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  1. If free XP is shared, some people will pretty much instantly unlock a tier X. They may want to delay that a little bit so people can actually play through the tiers.
  2. Nallic

    Destroyers and their amazing gameplay

    I've played everything to tier 5 now. Destroyers definitely are fun. Although I must admit I'm enjoying cruisers more, especially the USN ones. Battleships and Carriers are fun, but cruisers is where it's at.
  3. Nallic

    Torpedo Bombers

    Just go play a cruiser lol. You get the best of everything.
  4. Nallic

    Suggestion Locking the turrets in a direction

    +1 This isn't a bad idea. Would be nice. You can keep the right mouse pressed in and then look, but it would be more convenient actually if you could just lock them.
  5. Nallic

    Battleships underpowered and torpedoes OP

    Situational awareness is one thing. Having 2-3 destroyers coordinate smokescreens means they can stay invisible pretty much the entire game. I don't think Torpedos are OP, or even the Destroyer perse. It's the smokescreen that's a little too good.
  6. Nallic

    Smoke screens

    It's a combination of things yea. For me the problem I have with it (and I'll be honest, I use this tactic myself as well), is that the Destroyer can close a long / mid range distance fairly quick. Once he gets close, he can pop smokescreen and become invisible. He can then circle around the target, and launch torpedos in perfect spread. The target won't even see it coming. Suddenly he'll get a torpedo warning and the next second they'll impact. The problem with smokescreen is that it pretty much makes the Destroyer instantly invisible, at any range. And that on top of that, the Destroyer has the best speed and the punch to sink a ship in 1 volley.
  7. Nallic

    Better nerf destroyer

    Yea, like I said in another thread, it shouldn't be possible to just use smokescreen right on top of hostile ships and disappear completely off their radar. Once a ship gets within a certain range, it should always be visible. It's silly to have ships disappear in smoke when they're 0-1km away, only to suddenly spot 6 torpedos going right for your ship.
  8. Nallic

    Battleships underpowered and torpedoes OP

    I have to admit, I solo'd 3 ships (2 carriers and a cruiser) in the same square. I suppose the cruiser was protecting the carriers. It's a little broken you can just come around the corner, pop smokescreen and then put 12 torps in their hulls. 3v1 and I came out practically unharmed. The destroyer is fine, but the effects of smokescreen are too good. It shouldn't be possible to go completely invisible and disappear if ships are within 0-2km.
  9. Nallic

    Battleships underpowered and torpedoes OP

    It's fine now. If you're getting 1 shot at range it means you made no attempt to actually dodge. It takes like 10 seconds tfor shots to land at 15KM. If you didn't make a single movement or course adjustment in 10 seconds, you deserve to get shot down. Pay some attention to what's going on around you and zig-zag.
  10. Nallic

    The problem with this game is...

    I was under the impression that guns are more accurate while going slower. Slowing down when you take your first shot and then speeding up again also throws off the opponents aim. I usually cruise at 1/2 while shooting.
  11. Nallic

    Too much crit with HE ammo

    It doesn't at all compare to AP citadel hits. Not even close.
  12. Nallic

    The problem with this game is...

    As others have said, you need to hit the Citadel, or possibly ammo rack. I've managed to 1 shot ships with my Battleship a few times. You just need to have a look at what you're shooting at, and then aim. Good places is under the guns, the engine, the citadel, ... Have a look here: LINK I've not had this happen but, I would recommend slowing down when shooting at long range targets. There is some spread sure, especially once you start shooting at stuff 15km away, but I've not found it that bad.
  13. Nallic

    Heading control

    I think it's pretty good as it is. This only makes it more confusing and complicated (for no reason). It takes 1 game to figure out how wide a ship turns at what speeds.
  14. Nallic

    Ships popping in and out of vision

    Noticed this as well, even at very close ranges, I sometimes still see them disappear.
  15. Nallic

    Better nerf destroyer

    It has to be said that at times destroyers will just disappear from plain sight, even within 1km-2km. I can understand the use of smoke and so but I've had the same situation as well were I'm duking it out against another destroyer (in a cruiser) and suddenly the destroyer just disappears from my screen. It's a bit frustrating to be 1km away from something having a fight, suddenly they vanish and the next second you get a volley of torpedos in your side. That's just broken.