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  1. nuutti69

    Bugs Feedback

    Yamatos camouflage have bug. Normaly yamatos concealment is 11. If you install type-3 camo the concealment is 14 and then move your mouse pointer over ex. typo-5 camo it shows concealment will be (+2) 16..but it is impossible install two camo att the same time..
  2. nuutti69


    Tashkent´s camouflage Type - 18 dont work..it dosnt give any color. Is it bug or is it ok?
  3. nuutti69

    Fail Divisions

    Hi My opinion of this "fail division" is that this change is good. Keep it like this now. But..is it possible to modify the number of players in division..for example 4-6 ?
  4. nuutti69

    Post-Battle Stat improvement

    Thanks to add those new features. I have many times wait them.. Specialy that spotting feature. Like in WOT..player can have point also spot enemy..
  5. nuutti69


    Hi I have problem with game grafigs. When game start first time it´s on windowed mode..but when i turn it to full-screen..it goes really wierd..and it does not that same on 0.5.8.. Mouse pointer it´s different place then the pointing point..so i cant point anywhere wit mouse. I try all aspect rations but it dindt work..so only solution is use windowed mode.
  6. nuutti69

    General Feedback

    I think you ned change this teamkill penalty system. When player have this pink teamkill penalty on..if team member ram over this player hi gets penalty for that and hi have to play more games before his teamkiller status gos away. I think you have to do something to this..
  7. nuutti69

    Other Changes

    This new camera is awesome!! I like it a lot..
  8. nuutti69

    Ship Balance and Model Changes Feedback

    So the top speed has drop wo 38kn with the last modification..?? It´s an issue and a fault. It is not big job to fix..unless wow dont want japan ships run like they should do??!!
  9. nuutti69

    Ship Balance and Model Changes Feedback

    Yeap..it´s going exacly this way. I´m not sure but is it moskva made 1980´s and still in use???? Most German, US and Japan ships are WW1 and WW2 ships but russian are paper ships (never made) and if they are made they are from 1950´s!!!
  10. nuutti69

    New User Interface 0.5.6 Feedback

    New minimap is good. Some one have idea to put ships name also to minimap but my opinion it comes too much information to one screen..at least put buttons that user can select what information hi want to have his minimap..
  11. nuutti69

    Ship Balance and Model Changes Feedback

    About russian DDs..from T5 they have all the same guns..(???) it´s T10 gun..how´s that ballancing..?
  12. nuutti69

    Ship Balance and Model Changes Feedback

    You have point..in this moment WOWs is just puffing russian navy ships witch never even existed.
  13. nuutti69

    Ship Balance and Model Changes Feedback

    Well at the same time you can also correct Fubukis topspeed which should be 38kn..not 35kn. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_destroyer_Fubuki_%281927%29 This issue have ben so long already..so pls fix it now.
  14. nuutti69

    Ship Balance and Model Changes Feedback

    Hi Now these russian DDs buffing have go too far.. They are so over buffed in this moment..there is no actual fact of all the details. They run faster, shoot longer, have more HP, shoot more accuracy and see enemy torbs longer..!! Get real..!
  15. nuutti69

    Public Test General Feedback

    I noticed that in Battle list where are all ships and players from both team..Admiral Hippers name is only Hipper. ex. Dmitry Donskois name is Dm.Donskoi..so why not Admiral Hipper cannot be Ad.Hipper because her name is not only Hipper..