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  1. lovelacebeer

    Suggestion about Thunderer

    We get free XP and the credits back as compensation for the 457mm guns that's good enough.
  2. lovelacebeer

    How many "Premium" ships you have (not counting ARP and similar)?

    42 for me and im surprised its that many, but then I never sell anything even Albany
  3. lovelacebeer

    PSA: Conqueror is losing its 457mm guns

    It's great isn't it, the free XP always comes in handy
  4. lovelacebeer

    Yudachi: before you buy it

    I believe iChase from the NA server summed up the 3 positive and negative aspects of her pretty accurately:
  5. lovelacebeer

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    What would be a good idea is anyone interested who gets super containers for the anniversary event keeps a note of them, and posts here then you could get a very large amount of data very quickly.
  6. Free super containers even if it's just flags and camo I can always put them to good use. So only thing to say is thank you WG
  7. lovelacebeer

    A lot of Super Containers lately

    Super containers do seem to be a bit all or nothing, just suddenly you get a rush of good luck then back to normal containers.
  8. lovelacebeer

    Submarines: Beta Sign-up and Q&A

    It's quite interesting seeing the difference in perspective on the forums compared to other platforms. On instagram I said the game play looked boring and within an hour I got 4 PMs from people telling me to kill myself for criticising subs, which is amusing enough and prehaps telling about the kind of people that want them. All I ask is this time don't rush the testing like you did with CVs, chances are subs will start out OP and over time with various updates hopefully be balanced out enough to be manageable but don't just rush to shove them on the live server saying you need more data.
  9. lovelacebeer

    Any one done a yuudachi post yet??

    It is a pity I love destroyer gameplay but her performance just looks so bad I cannot see the point in parting with my money. I know it's easy to joke the Russians have not got over the paddling they got at Tsushima. although really I think they are worried about returning to the days when Japanese DDs reigned supreme, still compared to other nations the appalling concealment of Japanese torpedos really only makes them good for ambushes or killing the most unaware. Shame though
  10. lovelacebeer

    Yudachi in the shop

    I think it would be an absolute must on her, I use it on all my higher tier Japanese DDs ( except Yukikaze she's weird) it's the only way to compensate for the appalling Torpdeo detectability
  11. lovelacebeer

    Yudachi in the shop

    Just my take on her but she appears made for an old meta, with torps like that only the most unaware players would be foolish enough to get hit by them and she's primarily a torp platform. The ship charastics are nothing overwhelming not bad but those torps really concern me. I was lucky enough to win the Yukikaze and I cannot see anything in Yuudachi to tempt me to get her when I have a more fun Japanese premium DD available.
  12. lovelacebeer

    So they will reverse the "gun bloom change"

    At long last!
  13. lovelacebeer

    New Ship Line

    Well I consider an air wing of 42 aircraft to be pretty small especially compared to other nations fleet carriers
  14. lovelacebeer

    New Ship Line

    With the Germans its hard to say how many designs they did have, considering their habit of going a bit nuts in WW2 with crazy designs that they could never have built, so there are probably loads of really obscure designs on the backs of napkins floating around. However to my knowledge they did a few seaplane tenders from WW1. In WW2 we have Graf and her planned sister ship, they also had plans to adapt the transport Europa into a small CV (42 planes). As well as further auxiliary carriers converted from passenger ships (the Jade and Weser classes) but both would have been small and not like the high tier fleet carriers we are used too. Also as a side note the Germans planned to turn the French cruiser De Grasse into a auxiliary carrier.
  15. lovelacebeer

    Why do you like to play CVs?

    I enjoyed trying the old RTS CVs although I really was bad at it, and they changed CVs before I got around to giving it another go. RTS had a extremely in depth tactical element you had to carefully use your attack wings watching out for the aura of surface ships whilst also trying to use your fighters to blunt the other CVs attacks, picking targets selectively at least until HE spam had taken out a lot of AA mounts. Also you could assist a DD or cruiser in blunting an aggressive push. I personally cannot stand the new style CV play its just so mind-numbingly repetitive feels more like a shiny mobile game than anything else.