of the clan can responsibly allocate the credits gained to clan members as determined by the clans own rules. i found this to be helpful for developing newer players in other games.
  8. trustne1

    Update 0.6.0 Feedback - Bugs

    1. DescriptionSmoke fails to puff even though the timer is counting down and ship is stationary. 2. Reproduction stepsJust try to use your smoke in the Fiji or Edinburgh. 3. ResultNo smoke cover, so still focus fired. 4. Expected resultExpected smoke cover until the smoke countdown to 0 5. Technical details2017-02-06 22:50 UTC Really unhappy!
  9. trustne1


    Please disregard this, my settings were set to Sound = Low and it did sound rubbish. when I changed it to Sound = High and restarted the game it does sound much much better.
  10. trustne1


    I agree BB gun sounds are a step backwards and sound too "pop"ie.
  11. trustne1

    Port Ship Filter Request

    I like that the ship filter has been added to and the carousel view options increased. But the one filter that I really would like to see added is to filter on your non-elite ships. Please World of Warships can you add this into a patch update soon? Thanks!!
  12. trustne1

    Did everyone else just sell the emden?

    Yes, it was x3 for each co-op victory in it (which I didn't realise until a couple of days before the end - thought it was once a day). So if you had 20 co-op wins in it it would give x3 xp for each of those games. I got x12 on a couple to get more xp on my Tirpitz captain. To answer the OP question - no I didn't sell it, its a great little ship to play (also got Kraken in it) and the value of gaining xp on my German captains makes it very worthwhile.
  13. trustne1

    Nurnberg Cruiser Captain Skills and Upgrades

    Thanks that is very helpful. Do you mean Damage Control Mod 1 and Steering Gear Mod 2? Cheers!
  14. trustne1

    Unmoderated Free for all... Moderation TOTAL FAIL !

    Hi I am interested in playing some warships with other players, I have connected to the teamspeak so I may see you in the front gate
  15. trustne1

    Nurnberg Cruiser Captain Skills and Upgrades

    Do we have any more responses based on playing the Nurnberg as to recommended ship upgrades?