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  1. Kastrull

    What am I doing wrong?

    Ive had the same problem with my US cruisers, dmg ok WR not ok. My thougth was that I position myself wrong and hence only get to shot the "wrong targets" BBs in my case. But prehaps German BB reward more agressive play while Japs you have to be a little bit more careful with. Thus working on the map skills and oyur positioning game etc. Hard to say anything with knowing more , and also I dont have the full experience. But never stop to analyze your own play is my biggest advice, helps me (i hope).
  2. Kastrull

    ranked need to vent

    Your absolutly rigth but that is kind of my point as well, this should make people better faster as their misstakes are pointed out more clearly ( and I dont mean that people are flaming them in chat). I think some leasons are learnt even if you dont strive to improve, ofcourse there are expceptions to this. But even more can learned for a player like me who realy wants to get better since I find loosing quite frustrating and even more so when I know that I could have changed the outcome and didnt do it. Ok steel fair point! But in general Im just trying to highlight something positive for you to bring with you and also my point of view, I might not have the exp from WoWs but I have it from WoT and the discussion is the same. Also just to think one step out of the box - for instance AFK players why would someone be AFK - if my son or daugther wakes up crying Im sure as hell going to go afk, there migth just be a reason etc etc /Cheers
  3. Kastrull

    ranked need to vent

    One thing I realy dont get, most people posting is ranting how bad this game mode is - WHY DO YOU PLAY IT? and comments like ranked are crap and randoms worse etc well one though crosses my mind, might it be so that youre in the wrong game? Also 7vs7 seems to be a very good ground to pick up some skills as well - easier to isolate your misstakes and actually see where your misstakes are when there are less ships. Atleast for me. Im about to get my first t10 and I intend to play 7vs7 for sure, am I a potato? - Simple awnser YES But from experience in WoT - nothing brings out your misstakes as a one vs one (Im ignoring the fact now with map awerness skills you get with many players etc etc)
  4. So easy and yet so hard but very well spoken, I havnt thought of it this way. But also sad when you realize which group you belong to =) Cheers for a good post