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  1. vereybowring

    Suggestions thread

    Quick little suggestion. Parks from Operation Dynamo seems to generate quite a bit of talk in streams and the like. How about having a ghost parks in the halloween event crusing around complaining at the players. . .
  2. vereybowring

    am i a supertester now?

    Looks like an awful lot of emails flying around. Hopefully they can get back to us soon and tell us what's going on.
  3. vereybowring

    Game Center

    Now uninstalled all the WG stuff from my machine and reinstalling the old launchers for World of warships for the two regions I play. World of warplanes and World of tanks may never get reinstalled if I have to use the game center as it is now and if they force it on world of warships I will probably have to quit that as well and find games where the developers don't "improve" things in totally illogical fashion. I can't even opt out of the idiotic one login to play them all. Try asking people for their opinion on an only one region login before doing it. One login to play them all is not true for me as it stands.
  4. vereybowring

    Game Center

    Yup, the only reason to use it for me and they broke it. Appalling short sighted coding from WG.
  5. vereybowring

    Game center update "one-time login" issue

    Yup basically they broke the only reason I found the center useful so back to just having each launcher linked on my desktop for each game and region. Way to go for making something people don't like anyway less useful for those that were using it.
  6. vereybowring

    Coupon for being top xp earner?

    I got 20% off and I only play randoms. Of course since I get paid after the voucher runs out I shall not be getting anything from it. How about a voucher that runs a whole month lads ? After all they are one use so it's not as if you can buy loads of stuff with them.
  7. vereybowring

    Suggestions thread

    How about a checkbox in the audio settings to turn off the annoying as hell bell noise when your guns reload you added ?
  8. vereybowring

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Emblems not showing correctly in menus and on profile but fine when you are in game or modifying. Did so in the previous patch. 2. Reproduction steps Update to latest version. 3. Result Emblem not displaying in menus or profile. 4. Expected result Emblem to show correctly in all game graphics. 5. Technical details
  9. vereybowring

    Suggestions thread

    I'd like to see missions for events actually designed so people who don't have all the ships classes available for it actually have a reasonable chance to complete. The current example would be french progression where you need 25 torpedo hits but if you don't play DD's or carriers this is difficult at best. Seems you manage to do this sort of thing every time you create these events. How about a version of mission stages suitable for each class rather than at the moment if you don't have the appropriate ship you're probably not going to get that mission done. Yes I know I don't have to do missions but if you're going to create content how about thinking it through completely so all ship classes are thought about in all stages of a mission. You do know some people like playing particular classes exclusively ? Another suggestion would be an actual feedback system where users can actually give feedback or suggest ideas using a dedicated form rather than using a forum which my many years of customer care experience tells me it is one of the least effective ways of doing feedback and suggestions. (just about every other medium to large company I know of can manage this after all).
  10. vereybowring

    Server problems?

    Back on and indeed instead of getting my 3rd container for the day that last excellent battle has turned to mist and gone away.
  11. vereybowring

    Server problems?

    Had just finished a lovely 133k win in my bayern but got kicked before getting back to port. Now can't get back in and wonder if that battle will be missing from my combat record <sigh>
  12. vereybowring

    Wallace Monument

    Yup, went into a replay file and they've modelled it pretty well. I see the phallus wallacesus out of my window since I live in Stirling.
  13. vereybowring

    Update 0.6.11 - General Feedback

    OK, you guys need to seriously optimise what you've already got instead of adding more stuff and making things worse. I used to be able to load in to battles nearly every time with 20-30 seconds on the clock, last few updates/micro patches I'm lucky if I get in before the clock runs down and quite often it can be up to 60 seconds after start. My PC hasn't changed and the files are on SSD so definitely down to your files or indeed perhaps the server needs more hamster wheels. Oh and to top it all off the client now crashes randomly when that used to happen in a blue moon for me. I can only imagine the patch adding all the clan and halloween stuff is gonna make things worse, since I would assume more files that aren't optimised are going to be arriving. All in all performance is slowly going down steadily but what the hell we can crash out of shiny new content.
  14. vereybowring

    Clan battle prime time, who else can't play?

    Why ? Because they decided. Minimise time = maximum access to the clan battles, failed logic right there.
  15. vereybowring

    The 'unanswered questions about Clan Battles' thread

    "Prime" time indeed. Love the "maximum number of players" bit when a small time window limits access. What kind of failure in logic has to happen for a limit on time to become a maximisation ? Loads of people I know game later or earlier than your "prime" time so are now really angry that they are being deliberately excluded because they have families or other commitments (you know the adults who look forward to gaming and have money to spend on it). Congratulations on annoying people and messing up before you even got the game mode running by excluding people.