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  1. Oh, so you’re butthurt cause Flamu called you names? <— Your level of communication. When your arguments fail try to make up a story and throw in a few memes *yawn*
  2. How old are you? 12? If I didn’t enjoy Flamu I’d hardly watch his streams or praise him on his videos. As mentioned it was fairly obvious this section off his stream was to satisfy a specific part of his following. The fact that it was a stream recording rather than his normal well produced and factually sound videos is evident.
  3. When a person is too speshul to read the title of the topic 🙄
  4. Not interested in wasting time but as an example WG’s statement about the claimed “communication gap” between the qna and balance team. Flamu proceeds to spend 10 minutes shouting about the communication with regards to events and sales of loot boxes. While valid criticism it has nothing to do with the statement, 0. Any time you have to force yourself to create a fake laugh, what you say isn’t funny. This thread is about Flamus video, his reaction to the qna, not sure what you mean “have your own opinion” and speaking if butthurt, are you really that offended that I dared to criticise your idol? If so, scroll down to his next video which was an excellent review of the Napoli, Flamu at his best and all his knowledge filtered into it.
  5. Fairly clear it was just a click bait video from a stream where he was just trying to egg the dumber part of his audience on. Strawman arguments and conscious misinterpretations. Both boring and disappointing. Not that WG should not be criticised for questionable decisions but hard to take the guy seriously after crap like this.
  6. 373 battles, 41% wins, has paid to get the ZF6 and is in silver league. Very competitive mode... But he’s the perfect WG player because it takes no accountant to figure out that if you only play 2 battles in Kiev and 11 in Udaloi but have researched the Grozo, money has been paid for free xp and a lot of it...
  7. Mainly tech tree ships, Shira, Lolorado (regrinding lines), Zara etc. Premiums I've only used Haida really to grind the captain skills on her and she's a decent ship for ranked. No point going try hard in bronze when half the players are sub 500 battles. Might as well just use it as an experience earner.
  8. SirTogII

    Ragnar new Tier 10 Swedish Radar Gunboat DD

    +1 for the Marilyn ref
  9. SirTogII

    PSA: Kong and Godzilla camo

    Lol, USA have some of the harshest rules in the world when it comes to competition law starting back in 1890. If you want to spend your life in a Federal prison it’s a good way to get there.
  10. SirTogII

    PSA: Kong and Godzilla camo

    Please show me the people who believe “free market” means some kind of Mad Max dystopia where no legal system exists. I can say with confidence that nobody with a sliver of education would interpret it that way.
  11. SirTogII

    PSA: Kong and Godzilla camo

    This has nothing to do with free markets but nice try to shoehorn ideology into the thread. Misleading advertising is not looked kindly upon in any free market. It does however commonly occur in socialist states where “Lada is the best car in the world” and Venezuela is seen as the dream...
  12. SirTogII

    PSA: Kong and Godzilla camo

    Quite the opposite in fact. My white privilege has served me well :-P
  13. SirTogII

    PSA: Kong and Godzilla camo

    Wow, actually found someone that, while not defending it outright, described this as pretty good value since you get a tech tree ship fully kitted out. Sorry Notser, you've lost all credibility (what little you had).
  14. SirTogII

    PSA: Kong and Godzilla camo

    Interesting considering you are now actively defending them by shifting the blame on the victims. Shills come in all shapes and sizes
  15. SirTogII

    PSA: Kong and Godzilla camo

    I wonder if the people here who think "Anybody stupid enough to buy this deserves to be scammed" also think that "that girl deserved to get raped cause she was wearing a bikini" Might be worth reminding the good old crowd who have seen it all that there are both new players and fairly young ones too. You really think they deserve to get shafted just because you are unhappy with the game?