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  1. DragonstrikerOrigin

    [TSUN] Pravda Tsundora Kantai 2.0 is looking for competitive players

    Sometimes you play this game and you feel like this:
  2. DragonstrikerOrigin

    [TSUN] Pravda Tsundora Kantai 2.0 is looking for competitive players

    We are like this in a nutshell
  3. DragonstrikerOrigin

    Call for boycott of the new CV gamplay.

    I just find it funny how People are already going to say that the gameplay is boring and if it is about the plane controlls then maybe you should play wop? WTF is going on? as if the old System was sooo much better. If you want RTS feeling then go play Star Craft 2 (btw its for free right now) Otherwise i would say that you should read the news more often since the sayed its currently out on the live server and there will be more tweaks in the upcoming patches. I enjoy atleast them :D
  4. DragonstrikerOrigin

    Does this also happen at Tier X?

    Well in my Point of view its more like: -T4 You will finde mostly people who just started or sealclubbers with arkansas beta or nikolai etc.... -T5 You will get into matches with people who have no clue most of the time and are just having fun or also sealclubbers with kamikaze etc.... -T6 You find yourself now finally in an area where you might not finaly encounter sealclubers but you still will get scroud since most of the ships tend to have a higher powerspike now from tier to tier. -T7 Is currently the good middle where you will mostly enjoy since most of the game you will be top tier since T8 matchmaking is still kinda not fixed. -T8 Have fun getting chewd up by T10 ships :D -T9 mostly the worst ships in the game present here so have fun -T10 Walles all over the place. People who bought 1 T8 premium played it for trillion times and then put money down to get Free EXP to get to T10 without even grind by themselfes to T4. To be honest take this list with a grain of Salt but i would say that T1-T4 Is basicly the Tutorial of this game so you get used to aiming etc..... but if you are in a division anyway its more fun and you can coordinate better that way.
  5. DragonstrikerOrigin

    The hell is wrong with Hipper's guns?

    Well to be honest the bigger Problem with the Hipper is probably that she is just a Glass Canon now. Because now the Eugen has the tankiness and heal. While the hipper has fast firing guns in comparison to eugen and is just there. I think to be honest the ship is fin and if you think you are doing badly then maybe try to use different ammo type on different targets. Since this is mostly a feeling thing. So you know what can pen it or not. If you dont like shouting HE all the time then go for ap and try to be sneak as much as possible find positions behind islands and surprise the enemie with ap salvos in there broadside from close ranges but also make sure there is a way to get out of this alive since you are still a glass canon. since if you complain about eugen then what do you think people in mogami or even atlanta are going to do?
  6. DragonstrikerOrigin

    Jean Bart – a Tier 9 in the Premium Shop?

    Well technically Jean Bart is T8. Its just that its a stronger Richelieu. So thats why probably the ship is at T9 but you could consider her base model etc.. like a t8. Its similar to the imperator nikolai at t4 and oktober revolutsiya at T5. The are the same technical ship but the one has more AA etc.. so it is to strong for t4 thats why its in t5. Its probably the same with Jean Bart. She has to high AA stats for T8 and thats probably why t9 but on the same senctance it is still at core a t8. Wow thats confusing but yeah. I got it because it looks beautiful and i like JEAN BART. So yeah.
  7. DragonstrikerOrigin

    [TSUN] looking for competitive fun players

    @VictorHuge Hello Victor. We would be happy to welcoming you 2 into our clan. Just click on the discord link and join our discord server.
  8. DragonstrikerOrigin

    [TSUN] looking for competitive fun players

    Well we always need to resupply on credits and EXP so lets rush some ships so we get all of them. GONA CATCH THEM ALL SHIPWAIFUS
  9. DragonstrikerOrigin

    [TSUN] looking for competitive fun players

    Well need more Free Exp since i always need to stock pile for the next free EXP ship!
  10. DragonstrikerOrigin

    [TSUN] looking for competitive fun players

    Glorious TSUN is spreading love and LEWD's to the enemie
  11. DragonstrikerOrigin

    Update 0.6.9 Feedback - Bug Reports

    1. Description Can't join anymore a Division and can't anymore invite people to a division 2. Reproduction steps Step1: Join a division Step2: Hope that the Match losses Connection and everyone gets kicked out of the match. Step3: Come back online and you can't join anymore division's or invite someone because it says that you already are in a division. 3. Result Not able to join or invite people to a Divison 4. Expected result be able to join and invite people to a division 5. Technical details This happen to the following people: - Maho_Nishizumi - Nepu_Nepu - MrDaiki The following where at the same time in a Division. IT happened around at 18:00-19:00 o'clock 20/08/2017 Still not able to join division's.
  12. DragonstrikerOrigin

    Semi "newcomer" looking for premium ship

    Okay i will try to answer all you question regarding your concerns about those ships. Tirpitz: Is technically just a Bismark but with torpedos instead of Hydro. So if you would later on go down the German BB line you will probably realize that Tirpitz and Bismark are technicaly the same ship with the same layout. Kutuzov: Since i have both Kutuzov and Tchapayev i will tell you that bot are kinda Similar but Play complettly differntly. Kutuzov has good Range of 19km and has Smoke but sadly does not have Radar (what Tchapayev gets) but instead recieves a Smoke. So Kutuzov is more for camping at the back and Tchapayev is more for Getting bit closer to light up the enemie DD's from pushing into Caps. Atago: She is a good solid and without a doubt one of the best T8 CA's in the game but is hard to handle. She playes complettly different from all the other IJN CA's since she is from the Takao Class and those are not in the game. She is the only CA with Heal in T8. Great torpedos and also nice fire chance. Additionally she has hard hitting HE salvos. Belfast: To be honest she is awesome because has a lot of tools BUT please dont buy her yet since she is just squischy if you don't know what you really want to do with her. Alabama: She is more of the ship that you would want if you want to continue the Grind down the US BB line. She has the Same AA and same Firepower as the NC but is smaller and has a good Armor Belt so it's less forgiving in the regards of doing error's in torpedo avoiding. My Feedback: I would suggest you should buy a Premium Ship for the Nation you would be interessted in since it is more of a benefit if you also can Retrain your Captain's on those Premium Ships. Since you will not need to retrain your captains for Premium Ships and you can just Start retraining other Captains for other Ships without getting into the minus. Well i hope i was able to help you. If you have more question, feel free to ask more here or even if you want just pm me ;) Happy Sailing
  13. DragonstrikerOrigin

    unfair settings

    Well the only thing in Coop that has Aimbot are the BOT's becaus the already know how weak every singel ship is in the game
  14. DragonstrikerOrigin

    questions and thoughts

    Okay i will try to answer all your Question regarding your post: 1. The British cruisers have this gimik that the can only shout HE but have a very good penetration Value. So if you would aim at the Super Structure of a Ship you will do quite a lot of Damage. Of course it takes time to get used to it. 2. Wargaming is working to realease new lines as time progresses so you will need to be patient. 3. I think we have a lot of CC (Comunity Contrubters) on YT and Twitch so you can look for yourself how the play and if it is worth your money or not. 4. Regarding the Slot 2 for your upgrades i would advise you to look at your ship what you want to do and what role you want to do. If you have a Strong AA curiser for example a Cleveland then i would go for AA Upgrade. On the other hand if you would have the Leander i would go for the Aiming System Modification since it gives you better accuracy of your ship. 5 If you are under Tiered i would recommend you to just stay behind the pack and give them support fire until you feel conftable to handel the enemie ships without issue. You will need to learn this since the MM from T5+ is actually a +/-2 matchmaker so if you are T7 you can run into a T9 battle. I will now say something about your general concern: Regarding the RN CA's i will recommend you to not start with them since you will need to understand how to engage in the battles and disengage. I believe that the following ships are for the following skill level: Starters: US CA (because of simple loadout and not to complicated), Russian CA (same as the US but with better shell arcs later but also easier to get killed) Intermediate: IJN CA(very slow Gun reload from T5 and higher), French CA (Speedy and a very good Flanking ship but if you get to close you very easy getting killed by a BB) Advanced: Britisch CA (VERY Fragile and very easy getting killed in it. Also you need to get used to the AP that the have), German CA (Very weak and are technically just Glasscanons) To be honest dont even bother about upgrades with your ships to much since the will affect your gameplay very strongly only at T6 and higher. Since you will probably not think about spending game in the game i would also recommend to only upgrade the ships that you want to keep. If you have anymore question let me know