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  1. Hentai__Senpai

    Smolensk too OP

    Even according to the mods the ship is balanced, as all things should be. My sides Edit clearly needs more data
  2. Hey. I am currently in a clan which does not do clan battles. Is there any chance in me joining? My statistics are not up to your requirements, but I have all the ships in the game (including rare ones) and I am willing to learn.

    1. jksoler


      Personal rating 1200, win rate 52% (was 53% quite recently). I have most tier Xs except Carriers and the top French ships. I also have Salem and Black.

  3. Hentai__Senpai

    [CR33D] is looking for a few good men!

    Attention all hands! I and libik are Creeds recruiters, so all recruitment related pms and applications must go through us. Creed is closing recruitment for now, as we have reached the maximum amount of trials. Do keep in mind we still note down applications and monitor this thread. Regards, Hentai Senpai
  4. Hentai__Senpai

    [CR33D] is looking for a few good men!

    Hello there! Thanks for applying to the clan, i will start looking into this when i am home later today. Cheers!
  5. Hentai__Senpai

    [CR33D] is looking for a few good men!

  6. Hentai__Senpai

    Warships weeb community

    There's a difference SCRUBS is tied around a clan, our community is tied around anime in general may that be kancolle, arpeggio etc. We have no requirement on what clan you're in. This place is meant for everyone on wows, instead of having separate groups in streamers discords and stuff.
  7. Hentai__Senpai

    Warships weeb community

    Warships weeb community has taken off! Join us for discussions and events! Who are we? We are a Community based in Discord not a clan! Why? We were tired of not having a place of our own, so we are creating it. We want you to be part of something special so feel free to drop by. The main idea of our discord is to discuss warships, every type of anime subject and more! Our discord has been growing everyday since it's creating, we're a fast developing community. Reminder for every keep civil and respect each other. https://discord.gg/VnBEdPX Everyone is welcome!
  8. Hentai__Senpai

    Yamato like Hellcat

    OP guns that overpen 7 out of 10 times. When I want to suffer I play the yamato. Come on! it doesn't take rocket science to know that the Yamato is the weakest of all tier 10 bbs. Is the Yamato still viable? Hell yeah it is, but it's the weakest of it's pier but it's still fine. All other bbs tanks better than the Yamato... Monty underwater citadel, makes it harder to punish. Mongeror, do I need to even explain? Kurfurst mah turtleback armor, hydro. They all tank better
  9. Reading the comments here are making my brain melt. Who the hell thought this was a good idea? I mean WG must really hate carriers to pull this crap out of their asses, rip competitive play. PLZ i suck on carriers WG, delete them from clan wars and buff my BB! blyat Well i guess no cw for me.
  10. Hentai__Senpai

    I´m on fire....

    The game is truly working against you. Just kidding, it's just a coincidence.
  11. Same as me, but give them some space i think most of their members are taking a break right now. That's what i think.
  12. Hentai__Senpai

    Destroyers inaccurate gameplay

    I welcome OP to this forum, can this be the new breeding of @SkybuckFlying? Otherwise OP if you haven't figured it out yet, this game isn't made to be historically accurate.
  13. Oh sorry, I've just may have been too tired to look at chat. Otherwise @Mr_Tayto greetings to you and happy sailing!