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  1. DragonstrikerOrigin

    [TSUN] Pravda Tsundora Kantai 2.0

    We are a small community of competitve players that still look for entusiastik player who want to join us for cb and maybe even tournements
  2. DragonstrikerOrigin

    [TSUN] Pravda Tsundora Kantai 2.0

    What are you waiting for? Apply for some fun Competitve Plays and enjoyable experience.
  3. DragonstrikerOrigin

    [TSUN] Pravda Tsundora Kantai 2.0

    We are still looking for active player's. Since we are a very good typhoon clan we search for good player's.
  4. DragonstrikerOrigin

    [TSUN] Pravda Tsundora Kantai 2.0

    We have a lot of nice things in our Discord Server
  5. DragonstrikerOrigin

    [TSUN] Pravda Tsundora Kantai 2.0

    The clan has a lot of interesting people :D
  6. DragonstrikerOrigin

    [TSUN] Pravda Tsundora Kantai 2.0

    Pravda Tsundora Kantai  [TSUN] is the competitive sisterclan of Pravda Kantai. We are primarily an anime community trying to compete on the highest level while having fun doing so. What we offer A fun and friendly anime community Training Battles (if interested) Clan Battles Skilled members Random battle divisions Individual training (if interested) interest in different Games Requirements We are an anime clan/community therefore its not suited for people who dislike anime. Age 18+ (exceptions can be made) Members must have a working microphone Be able to communicate with other people in english The Pravda Community is quite large and has members with various ethnicities and religions. We don't tolerate racism, sexism or other forms of discrimination. The use of Discord is mandatory members need to be active We are looking a players with with a minimum of 55% win rate ~55.000 average damage ~1500 PR 2000 Battles exceptions can be made In case you are interested or have questions feel free to ask one of our recruiters. (Arthur) If you are not interest feel free to join our servers regardless. Application form: https://forms.gle/1MkpEZo4tKbcpJU76 Our Discord server: https://discord.gg/Q5j7zKN Our Sisterclan's Discord Server: https://discord.gg/k3EeJZj
  7. DragonstrikerOrigin

    Yamato eats 10 Daring Torps.

    NOP! Yamato has 55% torp dmg reduction so even with 20k dmg torps if it hits her belt she will still not die from 7 of those. You will need in total atleast over 200k dmg in torps dmg in her middle section to kill her if you lucky. Since there is also saturation. Generally you dont want to rush in a dd unless you know 100% that you will BE ABLE to kill the ship on the other wise 100% or if you have nothing else to do and just want to yolo.
  8. DragonstrikerOrigin

    [TSUN] Pravda Tsundora Kantai 2.0 is looking for competitive players

    We still have enough spots free. Feel free to join but please Remember we are competitive
  9. DragonstrikerOrigin

    [TSUN] Pravda Tsundora Kantai 2.0 is looking for competitive players

    Happy new year
  10. DragonstrikerOrigin

    [TSUN] Pravda Tsundora Kantai 2.0 is looking for competitive players

    Lets watch some anime and play some CB!
  11. DragonstrikerOrigin

    [TSUN] Pravda Tsundora Kantai 2.0 is looking for competitive players

    Already 5 days into the new year :O
  12. DragonstrikerOrigin

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    This will be funny how WG will react today on there Livestream. I hope it will not be a to big of a shitstorm and i hope the will do something about the directive.
  13. DragonstrikerOrigin

    Yoshino for Coal

    Not really.. The are both completly different ships. I will just give you the pros and cons of the ship and then you need to decide. Pros: - Awesome guns. - high HE DMG - accurate guns - High velocite shells - hillarious torpedos (20km) - a lot of hp for an ijn CA Cons: - Massive ship (meaning it will not turn nicly) - Useless armor (it can brawl NOTHING. Alaska atleast can do that but yoshino NOP) - mediocare detectablitiy (not really good compared to her ign counterpart) - another copy ship that is 1 tier lower (AZUMA is also there and she has a bit better MM since she is T9) - huge and useless citadel for a cruiser (yeah look at the 3d MODEL it's not even funny.) Well that is for the moment so if you really want yoshino i would say you are buying technically a sniper. Since she cant get to close otherwise she eats cits like nothing. So if you enjoy gameplay linke ZAO or CONQ then please go ahead and buy it. I know couple of friends who enjoy this ship BUT you will not be able to carry games with this ship.