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  1. Yaccay

    Lets disable limit for BB participating in battle

    THe reason for waiting is not the BB's limit.
  2. Yaccay

    Loose, loose and loose!

    How pity, WG removed negrep.
  3. Yaccay

    A-poi-calypse now: the Great Wall of Torpedoes

    The picture is hillarious :-)
  4. Yaccay


    Ramming is a valid tool for every player. Enemy BB is two tier higher? You are low on health while enemy has plenty? Go for ramming and you can take out most of the situation. On the other hand the other player also should (!) aware of ramming and act accordingly. Ramming is not easy when you are in a slow ship (Colorado for example), the enemy will just evade you. Also some BBs (for example Tirpitz) will send 3 torps in your side if you go too close. So ramming has counters too. Every player should aware of these options and everything will be fine.
  5. I just pull out a good match. I felt I had to share it. (I know others have similar or better matches, but this result is mine and I proud of it. Please be forgiving on me.) How can I edit title? (happyness -> happiness) Edit: title corrected, thanks to ilhilh..
  6. Yaccay

    Is torp Spam to stronk?

    If you think using torpedoes is easy, OP, etc, then just use torpedoes. (ie.: use DDs, Cruisers)
  7. Yaccay

    What if ARP Takao isnt needed?

    What is the problem? Is Takao hurts your eyes in the port? 1.) You do not have to use Takao. Just let her rust in the port. 2.) Those ARP ships (including Takao) appear only if you use Yokosuka port. Do not use Yokosuka (the manga) port, and ----- Ta-daaaa!
  8. Yaccay

    Takao mission - Q&A

    I have only 2 tier VII ships. I do not even think to grind to tier VIII, to tier IX AND doing the Takao mission. Have a good xmas and new year WG.
  9. Yaccay

    Co op

    Co-op is a good thing for beginners to learn. Co-op is easier than Random or Ranked battle. Therefore co-op has lower (small) xp and credit income. On the other hand, players should never loose credit when playing decently on co-op.
  10. I fully agree. People are not stupid. They do what they are rewarded for. For example BBs should get credit and xp for getting shot (damage or non-damage) when they are in the capture zone. Well, but there is no such a mechanism.
  11. Yaccay

    Magazine detonation - remove it already

    Why do you play a game, where players are shooting to each other? Ii it too bad, when someone shots you? Then go and play with barbie, noone will blow up your magazine.
  12. Yaccay

    Please re-enable the Lead indicator

    Oh, I suck aiming. I need lead indicator! (Have you ever thought about that, your opponent has the same conditions? So your opponent misses you too? With lead indicator you would whine, because enemy hits you too easily.)