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  1. Grandorf

    Proof of WG tampering odds.

    Yes fanboys, I will get the final one today. Looking at other opening 20-44 crates you can obviously see its skeewed. Youtube and Reddit is full of them. By the way. Its more than math when it comes to probability and none of you or me can precisely calculate it.
  2. Grandorf

    Proof of WG tampering odds.

    I know you are fanboys but as you know they desperately want to sell you crates. This is the closest you can get. 5 duplicates gives 1 item. This is beyond any non rigged lottery. Do the math.
  3. Grandorf

    What is wrong with our player base?

    This was the point. I was bottom tier, did poorly. STILL I came out 2nd best??!!!! Everybody is so god damn afraid to head into battle, they blob up behind some island. As soon as there are "too many" torps, guns and/or hydro they kinda wait for it to go away. Thats why teams die after 10 mins with their asses towards the enemy. My playstyle is still aggressive but fails all too often when suddenly everybody has turned back to spawn.
  4. Can a team really be this bad? I sucked! Still I carried?!
  5. Grandorf

    Oil collected without a Clan

    That oil is spent on the base anyway and if you leave the clan you dont get any with you.
  6. Grandorf

    Oil collected without a Clan

    The clan Im in has probably done 2-3 clanbattles. We are in it just for the ship bonuses and occasional division play.
  7. Grandorf

    Deep, boring analyze for Emile Bertin experts only.

    Yes, seems AR is the best option. Emile is after all a CL with long reload. DCCA is the only good left or I could respec EL + 1 point in to JoT/HA.
  8. Grandorf

    Suggestions thread

    Please buff French CA line. No need to make them OP but their agility needs a buff. Emile Bertin is awesome but then they loose their edge of avoiding salvos. Henry IV (and the line in general) has awesome guns but with that rate of fire you cant really go head on, and with that speed its stupid to go head on or hide behind islands. Henry IV should be able to dodge torps and salvos better. Buff turn radius and rudder shift on tier 6-10.
  9. Grandorf

    high tier dds

    Shiratsuyu with Torp Reload Boost II, makes any enemy team behave like headless chicken.
  10. Grandorf

    Is anyone else trying to use the higher tier French CA's?

    If they would buff rate of fire/agility for this line then it would be amazing. Emile Bertin is THE best CA, the rest of the line is a disappointment compared. I had Henry IV and boy those salvos would make players tremble. Unfortunately her maneuverability was too sluggish to avoid massive, precise salvos from other tier 10. I had low survivability which led to low WR, sold her.
  11. Grandorf

    Right... so... this happened...

    Off topic but reminds me of getting scout medal in IS-3.
  12. Hi Emile Bertin is my favorite ship, with over 500 games and wr over 60% I know this ship like the back of my hand. I like some feedback on the last 3 skillpoints. I have: PT, PM, EL LS DE IFHE, CE Most of the games I survive with very little damage, if Im unlucky my health drops down to 20-30% early on. This makes AR kinda meh since in few cases i can gain 1,5-1,8 secs in reload. My playstyle compensates for the EM, its not even a second in 180° I have no use for SI, with prem hydro Its more than enough when you hunt down some capping DD, Emile is awesome at dodging torps anyway. So bring on those thoughts.
  13. Last one, promise. Nighty nighty. He will be back in Yamato. We all do, sometimes it just gets too much.