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  1. kinghunt

    [0.5.14] Msg to devs and mod makers

    common .. updating this mod is that hard ?
  2. kinghunt

    [MOD] Female Crew Commander

    love them .. thanks
  3. kinghunt

    [0.5.14] Msg to devs and mod makers

    I am not sure if no one is able to update it, or simply no one is interested ?
  4. kinghunt

    [0.5.14] Msg to devs and mod makers

    Thanks MasaruKond Thanks for your response, appreciate it... ironicly the original mod maker was Russian , getting into the Russian forums is a ...NIGHTMARE unfortunately. I am sure there must be some talented mod makers in Europe side .. but so far i am losing hope ;(
  5. kinghunt

    [0.5.14] Msg to devs and mod makers

    o dear lord , anyone out-here ?
  6. kinghunt

    [0.5.14] Msg to devs and mod makers

    any mod maker capable of updating it ?
  7. kinghunt

    [0.5.14] Msg to devs and mod makers

    fellow developers and mod makers, I am looking for your help and support to update this mod that I love and adds to my game experience. I am a hardcore gamer and I like ship personalization, one of the things that adds to my experience to the game is ( Commander in battle mod ) It was custom made for me by one of the mod makers who no longer make mods anymore With steven segal commander too , it even made this mod more relevant , it simply adds captain to the battle interface next to the map ( also works with custom captains ) For me it adds this feel of StarCraft games and sense of personalization to each ship and its captain. You can download the old mod version here :http://www.gamersplatoon.net/In_battle_commander.rar I am offering a great rewards to any mod maker able to update this mod to version 0514. IFAM_2.rar
  8. kinghunt

    GamersPlatoon [18+]

    Loving the clan, thx guys !
  9. kinghunt

    Wargaming done awesome job but !

    the flag
  10. kinghunt

    Wargaming done awesome job but !

    1st of all , i would like to say i really appreciate all the great updates and efforts done to the game, it is really the one and only reason i am still playing wows. , good job and thank you , i hope you keep it up. now to my not so big rant : Why we do not have this : http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/how-to-yarrr/ I want it and i am really not sure why the EU the 3rd largest community for WG does not not get this ?
  11. Note : Starting August 4th - I will be traveling to attend to an urgent matter - i will not be able to continue updating the modpack during my leave - i hope during my leave Aslain comes back to help community with Aslain modpack you can find here : http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/12780-mod0581-aslains-wows-modpack-installer-wpicture-preview-v58111-25-07-2016/ or you can use the new Hakabase MODPACK installer here : http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/89914-0591-hakabase-modpack-installer-for-wows-201684/
  12. Initial Release of ( 4-8-2016 ) Note: did not have a chance yet to fully test the changes in - some mods might got broken.
  13. thx m8 Will add it in the next update