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  1. vereybowring

    Important message for the community

    That was a lot of double speak and emptiness for one released statement. My understanding of it comes down to "We possibly/maybe/perhaps may do things to change but also maybe/might/perhaps won't." It's like a politician getting caught doing something negative - never fully acknowledge/confirm any improvement, just make some noises that vaguely sound like you're going to without anything solid. The only time I have noticed this company listen to any sort of feedback is when it causes a stink like the recent blowup and it might cost you money. Otherwise feedback seems to go straight into the bin via a direct feed chute. EDIT: Forgot this bit " it had to go through all regular quality assurance processes." that actually made me laugh. Never seen any signs of QA with anything you've done in the last few years, everything new or "improved" has been broken on release. Also you keep talking about respect but you really need to learn what that means since you have consistently shown none to anyone else but now want it for yourselves - you definitely need to earn that after years of disrespect you've shown everyone (the company in general of course since we don't want to focus on anybody).
  2. Yup, people don't get it. While stopping your spending will aggravate them only a little if you keep playing. If you stop playing altogether they might take more notice when enough people do that. This offer is designed to get players who haven't played in a long time to come back and make their numbers look better, even if you only play the 15 battles. When numbers drop profit predictions get thrown off (works better with publicly traded companies but you can be sure even private company shareholders take notice if their revenues streams start to look threatened) and if it keeps going down the game eventually dies as there aren't enough people to keep it going. So reduced numbers may bring about a change, the PEGI/ESRB thing also only gives a tiny nudge while potential governmental regulations affecting loot boxes would definitely get changes. It isn't that hard to grasp. Who would have thought if people actually want things to change they are going to have to actively do something (or not do something in the case of player numbers) meaning they have to inconvenience themselves. I uninstalled quite a while ago and didn't play well before that. This post may get me banned and it might be removed but it needed to be said.
  3. vereybowring

    Missouri event and economics

    So in summary, grind your heart out then pay us a big wad of cash on top. Yeah, either gamble+cash or grind+cash - nope. . .
  4. vereybowring

    PSA: Recent community incidents and our actions

    Well the official statement confirms the CC's were correct to leave as it only shows the company does not care about them or the community in any meaningful way. "While some of these causes are self-explanatory, and our commitment to fix them remains," - no commitment has ever been demonstrated by them, only meaningless wordage they renege on repeatedly. More hollow words from a hollow company.
  5. vereybowring

    Last Chance to Get Your Hands on Festive Treats!

    Sorry, saving my money for companies that deserve it, not disingenous scammers that pretend they make "mistakes" all the time (every time) and keep ratchetting up the prices while reducing the rewards while in the meantime the base game performance gets worse every patch.
  6. vereybowring

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    I would assume you've spent money for nothing as was intended with the way they designed it.
  7. vereybowring

    Captain's Logbook

    More unecessary bloat to the sluggish as hell interface. Well done, how about spending all the research and development time on actually improving the interface in a meaningful way ? You know making it faster , more responsive with less layers of clicking. . .
  8. vereybowring

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    I stopped playing tanks because it became a pay to win grind-a-thon. Making your game match that is not going to do you any favours from those of us that didn't mind some grind but are put off by the idoitic and blatant cash grab mechanics to avoid massive grinds.
  9. vereybowring

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I would like to participate, explicitly. Thank you for your kindness.
  10. vereybowring

    New Year event (collection, snowflakes, directives)

    So I guess at the planning meeting for the event the primary take away was "Lets make the grindiest, most frustrating event in history because we want the majority of the customers/playerbase to be annoyed over the festive period so we can maybe get them to throw money at it." Success, the event is a joke, the directives inane and you come across as making the grinch seem like a nice old chap who likes to grumble.
  11. vereybowring

    Technical improvements (visuals, Login speed, Rendering)

    Login is slower. Don't know what you expected to be the case but the game now loads slower from my SSD than other titles from other studios that load more data and are on HDD. Whoever works on optimisation is just not good at the job. And no I do not use mods so that isn't the issue. Of course adding new sounds and moving graphics will be part of the slowdown, doesn't anyone there know loading such stuff slows things down ? With many other game titles some of the first mods the community make is to disable such idiocy for loading.
  12. vereybowring

    Update Audio Hotfix

    Sound is still not very good from my fiddling around and almost impossible to balance properly although now at least my head doesn't hurt after a couple of battles. I can only assume you want the game to have audio that is as irritating as possible to ruin immersion (volume disparities, unrealistic sounds etc.). Whose idea was it to have each slider perform more than one action depending on where the slider is ? I only ask because they need to be fired as if you want to adjust different sounds have separate sliders, it's not a difficult concept but apparently beyond you which abouts sums up all UI controls. Instead of simple, direct controls you can never resist having a clever solution that is actually less useful.
  13. vereybowring

    Reflecting on year 4 of WoWS - What have you liked/disliked?

    I haven't noted particular high/low points but will reply with my general feelings. Well it's not been a rollercoaster as such since a climb followed by hurtling to the bottom is just a steep hill (in this case with a huge chasm at the bottom). Game gradually improved for quite a while then about 18 months ago started a severe nosedive with every update taking some of my enjoyment away. Sadly from everything being proposed this will continue for the foreseeable future as they seem determined to crash the game completely.
  14. vereybowring

    Visual and Audio Enhancements

    Audio is horrific. Apparently yet again the audio team prove they don't know how to balance sound. Do they even normalise all the sound files before they throw them at us ? Do they actually play the game and listen to what they produce ? Also from other posts here it seems the sound mess was reported during testing but you went ahead and threw it in the game anyway. This tells me that testing is just done for image purposes to claim you do testing and not an actual attempt to do any quality control on the game as you always seem to let broken rubbish like this audio update (not for the first time with the audio) into the game. You drive too many updates too quickly and it shows with the complete mess you are making of the game.
  15. vereybowring

    AA Defense Changes

    Really ? Yes any break causes loss of focus even for a fraction of a second and if you think having to turn the camera all the way round isn't distracting good for you but many people are completely distracted by it. I find this method categorically more inconvenient than the previous method, which of course was also badly thought out. Props for the nice deflection though but it still doesn't answer why you can't have left/right keypresses rather than coming up with more complicated and annoying controls (which is what you seem to do with every UI choice). It seems the team are dead set on not having simple keypresses for controls when they can use something much worse. I'm sorry you feel I am being impolite. I am a straightforward person who will point out mistakes, both mine and others. Yes I'm passionate about the game and it is slowly being killed by bad decisions, so excuse me for not being more considerate of WG staff thin skins.