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    Gaming ( Love Wargaming games ) Ice hockey and carp fishing
  1. Unique_Unicum_Noob

    What skills and equipment for the Arkansas?

    what is that best captian skiil build for arkansas these days, to make must out of the ship, please could you say them and maybe a screen shot please, thank you
  2. Unique_Unicum_Noob

    Clan nneded :) English clan

    hi im looking to join a english clan, that has active players at all hours, im 28 male have been playing since beta, had a little break to to having a new born now back playing, i have head set and teamspeak do like to join the fun and banter on ts, looking forward to meeting. thank you
  3. Unique_Unicum_Noob

    Looking for an active English Speaking Clan

    hi there i am all so looking for active clan like this, i play mainly at night now, and not as much as i used to or would like as new baby, i am 28