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    Of course you are not playing with people who have a flicker issues BECAUSE PEOPLE WITH THE FLICKER ISSUE CANT PLAY. And yes, look at other threads and plenty of people on this forum, and on steam, and reddit, and facebook, are complaining about the exact same issue.
  2. ThatOneDidntGoIn


    Whilst I acknowledge how thick they are, im sure they are more than well aware of the screen flicker problem that thousands have been reporting across a multiude of forums that prevents people from playing, yet there is F all respsone from that as to what they are doing about the problem.
  3. ThatOneDidntGoIn


    Come on, answer the sodding question. When are you going to fix the graphics problems thats thousands of people are having that is preventing them from playing the game?
  4. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    0.5.3 Broken Game

    WG staff dont seem to give a crap. Thousands are having the same problem but they are doing nothing about it.
  5. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    HEY WG TWATS - when are you going to sort these issues out? get your heads out your arses and give us a proper answer.
  6. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    0.5.3 General Feedback

    General feed back is that its crapbecause it doesnt work and we are not getting anything from WG staff about when you are going to fix the problem.
  7. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    Have not played for a while. Came back today. Cant play. The game loads up but the screen doesnt refresh in game and all you get is the image of moving objects, including the curser, redrawn like your using an etcha-sketch. Thats in windowed mode. In full screen it just flickers from screen to black and back.
  8. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    LAngley Fighter problem.

    He has the first aircraft one available because hes a new captain. I doubt im always up against players who have taken a well skilled captain away from their higher tier ships and put him in a Langley.
  9. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    outnumbered so badly

    be a coward, hide, don't engage the enemy - you'll fit right in with 99% of players.
  10. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    LAngley Fighter problem.

  11. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    LAngley Fighter problem.

  12. A tier 6 ship killed your Tier 4 ship so it should be TROLL, TROLL IN THE FORUMS.....
  13. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    LAngley Fighter problem.

    Just started to mess about with carriers and I'm finding it impossible to shoot down enemy fighters. I've upgraded to the best fighter I can have and so far, against fighters from the same type of carrier, I've not shot down a single enemy fighter in 4 games. My fighter squadron is annihilated every time they meet enemy fighters. Why is this?
  14. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    Manual Torp Drops should Go !

    Not properly drop manual torpedoes it isn't. You have less than two seconds to turn 90 degrees. Doesn't happen.
  15. ThatOneDidntGoIn

    wows released sept 17th

    What you will get is seal clubbers using their fully upgrade tier 3,4 and 5 ships to beef up their winrate. Why would we need to wipe after every patch? I never suggested that. They wiped the game after obt in wowp so I don't see why they don't do it here. New tier 3 players facing established tier 5 players will get nuked. People will accept this if the games been out for a while. They wont accept it on release day.