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  1. why ?

  2. 10.000 + games time to uninstall?

    If you're not enjoying it at the moment, take a break. Come back in a few weeks and see if anything has changed. Alternatively: Play with a clan or regular group. Try the PVE missions. Have a go at the lower tiers again and see if anything gets your attention.
  3. Are you kidding me 7 dd's in a clan battle????

    I think this is a rather appropriate analogy. Take the medieval battle of Agincourt, 1415; This battle is notable for the use of the English longbow in very large numbers, with the English and Welsh archers forming up to 80 percent of Henry's army. These were peasants armed with a bow, mallet or sword and a knife. Once the rich Frenchman is on the floor with all his fancy plate, you can stab him in the joints or face, or just keep kicking him in the head. In WoWs terms, Torpedoed from long range and then done over with short-range gunfire.
  4. Belfast - To keep or to sell ?

    Keeping my Belfast. See pennant number <-
  5. if you can't fix it, milk it.

    Bought it a while back, rarely use it, keeping it.
  6. How do i play with more English speaking people

    I play with plenty of English speakers. Never noticed this to be an issue.
  7. Remove these retarded RN BB*Edited

    BB's in general could do with going back to the collective drawing board.
  8. Technical issue, help please

    Some of my usual fixes to unstable WG games, your milage may vary. Clean your browser cache and delete temporary internet files - wierd, but sometimes works. Check and update drivers, particularly your graphics. Run game in admin and safe mode. Reset all your graphics, bringing them up to your original specification over time. - If it's a specific setting doing the damage, this is how I find it. Once in game, set port to "ocean". Sometimes the port can cause issues, I don't know why, probably a RAM thing. If all else fails, find another game for a bit and wait for the next patch.
  9. New Patch today - Thank You, WG

    You don't want to lick windows anyway. Lick toads.
  10. Cruiser Meta - Nirvana

    It doesn't happen often, but I love cruiser heavy matches. :) Do you lack the intestinal fortitude to risk being outgunned, outclassed, outnumbered and outplayed? Poppycock, balderdash and other expressions of derision!
  11. How's that whole BB plague thing working out then?

    I really don't have the words to express my disgust. I know this was suggested before; but would it be possible to dump the BB's in a match without any other classes? At least they can just sling mud at each other for ten minutes until one side gets bored.
  12. campbeltown buff needed

    I love my Campbelltown. I have never found her wanting.
  13. Be honest (Stats)

    Eh, I never saw the point of looking at other people's stats. I'd rather look at my own and work out where I need to improve. Edit: And before you go looking - here are mine.
  14. How is your Dunkirk Collection going on?

    12/16 - 2 dupes. Four more items to get and the process is painfully slow. Much as I want the Gallant, I don't really want to spend the cash right now.
  15. How to succeed in Operation Dynamo.

    Bumping this for the hard of thinking.