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  1. Nodorf_

    Commander, Captain and Admiral Presents...[merged threads]

    I bought 10 large gifts for myself. 3x40 Oceans Soul, 3x40 Restless Fire, 1x40 Halloween camo, 1x40 Gamescom camo, 1x2000 gold, 1x333 Dragon Flags. Could have been better, but could also been worse i guess.
  2. My most-planes-shot-down-in-one-battle-record is held by Hipper. Don't underestimate the germans.
  3. When i first saw the mission, i was like, "cool! i can get a 12pt cpt". Then i saw part 3 and imediately forgot about the mission. I dont play CV, i have no interest in playing a CV. So, why would WG force me to play a CV to get a BB cpt?
  4. Nodorf_

    Hipper/ Mogami Heal?

    People keep saying that giving t8's a heal would make them op? OP to what? With that logic, t9-10 cruisers, that does infact have heal, are OP?
  5. Nodorf_

    Planned Timely Tree changes and introductions!

    Since they are pretty much all fairy tales, WG can do whatever they want with them, and yes they will most likely be OP af.
  6. Tier 5 and 6 has the worst MM overall, not just RN. More often than not end up as bottom tier.
  7. Nodorf_

    Time for my first T9

    I just had a quick look at your stats t6-8 on warship.today and russian cruisers are amongst highest WTR on each tier. Seems to be your thing.
  8. I was already dead, so I watched that duel in freecam
  9. Just was in same team as a div of Vogel, CrySpy and Kartoffelmos. We fought MrConway...well, I didnt fight much, died pretty early on with my Emerald in this t7 battle Edit: edited for Mr Vogel ;)
  10. Nodorf_

    Tier X permanent camos are coming?

    Minotaur was good looking indeed. I thought Gearing was kinda meh, tho. A few dark blue fields would make it nicer. Are there any kind of historical realism in these camo patterns? If so, why on earth did IJN use green? They intended to sail on land?
  11. Nodorf_

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    After opening, I think, 10 "try your luck" I've got 8×5 random flags and 2 supers. 250 flooding-chance flags and 10mil credits. Not bad
  12. Nodorf_

    Port Filter - 'NOT' & 'Fully Upgraded' Selection

    Then it's a grindship, no?
  13. Nodorf_

    Port Filter - 'NOT' & 'Fully Upgraded' Selection

    Mark your "grindships" as favorites. Simple solution..
  14. Nodorf_

    [SV1-3] Swedish Viking recruitment.

    Plebs är typ ett annat ord för noobs. Med den attityden är han inte värd att prata med, Melwin.