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  1. Nokkeli

    To be able to choose the server location

    EU and NA use different accounts. If you want to play on NA then you need an NA account, same goes for EU etc.
  2. Nokkeli

    things we would like to see

    I was at an WG Q&A session some time ago and they did mention splitting cruisers lines into two if it becomes necessary. Sadly no more info regarding that.
  3. Nokkeli

    Buying, selling and research

    Take a look at this: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/32307-the-ultimate-world-of-warships-port-guide/
  4. Nokkeli


    If other games work fine then i guess the new WoWs patch caused some sort of compatibility issues with your hardware. You could always try running memtest86 to check your RAM for issues and a HDD diagnostic tool to check your hard drive for faults. Other than that i don't really have any other ideas except maybe trying to adjust the virtual memory on your system in case it's your RAM getting all used up and causing problems. If you have not already, then try contacting support and you might get some more ideas on what to do. Good luck
  5. Nokkeli

    Fixed game system?

    This thing is still going on? Well inb4 mods make it go away. Have a good night and try not to hurt your brain too much by thinking OP.
  6. Nokkeli

    Fixed game system?

    So i'm a manager now? Cool, a promotion. Better get my own personal propaganda machine into gear then.
  7. Nokkeli

    Fixed game system?

    Why not just give us the name of your other account so that we can take a look?
  8. Nokkeli

    Fixed game system?

    Dude you have almost 400 games against bots. While against other players only 95 and your win rate is below 39 (on account: Semillon). Unfortunately you have not provided the name of your other account so now that i got fired from my WG propaganda agent job i can no longer use the hax tools to instantly know your other account. Are you sure you are not playing against bots on one account and against humans with the other.
  9. Nokkeli

    Fixed game system?

    Oh you got me. Please don't tell my WG boss or i will get fired and lose my preferential match making and all the other cool perks you get for being an undercover WG propaganda agent. Seriously do people like you think at all before you post? There is more than enough data an information around for you to look at but why do that when you can just blame others for you extremely bad performance. I don't know what you are doing but you must actively sabotage your team to get a 39% win rate, BTW the average win rate on EU is 50,11%.
  10. Nokkeli

    Fixed game system?

    Just a hint OP if you want people to take you seriously you have to present some hard facts and tone down on BS like "i come from the west stop commy propaganda". BRB gonna get my tinfoil hat. BTW you wont be missed here OP. I hope you have a better time in your "non communist games".
  11. Nokkeli

    Game Lag

    First download the latest version of your driver from their homepage (amd or nvidia) then use the magnifying glass next to the windows logo in your task bar and type in control panel, open that and select uninstall a program under the Programs category. Scroll down until you see amd or nvidia in the list (depends on what gfx card you use), click on the driver in the list and then press the uninstall/change button. When it's done navigate to the location where you saved the new driver and run it. Follow the installation guide and you are done. Do you have any trouble with WoT or is it just WoWs?
  12. Nokkeli

    Game Lag

    Specs for the desktop? Make sure your drivers are up to date and that there are no processes running in the background causing heavy load. Also if you use mods then remove them. Good luck
  13. Nokkeli

    How can we play with only our levels

    The match maker is +/-2 and if it was not this game would be boring as hell imho. And the tier difference does not matter that much anyways, at least i don't have any problems with it. You just have to adjust your play style accordingly.
  14. Nokkeli

    Crash after crash

    For some reason the game fails to load stuff, from memory or SSD. Any similar problems with other games or programs? You could try installing the game on another hard drive, if there are still problems then we know that your SSD is fine, if it works fine then it could be something on your SSD that is causing problems. Please post your WoWs log and events from event viewer from the time around (just before )the crash. Any other error messages etc are also appreciated.
  15. Nokkeli


    Np, happy to help. Does the game freeze completely and you have to restart it or will it resume by itself? Like i said in my previous post you could take a look at the WoWs log and the events in event viewer in case they have recorded something happening around the same time that the freeze happened. What hardware and operating system do you use? I have noticed that the windows 10 update has caused lots of problems and before i did a complete reinstall on my computer it was completely unusable. You could try using older versions of the drivers in case there is some sort of compatibility issue going on. Also contacting support is never wrong, they might just give you an generic answer but at least they are made aware of the issue and if enough people report it then we might get a fix faster.