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  1. SNAFU24623524

    World of Warships Cinema Tour

    Dear all at WOW, Ever since i 1st heard the rumbling when on wot about warships i was hooked managed to get on the Beta and have never regretted that decision.History and Military history in book form can only teach us so much when read, on certain films when done correctly ie without the Hollywood razzmatazz and having seen some of the work you no doubt must nave collaborated with making on utube i think it would be a crime if you and your company did not do full recreations and enactments of the famous naval battles in say a 1 hour docudrama. One thing is certain done correctly with a good director and historical input would leave a legacy and a tribute too all those men involved from all nations involved. PS keep up the good work and all the best.....SNAFU
  2. SNAFU24623524

    Project R - how do you feel we are doing?

    Seems to be reachable quite easily for most players ,but what has happened too the 10 flags, still not received any,very puzzled...Thx Snafu
  3. SNAFU24623524

    Equipment and how to sell it.?

    What are WOWs plans regarding equipment that you have accumulated over time at the moment we have no way of selling any without selling it when you sell your ship.....Thx Snafu
  4. SNAFU24623524

    Main battery upgrades

    Main battery upgrade +10%loading time.............+15%turning then you have Main battery upgrade 3 as -15%loading time and -17% turning speed my question is, is it a misprint or why would any sane person put a negative value on an upgrade or on a ship?
  5. SNAFU24623524

    We need static invite code for EU server

    +2 lol
  6. SNAFU24623524

    Locked-Out Syndrome is getting unbearable!

    Exactly the same proble m,in the last hour managed 2 games only ,get into the waiting for battle screen with the numbers fluctuating up and down then back to port,hope you find the issue soon.
  7. SNAFU24623524

    Crew not just captains

    As on planes and tanks you need a crew,having played on both skill's spread throughout the crew make it more interesting and more rewarding, which usually leads to a sense of achievement.Most ships had a captain ,a chief engineer, a communications officer and a gunnery officer. It would Surely be a good idea to have a far wider skills selection, giving the player i wider choice in how he plays and crew's his ship.Having played world of tanks nearly 4 years with money well spent,the true enjoyment for me was in how 15 players,playing as a team, would bring tactics into the game and in how you chose to play your maps.We all will have certain ships or certain lines that we like more than others ,so how you crew and use the skill's you have earned is going to be paramount and will have an effect on how you mature as a player.If you seek longevity for this game, with the aim of a world of tanks player base i would have thought that this would be a good idea.This is my first post EVER so be gentle..love the game, hope you succeed in everything that you do.
  8. SNAFU24623524

    Captains Skills - Tweaking needed - Too heavy grind

    Wasnt crying Coenraad as i said not moaning just a question that,s all, as an earlier post said it was 20 point,s ,why don,t you check it out.As to the skill,s themselves, i think more options are needed maybe 5 too each column and at least another 3 to 5 more skill sets as ,as we all know if you get reward,s on your commander,s your more likely to play longer as we all like a pat on the head sometimes and your more likely to invest the time and money into it,just my thought,s thx for the time
  9. SNAFU24623524

    3 times one Mission: Surprise Attack

    Sorry just too make it clearer for you ,as we are on a thread talking about sniper missions ,i thought when i said salvo you would have thought i was talking about torpedoes ..So to reiterate,i fired 3 times in total with TORPEDO,S hit in total 6 times and DIDNT get any rewards....thx for your time...1 more question is how many skill points in total can your earn on any single Captain,as i have 18 on my ATLANTA captain and cant earn any more?Once again thx for your time.. Sorry just assumed as we are on a thread about Sniper mission,s when i said salvo,you would have thought i was talking about TORPEDO,S...Too be clear, i fired 3 times with TORPEDO and got 6 hits in my ATLANTA with no rewards hope this clears it up....1 more question ,i have 18 points on my ATLANTA captain and am not earning any more skill points is this right? oops sorry about that but as i am hear the average for my ATLANTA is about 180 to 195 hits per battle in my ATLANTA ,so not sad quite happy actually ,lol cheers
  10. SNAFU24623524

    3 times one Mission: Surprise Attack

    I recently played a game in my ATLANTA and fired in total 3 salvo,s with 6 hitting yet i didnt get my reward for my sniper mission and i had 3 of them ,so i hit with 4 and 3 and got nothing.Is this a glitch ?
  11. SNAFU24623524

    Captains Skills - Tweaking needed - Too heavy grind

    Ive spent a lot of time getting my ATLANTA and CLEVELAND ADMIRAL all the way up ,my question is ,is that it at 18 points ,because now i am not getting anything for my Admiral towards more skill,s ,not moaning but after all the time spent i could at least use another 2 skills easily , if not why not put that experiance that should go on your Admiral onto free xp or something.So far experianced very few problems in the game ,think you have done a fantastical job on this thx for your time...