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  1. lovelacebeer

    Looking for a clan

    If your still looking you would be very welcome in R7S we are an English speaking clan, although only half the clan are British but all the other members agree to use English as a common language ( we use teamspeak 3 in clan battles). We usually do clan battles at least a couple of times a week but always looking for more active players, and most of our members are in their late 20s or over so the conversation is pretty grown up but easy going. If you have any questions feel free to ask me anything
  2. We are a easy going clan of various nationalities but agreed language for clan battles is English, all we ask is for people who are polite and civil this is a game and are here to enjoy ourselves, for that reason most members are in their late 20s and above but we have no hard rules. Ideally looking for new members who want to take part in clan battles and who use teamspeak 3, however whilst being active in clan wars is preferred it isn't obligatory. If you have any questions please feel free to ask,
  3. lovelacebeer

    Latest Leaks From WG Fest 2018 - Discussion Thread

    Well it's not that surprising that Russian BBs are coming, the Russian Server allegedly is very BB heavy so they are playing to their home crowd, I am not interested in them myself and they were not the line I personally wanted to be announced nevertheless I am not surprised. My main concern will be how bad will the the Russian bias be, I don't mind having more diversity in game in terms of lines of ships as long as they are fairly balanced against existing lines. As for the British CVs they do look great, and whilst I know I'm not a good enough CV player to inflict myself on any team I will enjoy the greater diversity of ships available CV population (especially after the upcoming CV rework which I am holding my tongue on as that's a matter for a different thread), but I will enjoy playing the British CVs in Co Op. I notice the article also said they would be announcing a third line, I do hope it's an Italian line as their ships were pretty good and enough people have been asking for them, but going back to the first part of my opinion it will come down to what WG consider to be good marketing.
  4. lovelacebeer

    THE BOBS 1st Annual Festive Events upto Christmas!!!

    Really nice idea, I'm all for anything that rewards pleasant teammates
  5. lovelacebeer

    How much none converted ship XP do you have?

    12.7 million
  6. lovelacebeer

    New Chat Moderation Initiative

    Great news I will be very curious to see how this develops and anything to make the player chat less toxic is worth a try
  7. lovelacebeer

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I would also like to join the lottery, Also thank you for those who so kindly donated to this.
  8. lovelacebeer

    Server down ?

    Good it's not just me was weird about 10 people across both teams had the game disconnect them, made for a very strange battle
  9. lovelacebeer

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Ah the joys of special teams, who hasn't enjoyed seeing their team totally avoid confrontation (save for the chat feature) because they don't want to take damage, This is why I prefer playing DDs at least I can still go lone wolf when I have a team that camp behind islands because I might have no support but I can still do my own thing. Where as in a battleship the frustration of having the Japanese DDs hiding behind me because I should go spot for them does tend to get on my nerves. Its also interesting how 2 maps keep cropping up in this thread Northern Lights my all time most hated map because it's essentially 2 corridors and a flank where it turns into a major campfest and of course Haven. The fact these two maps are most prevalent in this topic is also a sign they both need a re design or in the case of northern lights just bin the damn map PLEASE! I sometimes wonder if a if a lot of these so called "weekend gamers" ( how I wish they did only play at weekends) slightly miss understand this is a war game there is a whole big spectrum between: suicidal charge of the Light Brigade strategy and dig in chaps we will wait them out from behind this island, and it is in the gap between these two extremes that strategy can be found. Personlly I do wish the game economy would be tweaked to increase the rewards for spotting and capping to at least try and incentivise people to play objectives, I know a lot won't get it but I live in hope some people might.
  10. I had a elderly uncle who served on Vanguard and it's mainly from his stories I developed my interest in warships and why I went on to play this game. Still there was a story he used to tell me that when Vanguard fired a full broadside the ship would actually be pushed several feet sideways which makes sense but I always wonder if that's true or just him exaggerating to amuse a child. A great article as always I really enjoy reading these historical pieces.
  11. lovelacebeer

    Rename "Four Goal Haul" to "Squid Released"

    Agreed Yi Sun-sin would be the most appropriate too considering how he had to fight not only the Japanese but also against his own government who kept working against him - sounds an awful lot like some random battles
  12. lovelacebeer

    Suggestions thread

    As currently karma is worthless why not do a Christmas surprise: a small reward announced on say Christmas Eve to be delivered on Christmas Day which scales up with your karma, by doing it last minute you avoid people trying to rig their karma but it may help people think karma matters. Whilst I am aware that we all suffer from being reported for doing evil things, such as firing AP in British battleships at broadside cruisers and deleting them, or killing a ship 2 tiers higher because that much be cheating etc etc this means what karma we do earn should be rewarded. Who knows by also doing a sudden reward it might encourage some people to be a bit more pleasant because they will have an eye on the next time karma might be rewarded.
  13. lovelacebeer

    Rename "Four Goal Haul" to "Squid Released"

    I hope they do keep the poor mans kraken in the game and hopefully give us some new medals for 6, 7 and hey maybe even 8 kills. Although that could mean some very random names would be needed, still it would be fun coming up with them such as say for 8 kills "Nelson reborn"
  14. lovelacebeer

    player saying he reporting me for no reason

    It's really frustrating when people are like that but sadly it's pretty common, tonight I got reported for killing someone who was 2 tiers higher than me so clearly I must be cheating (apparently). Sadly it's the nature of online gaming, and by the sounds of it that battle was just a general disaster and he needed someone else to blame as of course it cannot be him, I wouldn't be surprised if he sent a similar message to the person in the CV too. On the brightside (possibly) karma is basically worthless so being complimented is pleasant but doesn't matter and being reported is essentially meaningless. Still it is annoying to have to deal with people like that, and the fact he contacted your clan is odd and says a lot about how weird he is. It is because of people like that I enabled my replays so when people go crazy or team kill I have proof should I need it.
  15. lovelacebeer

    Nearly 2019, and we still have detonations in the game

    If you like we can add dud torpedo's too although that might upset German and American Destroyer players quite a lot considering their failure rate. Still I really don't consider detonations to be that big of an issue, and people keep complaining about the game being too unrealistic, I know it's an arcade game but as your own examples provide it could be A LOT of other things that could be annoying