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  1. vereybowring

    Update Audio Hotfix

    Sound is still not very good from my fiddling around and almost impossible to balance properly although now at least my head doesn't hurt after a couple of battles. I can only assume you want the game to have audio that is as irritating as possible to ruin immersion (volume disparities, unrealistic sounds etc.). Whose idea was it to have each slider perform more than one action depending on where the slider is ? I only ask because they need to be fired as if you want to adjust different sounds have separate sliders, it's not a difficult concept but apparently beyond you which abouts sums up all UI controls. Instead of simple, direct controls you can never resist having a clever solution that is actually less useful.
  2. vereybowring

    Reflecting on year 4 of WoWS - What have you liked/disliked?

    I haven't noted particular high/low points but will reply with my general feelings. Well it's not been a rollercoaster as such since a climb followed by hurtling to the bottom is just a steep hill (in this case with a huge chasm at the bottom). Game gradually improved for quite a while then about 18 months ago started a severe nosedive with every update taking some of my enjoyment away. Sadly from everything being proposed this will continue for the foreseeable future as they seem determined to crash the game completely.
  3. vereybowring

    Visual and Audio Enhancements

    Audio is horrific. Apparently yet again the audio team prove they don't know how to balance sound. Do they even normalise all the sound files before they throw them at us ? Do they actually play the game and listen to what they produce ? Also from other posts here it seems the sound mess was reported during testing but you went ahead and threw it in the game anyway. This tells me that testing is just done for image purposes to claim you do testing and not an actual attempt to do any quality control on the game as you always seem to let broken rubbish like this audio update (not for the first time with the audio) into the game. You drive too many updates too quickly and it shows with the complete mess you are making of the game.
  4. vereybowring

    AA Defense Changes

    Really ? Yes any break causes loss of focus even for a fraction of a second and if you think having to turn the camera all the way round isn't distracting good for you but many people are completely distracted by it. I find this method categorically more inconvenient than the previous method, which of course was also badly thought out. Props for the nice deflection though but it still doesn't answer why you can't have left/right keypresses rather than coming up with more complicated and annoying controls (which is what you seem to do with every UI choice). It seems the team are dead set on not having simple keypresses for controls when they can use something much worse. I'm sorry you feel I am being impolite. I am a straightforward person who will point out mistakes, both mine and others. Yes I'm passionate about the game and it is slowly being killed by bad decisions, so excuse me for not being more considerate of WG staff thin skins.
  5. vereybowring

    UI Improvements

    There were improvements ? Seems to be the same laggy mess with some new graphics.
  6. Used to really enjoy this game a huge amount. Now with every update my enjoyment is eroded bit by bit. Instead of streamlining and improving the core game they throw new content in at an unsustainable rate. The UI has been a mess for years but no don't fix that, they have to add yet another currency for another short term event. Any "improvements" they do claim for the UI aren't - just tinkering mostly with the stuff that isn't the issue. Seems they have swung massively to short term revenue generation and ignore long term strength.
  7. vereybowring

    AA Defense Changes

    I've seen it a few times and it doesn't get less annoying or distracting.
  8. vereybowring

    AA Defense Changes

    Is the team that deal with coming up with interface controls just really, really stupid or are they dedicated to be as annoying as possible ? After all this time why all this nonsense with pushing a button while having the camera facing the way you want the AA reinforcement ? This replaces the slightly less annoying push a button then click a direction. Since they brought this in any sane, logical mind who wants a nicely flowing game would have two keys one for port and one for starboard not all this rubbish. It seems the makers of this game want the UI as idiotic as they can make it. Any time I see you guys use the word improvement I immediately know it actually means we thought of a clever idea that is terrible and will make the game worse with it. Yup, also feeds into my point about the UI team being either stupid or deliberately annoying.
  9. vereybowring

    Submarines are Coming

    I know there is a load of work still to do but this is worse than I feared when the news first dropped. Subs massively too fast and manoeuvrable underwater compared to the ships in game, what you're showing so far is just terrible. Subs are NOT DD's that can submerge and the less said about the homing mechanic the better - that didn't work properly until well after WW2. If you go with homing torps then ALL ships should have asdic and countermeasures not just DD's. This is going to turn the game into a complete joke with no link to realistic naval warfare at all and it's been hanging on by it's nails for some time already with the way radar and hydro work.
  10. vereybowring

    Loading sound effect

  11. vereybowring

    Loading sound effect

    Quantity over quality is how this game is developed. Throw lots of stuff in fast without a real testing regime and hope some of it works. Edit: Another audio "highlight" is the end of battle guitar riff which sounds so bad it would have been out of place in a game from 20 years ago. One of the office staff must have a guitar and just thought they'd throw it in.
  12. vereybowring

    Loading sound effect

    Yup why have a simple, clear, non bass driven sound when you can have an irritating, loud, overly bass driven piece of garbage. Have to annoy the hell out of the players for no reason. Then again since they've completely messed up the whole sound scheme of the game the sound team having questionable taste is the least of the worries.