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  1. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    Not another CV thread.

    Im in a Des Moines at the momement.
  2. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    Not another CV thread.

    Nah, you dont need concealment in a cruiser. Just use human shields, i mean, battleships, for cover.
  3. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    Not another CV thread.

    No really, this isn't another thread about CV's. Instead, its a question about Captain Skills. What should I take for a T10 Cruiser Captain? I don't really see the use in a lot of the T4 skills. I dont need Radio Location, not sure concealment is worth it, the advanced fire training stuff is a bit meh for big guns,
  4. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    Is the Daring as bad as the Jutland?

    Just respecced to have IFHE - deffinately made a difference. Now 1 in 7 rounds do damage instead of 1 in 10. :P
  5. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    Is the Daring as bad as the Jutland?

    Thanks for the advice folks. I don't have IFHE but thats simply because I wasn't expecting the standard round to be as poor as it is. I'll have to buy a respec as I dont have enough points to get it now. I had increased the jutlands gun range to almost 18k which was fun but i'll lose that now. I've tried AP but against bigger targets its been a no no so i've been trying to burn out battleships, but like I said, 0 damage. I'll aim higher as people have suggested.
  6. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    Is the Daring as bad as the Jutland?

    Are the Darings guns as utterly useless as the Jutlands? The Lightning had great guns, but this ship. I can land a hundred hits and maybe 1 in 10 does damage. I just landed 33 hits on a fletcher and only 7 did damage. 66 on a jean Bart. 0 Damage. If the Daring is just as bad I wont bother for a while and go for another ship.
  7. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    Last Prinz directive

    I just made a comment about this in game chat and got a 3 day ban for it. Awesome. I normally get banned for raging on [edited] but all I said was The mission to get this prinze furball ship is a bit excessive. 36 million credits in a week. and wham, 3 day ban.
  8. ThatOneDidntGoIn


    Of course you are not playing with people who have a flicker issues BECAUSE PEOPLE WITH THE FLICKER ISSUE CANT PLAY. And yes, look at other threads and plenty of people on this forum, and on steam, and reddit, and facebook, are complaining about the exact same issue.
  9. ThatOneDidntGoIn


    Whilst I acknowledge how thick they are, im sure they are more than well aware of the screen flicker problem that thousands have been reporting across a multiude of forums that prevents people from playing, yet there is F all respsone from that as to what they are doing about the problem.
  10. ThatOneDidntGoIn


    Come on, answer the sodding question. When are you going to fix the graphics problems thats thousands of people are having that is preventing them from playing the game?
  11. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    0.5.3 Broken Game

    WG staff dont seem to give a crap. Thousands are having the same problem but they are doing nothing about it.
  12. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    HEY WG TWATS - when are you going to sort these issues out? get your heads out your arses and give us a proper answer.
  13. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    0.5.3 General Feedback

    General feed back is that its crapbecause it doesnt work and we are not getting anything from WG staff about when you are going to fix the problem.
  14. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    Have not played for a while. Came back today. Cant play. The game loads up but the screen doesnt refresh in game and all you get is the image of moving objects, including the curser, redrawn like your using an etcha-sketch. Thats in windowed mode. In full screen it just flickers from screen to black and back.
  15. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    LAngley Fighter problem.

    He has the first aircraft one available because hes a new captain. I doubt im always up against players who have taken a well skilled captain away from their higher tier ships and put him in a Langley.