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  1. DutchDelightsNL

    [Upd] Come have fun with us at the Dutch Navy Museum!

    In een keer weer zoveel liefde voor Warships nu ILOVEIT or to say in the style of the real Friesland:
  2. DutchDelightsNL

    USS Benham: The Marathon Guide

    Thank you for your work!
  3. Nederlandse WoWS clans (tot nu bekend)
    Verenigd Onder Companen VOC
    Nederlandse Panthers N-P
    Nederlandse Leeuwen Divisie NLD
    The Royal Dutch Navy NED
    Dutch Avengers NLERS
    Nederlandse Killers [mdvs] NLKL
    Koninklijke Marine Nederlands België KMNB
    Koninklijke Marine Nederlands België (2) KMNB2
    Nederlandse Marine NLM
    [p842] HNLMS Friesland P842
    Koninklijke Marine HNLMS
    Belgisch Nederlands Elite vloot BNEV
    Batteries not Included BNI
    Hollandse schepen groep 44 onderdeel van ZON HSG44
    Zooitje Ongeregeld ZON
    Dutch Navy Warriors D-N-W
    Dutch Gaming Heroes DGH
    Dutch Gaming
    Heroes Clanwar DGH-W
    Dutch Gaming Heroes 2.0 DGH2
    The Dutch Gamers -TDG-
    Dutch Organized Gamers -DOG
    Bootje Varen AAP
    The Dutch Gaming Force TDGF
    Royal Netherlands Digital Army RNLDA
    Misfits Impossible MIMP
    Royal Netherlands Navy RNLNL
  4. can you maybe help me?

    some time ago I did win a prize in the #WargamingGC

    but still, nothing received and no word what so ever last from sept 20

    I tried WG EU several times and kandly but nothing

    Wargaming Europe, EN

    Thanks, your prize will be on your way soon! :)

    20 sep.


  5. You can find those here:


    Hey, get the LootBoy app! Game bundles and daily wins... that is the link most of the times it is crap, but sometimes a bonus code for WOT or WoWS, (hardly ever!!) most of the time it is an invite code for WOT/WoWS

    clicking through the comics will get you 350 lootcoins and you get one draw for free you can click through all the comics to collect coins every friday there will be a new, you can shred cards for 100 coins and or usee them)



    1. SirBlemmingtonSmythe


      Thanks for the reply, I have the lootboy app but I have my genre set to simulation and no platform in my preferences, just wondered what you had yours set at.  :)



    2. DutchDelightsNL


      does not make a difference I believe only if you take the premium


    3. SirBlemmingtonSmythe


      Thanks, makes sense :Smile_teethhappy:

  6. USN "LUCKY" TEXAS BB the last dreadnought