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  1. BULL crap

    Hi Ohboy OP, I do feel you. 2 days ago I uninstalled this game because dropping WR. There was absolutely nothing I could do to prevent losing streaks. Today I watched Flamus stream in RU ranked. He lost 3 in a row with Loyang despite his infamous mega carry. One of the games he had more XP than the highest player in the winning team. Its all about luck from that stupid RNG MM. Do something else, chill, take your money elsewhere.
  2. About winrate

    Guess this is it. Took a few days brake. Started up the game and downloaded the patch. Stared at the port for a while, could not bare the angst of another bad losing day so i quit without a single battle. Have fun sailors
  3. About winrate

    I am losing faith in this game. As a casual player there is absolutely nothing I can do to influence my team. They sometimes dont even try. I got in an argument and my team basically cursed me away for wanting to win. "Winning isnt a big deal, we just want to shoot guns". Dozens of games where we have a massive lead and then players start dying and ignoring caps. Mostly the game is decided after first minutes when our DDs just camp or die. This is the frustrating part: Good day Bad day And this has nothing to do with my playstyle because these ships I know inside out.
  4. Port music

    Ok, this SHOULD be a minor thing to fix. It varies as you said, sometimes entering port before battle is over the proper port music comes on. P.S. Not quitting battle, entering port after you died.
  5. Port music

    Hi Every port have their own music but after a battle that music becomes the standard boring music. If I change port again I get that ports music but after a battle it resets to "vanilla" music. A bug or some setting off?
  6. About winrate

    Ok, lets not argue. Something is strange in higher tiers. I think the whole player base is rushing towards tier 10 way too early. Thats why the MM and skillsets on teams can be so skewed that it looks more like bad gambling than good fighting.
  7. About winrate

    What fact? Lets take Fiji. I play much better in Fiji than Emile Bertin. I carry more, live longer and do well even in tier 9. With Emile Bertin its always a struggle, many games where I basically get one-shotted. Still my teams seems to get the win.
  8. About winrate

    Did you watch the replay? I have a gazillion of those
  9. About winrate

    Todays games, even took a long break: Somebody tell me how to play well and carry when your games look like this? 20180424_214504_PGSB108-Bismarck_40_Okinawa.wowsreplay
  10. About winrate

    So After a couple of days changing gamestyle and tactics I have come to the simple conclusion its all about luck. No matter how, what or when you play its complete RNG who wins. Yes MM is a sad RNG. An average day (today): A win where my input was low: A loss where my input was high: Enough with that myth about carrying and "deserve to win", its all RNG.
  11. About winrate

    This is a very good point. My playstyle is way too aggressive, I know. If you guys looked at the latest video "Off the charts" Zao ranked higher than Henry IV because they stayed alive longer.
  12. About winrate

    Hi Thank you for all the well intended responce. I have read them and can figure out some ideas to bring with me. Biggest thing is that stressful "have to win" attitude I get. Trying too hard to raise the WR. Also I can see what you mean by doing the right kind of damage. My killratio is kinda low, and when I think about how I play Emile Bertin (my 60% WR ship) I now know that Im more dedicated on hunting and killing DDs in EB. I also tend to hammer a ship until death in EB. My other favorite ships plays differently and I kinda do lot of damage but dont end up killing or supporting enough. You can easily solo in EB, Fiji and Minotaur are stationary so you tend to switch targets alot. Henry IV Im too aggressive in, its ok in EB but not Henry.
  13. Constant Critical Errors

    Try some of these, I used Iobit myself for some time. https://www.maketecheasier.com/best-game-booster-software-windows10/
  14. About winrate

    Hmm, this one I can and should do something about. @Estaca_de_Bares mentioned this too.
  15. About winrate

    Well said indeed. As I said DDs seems to be a big parameter in WR. Occasionally the enemy team could have som player/division doing 5-6 kills.