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  1. vereybowring

    Public Test of Update 0.8.2: Round 2

    Well nothing much of interest to me and since the incentive is as usual I won't be bothering this time and stick to playing on the normal game which will net me more rewards (missions etc.). Until you give decent incentives for the test server they are never going to actually be real testing as there isn't a reason for people to use it much apart from to look at some new stuff which most CC's do content on anyway. Also they aren't up for much time in the scheme of things either in the rush you always have for your updates.
  2. vereybowring

    Loading sound effect

  3. vereybowring

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    That is my assumption as well. They tried to add lots of spatialised sound to the game but since they used to have trouble tracking line of sight targets for spotting it is no surprise they are having trouble with the thousands of calculations needed to make all the game sounds have depth.
  4. vereybowring

    Loading sound effect

    Quantity over quality is how this game is developed. Throw lots of stuff in fast without a real testing regime and hope some of it works. Edit: Another audio "highlight" is the end of battle guitar riff which sounds so bad it would have been out of place in a game from 20 years ago. One of the office staff must have a guitar and just thought they'd throw it in.
  5. vereybowring

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    As many have stated the new sound scheme is just horrible (even taking into account the bugs). I have for some time suspected the sound team don't bother with level meters when they come up with new sounds - just plonk them into the game at whatever sound level they were created at. The sounds have never been fully balanced for level with some effects being way louder than others and the latest attempt is just the worst so far. It's like instead of having professional sound engineers they just grabbed some musicians they knew and let them get on with it. I've never liked the music in game so I have it turned off but since the audio controls are less than useful it has always been pot luck if some of the more annoying sounds are controllable or not. As others have said the sliders are too vague and don't let you get rid of the most annoying sounds without getting rid of whole sections of audio. Since the latest patch I have my audio as low as I can get it because frankly it gives me a headache and the sound team need fired and some competent staff hired.
  6. vereybowring

    Exeter: Why is there only an "ADMIRAL PACK" ?!

    Someone mentioned on reddit the biggest joke about the premium shop - you can only buy one item at a time. No cart system for buying mutiple items, they can't even get microtransaction gaming right when it's the whole business model. However the bundle only option is a blatant cash grab for a mediocre item and they can use the "you can earn it in game for free (but it's gonna be annoying as hell so you are tempted just to buy)" excuse.
  7. vereybowring

    Port UI & Client Stability Improvements

    The UI has always been a laggy mess but the only "improvement" is in the lag time (I'm assuming more lag is the aim). Recently the after battle notifications that pop up on the bottom right are a joke. The first set pop in and vanish so fast you will never read them. So one thing got faster, well done - it's too fast now. Apparently you need to have three containers so apparently they still want to leave that small waste of time in the game just to be super annoying.
  8. vereybowring

    Loading sound effect

    Yup why have a simple, clear, non bass driven sound when you can have an irritating, loud, overly bass driven piece of garbage. Have to annoy the hell out of the players for no reason. Then again since they've completely messed up the whole sound scheme of the game the sound team having questionable taste is the least of the worries.
  9. Well I've had 8 battles in eligible ships, only one had a CV, have shot down zero planes so far. As usual the mission design is just idiotic. They always seem to be either really easy or down to rare alignments of the universe.
  10. vereybowring

    Bug Reports

    But they've got to ram loads of fast updates through with new stuff for the "ooh, shiny" brigade to buy, that's the business model. Forget quality or testing, that's just not important. The UI is a complete joke, it was dated from launch and they've just tinkered with it half-heartedly rather than actually improving/fixing it properly. They knew they needed to do something with carriers since launch and what finally resulted seemed to have been thrown together in a few months instead of taking time to make sure it was balanced and stable (why have a real testing regime when you throw up brief public tests and hope enough players use it, even though the rewards for doing so are frankly pitiful).
  11. vereybowring

    Suggestions thread

    Quick little suggestion. Parks from Operation Dynamo seems to generate quite a bit of talk in streams and the like. How about having a ghost parks in the halloween event crusing around complaining at the players. . .
  12. vereybowring

    am i a supertester now?

    Looks like an awful lot of emails flying around. Hopefully they can get back to us soon and tell us what's going on.
  13. vereybowring

    Game Center

    Now uninstalled all the WG stuff from my machine and reinstalling the old launchers for World of warships for the two regions I play. World of warplanes and World of tanks may never get reinstalled if I have to use the game center as it is now and if they force it on world of warships I will probably have to quit that as well and find games where the developers don't "improve" things in totally illogical fashion. I can't even opt out of the idiotic one login to play them all. Try asking people for their opinion on an only one region login before doing it. One login to play them all is not true for me as it stands.
  14. vereybowring

    Game Center

    Yup, the only reason to use it for me and they broke it. Appalling short sighted coding from WG.