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  1. DragonstrikerOrigin

    [TSUN] Pravda Tsundora Kantai 2.0 is looking for competitive players

    Already 5 days into the new year :O
  2. DragonstrikerOrigin

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    This will be funny how WG will react today on there Livestream. I hope it will not be a to big of a shitstorm and i hope the will do something about the directive.
  3. DragonstrikerOrigin

    Yoshino for Coal

    Not really.. The are both completly different ships. I will just give you the pros and cons of the ship and then you need to decide. Pros: - Awesome guns. - high HE DMG - accurate guns - High velocite shells - hillarious torpedos (20km) - a lot of hp for an ijn CA Cons: - Massive ship (meaning it will not turn nicly) - Useless armor (it can brawl NOTHING. Alaska atleast can do that but yoshino NOP) - mediocare detectablitiy (not really good compared to her ign counterpart) - another copy ship that is 1 tier lower (AZUMA is also there and she has a bit better MM since she is T9) - huge and useless citadel for a cruiser (yeah look at the 3d MODEL it's not even funny.) Well that is for the moment so if you really want yoshino i would say you are buying technically a sniper. Since she cant get to close otherwise she eats cits like nothing. So if you enjoy gameplay linke ZAO or CONQ then please go ahead and buy it. I know couple of friends who enjoy this ship BUT you will not be able to carry games with this ship.
  4. DragonstrikerOrigin

    3 good players looking for a new home.

  5. DragonstrikerOrigin

    [TEA] Kongou's Tea Time is looking for new members!

    Greetings from a follow Weeb Clan ;)
  6. DragonstrikerOrigin

    [TSUN] Pravda Tsundora Kantai 2.0 is looking for competitive players

    Its again this time of the year:
  7. DragonstrikerOrigin

    [TSUN] Pravda Tsundora Kantai 2.0 is looking for competitive players

    We are rdy for every kinda battle there is
  8. DragonstrikerOrigin

    4th Anniversary is Bad I guess

    Well i'm sorry to see that some people just are not happy with the goods that we get for free. Apperently other games do it better ...... OH WAIT! Come on what are you not happy about? You get Super containers. You get a free t6 ships from just playing the game (what you apperently do quite a lot) and here we go again people still whine about what the get out of the event because its not "enough".... If i will be honest just go and find another game that gives you soo much free stuff on there aniversary event. There are not many games that celebrate that anyway.
  9. DragonstrikerOrigin

    [TSUN] Pravda Tsundora Kantai 2.0 is looking for competitive players

    Well there we go. This season we managed to get atleast 7 people in our clan the last typhoon reward :D We are still searching for more people to play with us. So contact us if you want a good clan especially in regards of CW :D
  10. DragonstrikerOrigin

    Reflecting on year 4 of WoWS - What have you liked/disliked?

    Likes: - British Destroyer's - Attempt to change the play style of CV (what i believe is a good thing) - Snowflake event - Halloween Operation - Many different looking Ports that look nice. - French Destroyer's - USSR BB's (but only to a slight part) - Finally a proper working MM Dislikes: - To many stupid events going on with no rewards or to important rewards that you need to pay for it (best example is the french token event for the captain) - To much is going on in regards of CB, Ranked, Events, Collectibles etc... It's just slowly to much and people tend to burnout - Kick starting in higher tiers with a new line is to be honest totally not necessary. The should kick start at the lower Tier's like T 2 -4. Then no one can say people are not playing lower tier. - Removal of national Flavor captains to a stupid currency in the arsenal instead of how yamamoto or willy was handeld with a campaign. - No new operations and no hard mode for them even tough the promised that us like 2 years ago. - Battle Royal (i will not say much more then that) That's it for the moment from my side.
  11. DragonstrikerOrigin

    CV Rework Discussion

    Isn't the useall **** team always like that when something like those events come out. Like snowflake etc...??? Smollorigin?