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  1. Nadeah

    Destroyer influence on game

    BB's deny CA's by being able to one shot them with their main weapons from their normal engagement ranges and having higher health. CA's deny DD's by having accurate mid range main weapons that can potentially one salvo a DD DD's deny BB's by shooting short range very slow dodge-able main weapons with reloads of 1:30+ from tier 6 onwards with the lowest healthpool in game. CV's support all classes with increasingly replaceable aircraft and act as the most effective low risk scouts in game. Rock, Paper, Scissors + chisel. BB's already have secondaries that will knock out modules and do damage on DD's randomly from normal torpedo range to make a DD's life more miserable than it already was.
  2. Nadeah


    Already has been asked before in various topics. YES.
  3. Nadeah

    Q: How does detectability work

    1. Yes ( it's very useful for DD's to learn to keep track of how far away an enemy is. Planes however are so fast that you can't really get away from them so going anywhere near them is bad for DD's. ) 2. Yes ( From experience I guess your visibility takes about 30 seconds to a minute to reset without smoke, quite a long time in destroyers. Cruisers seem to have the same time for visibility resets. ) 3. Float planes have their own spotting range just like carrier born aircraft, that's why they can spot you through mountains unlike the boats they are with.
  4. Nadeah

    The Myogi to Kongo

    While Kawachi was a joke with it's horrible range and speed, Myogi's only real problem when I used is that aggressive combined fleet movement is awkward thanks to the mostly rear mounted turret array. Still it was nice and fast if a bit too easy to torpedo bomb if your allies run off. Kawachi was a bit of an awkward ship but the amount of guns it had made it sort of work if your enemy isn't too bright. Kongou is indeed far better. Burning Love. Tea Time. Love letter.
  5. Nadeah

    AA OP

    it can beat most higher tier cruisers one on one given half a chance. Battleships were always designed to beat cruisers in this game. ''Rock, Paper, Scissors'' principle. Cruisers in this game are supposed to support battleships and destroy destroyers. Cleveland excels at everything in it's own tier and makes the following three ships in it's own line look quite underwhelming. The Aoba does have problems but it's biggest problem is that the Cleveland is simply under-tiered in the opinion of many vocal testers and I honestly share that opinion for the most part. I also think the Aoba is too easy to kill in ships 2 tiers lower than it regardless of that, though.
  6. Nadeah

    AA OP

    It does take a bit of luck with the player the Cleveland is playing against as well as RNG, though. but it's already pretty much confirmed that the Cleveland is over-preforming by supertesters and beta testers alike. Currently, the best way is to just focus them down and stay out of their way with IJN cruisers and USN cruisers unless you got back-up and even then don't make yourself a target. I know that at least a good Mogami player that get's a bit lucky can beat them one of one. Better have clevelands shoot the battleships and snipe them with other cruisers, I think. I generally try and hit clevelands with torpedo's in DD's if I can help it. Still I don't advice getting close to a cleveland with a DD because it's very unlikely that it will miss it's salvo. Cleveland is vastly popular anyway, usually on tier 6 and such you probably have about the same number, if unlucky you might get a (average or bad) Aoba instead but Aoba isn't played that much and most players that stick with it are above average. It's more likely that you lose due to having more high tier DD's than the enemy having more Clevelands but I think but far the largest contributor is whether you have semi-competent not sniping BB players most of the time.
  7. Nadeah

    AA OP

    It has a citadel just like any other ship. It just has the best armour, best dpm, 3rd best agility and smallest citadel. but hey, it has 0.7 kilometres less firing range than the Aoba. Oh, at that range it is however more accurate than the Aoba. It's pretty much the most accurate sniper for it's tier. Currently it's considered in need of tweaking by most testers and heavily over-preforming on it's tier. The only USN cruisers better than it is the Des Moines probably. It's tier placement is stupid historically and performance wise at the moment.
  8. Nadeah

    Russian in Europe

    Let's make a channel for everyone and split the entire community that speaks decent english and make the british and irish the only ones allowed on the english board. Frisians won't be allowed in the dutch section either, they have their own language and we have ours! Everyone in their own neat little corner. Who cares about moderation anyway, people totally always behave when nobody is looking, like always.
  9. Nadeah

    Secondary Armament on a Battleship

    Any DD in secondary fire range will be hit by battleship secondaries and lose their rudder or engine quite often and quickly as a result. Don't worry, as a BB and a DD player I can tell you that much.
  10. Nadeah

    Mega Feedback Thread with iChase

    Most of the time that only happens because of camping scared BB's that don't head over to any capcircle and just stare at the enemy at near maximum range instead of advancing. Most BB's don't get that they're supposed to take some hits while taking control of the area around the caps and not snipe + camp in domination. Cruisers that advance alone just because the BB's don't dare cover them from intelligent ranges get fed to enemy BB's and such. Aggressiveness with BB's in domination is very much rewarded with longer more active games if both teams do it. If you are aggressive and the other team is passive the game is over quickly because that's supposed to be a small hint towards players that defending and advancing on the cap circles is actually what they are supposed to do. But that's just what I believe and that's just my opinion. The problem of potato teams is already very present in this beta and since BB's are the most effective ships having bad BB players basically loses games. In domination teams that consist out of bad BB's loses quickly as they should. Domination is made specifically to not cater to camping. Camping should be discouraged. Not in every game type but in some just to help players learn the true purpose of a BB is to press the attack on a front as a member of a combined fleet instead of sniping from maximum range till your entire team is dead.
  11. Nadeah

    IJNs really needs to be buffed!

    2. I damaged more with them like ... 5? I don't remember it's been so long since I touched it after getting the Mogami I only played it 3 times... Oh those kills were single torpedo hits out of 4 of course on low health targets from short range while running away just before I died. Aoba's torpedo's are very situational. ''almost completely useless''
  12. Nadeah


    With class spread I meant player spread over classes. There's plenty of variety in classes but the players heavily prefer BB's due to the current ship balancing. In world of tanks there is a small bias toward heavies but in world of warschips the bias is far greater at the moment.
  13. Nadeah

    Carrier under fire no take off

    Perhaps the developers have surprises in a potential patch for us. Currently in my modest opinion the balance isn't quite there yet for the game to go into ''open beta /semi-full-release''
  14. Nadeah

    Carrier under fire no take off

    The secondaries of CV's however already batter DD's and knock out modules long before they can launch a decent torpedo salvo and the main guns on the IJN and USN lines aren't really impressive either in damage. It would be more interesting in giving CV's control of the secondaries to some degree, though obviously these secondaries won't be very accurate or good for balance reasons. CV's already have more hitpoints than CA's afterall.
  15. It's very possible to park fighters above a fully upgraded and skilled AA destroyer like the Mutsuki in a same tier CV without losing DB or fighters at an near alarming rate. Honestly, I have no idea why they implemented the AA upgrade on destroyers if it's only mildly effective over long periods of time. If the guns weren't useless on the Mutsuki It would be a hard trade off. Hatsuharu doesn't lose many guns for it's AA upgrade but then again Hatsuharu has a hard time not being spotted compared to the rest of the IJN destroyers. The AA upgrade however is once again mildly effective even when a fighter is right on top of you. A bit ridiculous. Minekaze, Isokaze and such all have basically no AA but how better torpedo reload times but due to how unimpressive the AA on mutsuki is effectively Minekaze still outshines her like a brilliant star outshines the moon at day.