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  1. jameshinton

    unable able to log to update server

    Your Welcome!
  2. jameshinton

    unable able to log to update server

    From that screenshot you are missing crucial information for the game to update. The best way to fix this, is to uninstall the launcher & then re-install it. After you re-install the launcher and run it, the launcher should work properly. If the issue rises again, check this file to see if the screenshot you took and the new file are the same. If they are, I recommend contacting support.
  3. jameshinton

    unable able to log to update server

    Ok, so it has an issue with getting the patch. Sorry, please could you open 'WOWsLauncher.cfg' and check if it says anything under line 14: <patch_info_urls>
  4. jameshinton

    unable able to log to update server

    Looking at your screen shot, it shows no images which it should get from WoWS Servers. This could indicate that you have some kind of problem connecting to there servers. What does it say in the log file? The log file is called 'WOWsLauncher', you should find it in the main '\World_of_Warships' directory.
  5. jameshinton

    HI! :)

    Welcome to World Of Warships!
  6. jameshinton

    Requesting a Report option

    Sometime during the CBT you will probably be told about Replays & how to activate it. (I got this info from other CBT Topics)
  7. jameshinton

    Beta Game Problems

    I think this topic may need to be moved to the 'Closed Beta Feedback' section.
  8. jameshinton


    The only way I can think of, is play on the US server. It is also quite easy to get a beta key for the US server, so that could be the best option. But you could ask support about transferring account. That is the only idea I have, someone else may have an idea.
  9. jameshinton

    Beta Game Problems

    That not true, I have done some tests of my own with the game in this situation. I had a fresh install of windows for testing the game etc. (Switched the drives in PC) & this issue occurred is well. Anyway I think they changed something to cause this, because in previous versions of the game this never happened. Just so I know the total issue, please could you tell me more about the issue (any side effects). Such as when you run the application does other apps run slower. Just out of curiosity what is the I/O read & I/O write when you start the application?
  10. jameshinton

    Invite more players

    Yes that might be the situation but I'm sure if you play Co-Op Battles then you would be in a game under 1 min (1.30 min Max) also try different tiers. I don't know if you realise but most games (Alpha & Beta) have about the same amount of queue time (coming from personal experience). So if you are really annoyed just take a break, we are not forcing you to play the game every minute of every day.
  11. jameshinton


    Do you mean CBT (Closed Beta Test) instead of OBT (Open Beta Test)?
  12. jameshinton

    Closed Beta Reward Ship

    We have only been in CBT for a few weeks, and you are already thinking about the end of CBT. Lets just wait and see what appears from the devs when we are near the end of Closed Beta.
  13. jameshinton

    SMS Árpád (Pre-dreadnought)

    Lovey copy & paste from Wikipedia!