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  1. DutchDelightsNL

    [-TFD-] The Flying Dutchman has a few spots open.

    hello there can i get your logo?
  2. DutchDelightsNL

    [Upd] Come have fun with us at the Dutch Navy Museum!

    In een keer weer zoveel liefde voor Warships nu ILOVEIT or to say in the style of the real Friesland:
  3. DutchDelightsNL

    New Youtuber looking for content tips

    Well hello there! If you like you can always join the Naval Alliance a small group of youtuber, that help each other in growing their channel and overal awareness for the channel Members of the Naval Alliance (World of Warships Content Creators) Cap'n Black Jack Honour: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzwj... An Iolair Ghorm: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIBG... DutchDelightsNL: https://www.youtube.com/dutchdelightsnl Darkwing Glacier: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEr9... Facebook https://www.facebook.com/NavalAllianc... https://www.facebook.com/groups/theNa... if i can give you some tips! Be yourself the best tip you can get.( do not try to be someone else because you see that works, trust me it works for them , mostly not you?) Make things about what you love and let us know why!( if you make things about something you do not like(CV) people will notice and leave) Be original( that sounds harder than it seems just be you, because that makes you unique) Show us your face( in this online world it is good to know who you are, instead of some cartoenish( i know that is not english at all) again be you !) before posting or putting up a youtube, watch it yourself and if you like it have your friends watch if they like it most people will be critical for yourself, a ship sailing from a to b where nothing happens is boooring to watch, so scratch it(cut your replay) Timing better to make a vid or youtube between 3 to 8 min top, because people do not know you and make split decission on staying and or leaving Be yourself..................... did i mention that before? Oh and a good thing do not copy any songs(frozen) memes or other copyright related stuff now or in the future, you will get banned!) so better remove the video or cut the content from that vid with copyright material Good video these days if you show people a good time, so be you ( but i mentioned that already) and remeber to create some kind of branding arround yourself) you will need it if the channel grows but most of all be you! GL an HF see ya on tha Tube!!!!!
  4. DutchDelightsNL

    USS Benham: The Marathon Guide

    Thank you for your work!
  5. DutchDelightsNL

    0.8.0 PTS - Bugs

    On the New York spotter/scout plane missing on the ship
  6. DutchDelightsNL

    Thank you all involved in World of Warships

    Dear people at Wargaming, And especially all of you involved in or with World of Warships.I would like to thank you for yet another awesome year in which you can still excite me and make me mad, happy, anxious, disappointed(not so much) but overall still glad that you made such a wonderful game. Maybe according to my wife, sometimes even a little bit too much.But still a year, in what has been wonderful for me, I love all the time and effort the team puts into creating all this.And maybe it looks simple and just effortless, that you have these new ships and all other updates, I believe that in a way, that people complain about certain things, is still a good thing.To me that implies that people still care about the game and its content.For me personally, off all things this year, I really liked the twilight battle mode. The one where you could earn a sh*tload of captain(commander) experience, I really loved that and when I finally noticed I played it a lot.So after all been said and done(this is way short to list al good and bad in the game), I would like to take the possibility, to thank you all and wish you a very beautiful and wonderful holiday and a super 2019.Also to all Content Creators great and small for enriching me with more knowledge and understanding, thank you.And to all of you playing this game and sharing, I would only wish for us all that we can create a more positive atmosphere in the game and less saltSo again to all of you happy holidays and a super World of Warships 2019 DutchDelightsNL
  7. DutchDelightsNL


    So these snowflakes are once during the event or once during a game day? So if you have tier X and you play and win it is 100 steel a day?
  8. DutchDelightsNL

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery. GL all and season greetings
  9. DutchDelightsNL

    Ranked Sprint

    So I was excited to see the "feature"for ranked, but disapointed when I could not make it work So will there or will there not be division play in rankedn in the future?
  10. DutchDelightsNL

    Clan is looking for new members

    Clan VOC [verenigd onder companen] is looking for new members we are looking for active players in supply lines clan battles and just fun international but pref Dutch speaking! - want to join? then contact: DutchDelightsNL or EmzeeNL https://www.facebook.com/groups/VOCClanGroup
  11. DutchDelightsNL

    Why do people play World of Warships?

    Well here is why ! people tell about why this game is special to them http://bit.ly/2wd7GFe
  12. DutchDelightsNL

    turning pink !!

    so it is also after 5 km? I thought so!
  13. DutchDelightsNL

    turning pink !!

    Can i ask where did you get/ found this information?
  14. DutchDelightsNL


    did you use region changer in aslains? because when you play from an other region and do not have the (Original) client for that server installed this will be the message you get so if you have the NA client installed or Asia or RU and trying to play on EU with region changer you CAN NOT visit the page seems like a firewall but is is a serrver region (firewall) problem so if you want to go to the arsenal then instal the client from the right server and you can go from there GL and HF
  15. Have you seen SCP-1174? Description: SCP-1174 is a localized phenomenon occurring within Lake Superior along the border between the United States and Canada, consisting of visual hallucinations of ships appearing during periods of inclement weather (designated SCP-1174-1) and an unknown number of anomalous human beings associated with ships sinking after encountering SCP-1174-1 (designated SCP-1174-2). Instances of SCP-1174-1 are capable of manifesting between October 1st and November 30th of each year. Most manifestations of SCP-1174-1 have occurred during "November witch" cyclone conditions producing rain or snow and wind in excess of 95 km/h; however, SCP-1174-1 can manifest at any time during the active season when cloud cover and high winds are present. Instances of SCP-1174-1 are capable of movement at rates commensurate to that of the ship it resembles and will appear and travel in no discernable heading along Lake Superior until such time as weather conditions improve, whereupon SCP-1174-1 will vanish. In no case has any instance of SCP-1174-1 appeared in or traveled to, any area less than approximately 5 km from the American or Canadian mainland. There are currently seven known instances of SCP-1174-1. Five of the seven have been conclusively identified as resembling vessels known to have sunk in Lake Superior during SCP-1174-1's active season; SCP-1174-1-1: A fully-rigged wooden warship of late 18th-century construction, approximately 45 meters in length, flying the naval ensign of the United Kingdom. Identity unknown. SCP-1174-1-2: A wooden schooner of mid 19th-century construction, approximately 60 meters in length. Identified as Lucerne, an ore carrier sunk in 1886. SCP-1174-1-3: A wooden steamship of late 19th-century construction, approximately 75 meters in length. Identified as Bannockburn, a freighter sunk in 1902. SCP-1174-1-4: A steel-hulled, steam-powered warship of early 20th-century construction, approximately 40 meters in length. Identified as Cerisoles, a French Navy minesweeper lost under unknown circumstances in 1918. SCP-1174-1-5: A steel-hulled steamship of early 20th-century construction, approximately 75 meters in length. Identity unknown. SCP-1174-1-6: A steel-hulled, oil-burning cargo ship of mid 20th-century construction, approximately 220 meters in length. Identified as Edmund Fitzgerald, a freighter sunk in 1975. SCP-1174-1-7: A steel-hulled, diesel-engine patrol boat of early 21st-century construction, approximately 27 meters in length. Identified as SCPS Irvine, a Foundation vessel sunk while investigating SCP-1174-1-6 in 2007. Testing has indicated that all instances of SCP-1174-1 are visual hallucinations and do not exist as corporeal entities. SCP-1174-1 vessels do not appear on radar or infrared imaging, and attempts to fire upon them have resulted in armament passing through the vessel without causing damage. Upon coming into visual range of any vessel traveling through Lake Superior, SCP-1174-1 will attempt to establish communication by means appropriate to the period and capabilities of the vessel appearing, including the use of flags, signal lights, Morse code, firing of flares, and radio. In all cases where contact is made, SCP-1174-1 will claim to be in immediate danger of sinking and will request that the vessel approach immediately to assist in evacuating its crew. In radio communication, the voice transmitted from SCP-1174-1 is always an adult male who identifies himself as a senior officer of the vessel requiring aid; conclusive identification of the speaker with individuals known to have been aboard the vessels at the time of sinking has not been made to date. Any vessels approaching within approximately 75 meters of an SCP-1174-1 vessel will suffer immediate and massive damage to their hull, resulting in the vessel sinking within minutes of approach. Forensic analysis of recovered wrecks is inconsistent, indicating damage consistent with collisions, weapons fire, attacks from aquatic megafauna, and rust. In one instance, a vessel approaching SCP-1174-1-2 appears to have spontaneously capsized without suffering any other damage to its hull. SCP-1174-1-6 and SCP-1174-1-7 are known to have sunk as the result of SCP-1174-1 contact; it is unknown whether the other instances of SCP-1174-1 sunk due to contact as well or what form SCP-1174-1 phenomena may have taken prior to the appearance of SCP-1174-1-1. SCP-1174-2 are human beings present aboard vessels sunk as a result of contact with SCP-1174-1. SCP-1174-2 individuals, rather than dying as a result of drowning or hypothermia, remain alive and conscious after submerging and are capable of continuing to live for an undetermined period of time in the lower elevations of Lake Superior. Aside from tissue necrosis as the result of long-term exposure to water, SCP-1174-2 specimens display no unusual health problems as long as they remain submerged at a temperature of 1°-5°C, and continue to show signs of age at a normal rate. SCP-1174-2 individuals removed from the water, or placed into a warmer environment, will display symptoms of shock and/or heatstroke and typically die within one hour if not returned to the cold water. SCP-1174-2 individuals in the wild often subsist on fish and aquatic flora; while some have been noted to attack divers or each other, this behavior appears to be rare and discouraged by the community. SCP-1174-2 individuals typically live in communities at or near the site of their shipwreck and continue to possess full recollection of their lives prior to sinking. Most SCP-1174-2 individuals, unless suffering vocal cord damage as a result of their environment, retain the ability to speak and are capable of understanding each other while submerged. In interviews, captured SCP-1174-2 specimens have denied any explanation or knowledge of why or how they exist in their current state. There does not appear to be an upper limit on the length of time an SCP-1174-2 individual can remain alive in the absence of disease or natural hazards. The oldest known individual in captivity is a former crewman of the vessel D&C, currently 87 years of age, who became an instance of SCP-1174-2 upon that vessel's sinking in 1957. The Foundation began formal study and containment of SCP-1174 in 1975, after investigating several claimed sightings of the Edmund Fitzgerald following its sinking in early November. Several former crewmembers of the vessel were discovered living in its wreck upon the first formal exploration thereof in May of the following year and were taken into Foundation custody. Foundation folklorists have since connected "ghost ship" legends regarding the Bannockburn to sightings of SCP-1174-1-3 and found references in Ojibwa folklore to a "witch of Gichagumi" which lures fishermen to their doom. When sighted please contact local SCP Facility or containment number Secure Contain Protect