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  1. lovelacebeer

    Soviet Cvs

    I know we have often joked about soviet CVs on here, but I cannot say I’m actually surprised they are being added, this is WG after all
  2. lovelacebeer

    Did I missed something?

    I’m assuming you saw her on the submarine test. A few people have noticed the Kitakami in the hands of the bots however whether that’s deliberate or pure laziness on the part of WG is pure conjecture at this point.
  3. lovelacebeer

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    One thing that I am curious about is why WG removed HMS Darings Squid launcher, especially as HMAS Vampire has her Limbo ASW Mortar. Maybe I'm being a tad too cynical when it comes to WG (although I doubt its possible anyone can be too cynical with these guys) but I have to wonder if its an attempt to create something different in the future. Anyway this is how Daring used to appear but now its just an empty space where the Squid used to be.
  4. lovelacebeer

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    It depends on the streamer I have seen plenty who can delete a DD without any problem, but as always depends on the individual. Anyway the deck guns do work.
  5. lovelacebeer

    the "carry harder!" thread

    If only my teams BBs spent as much time playing the game as they did arguing in chat we could have easily won this
  6. lovelacebeer

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    They have made the deck guns work in this iteration, although opinion is divided on them, the most vocal sub proponent on here loves them however its not a widely held view from the streamers I have seen playing.
  7. lovelacebeer

    General CV related discussions.

    Well the day we all knew was coming is here the Soviet CV line is on the dev blog. From a purely visual standpoint I’m disappointed no Superstar Destroyers, but maybe that’s going to be a premium. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/166 ST 0.10.6, SOVIET AIRCRAFT CARRIERS Soviet aircraft carriers Komsomolets, Serov, Pobeda, Admiral Nakhimov and Chkalov have been added to the game for testing. Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website. The following researchable Soviet aircraft carriers will be added to the game in the upcoming closed testing session: Komsomolets, Tier IV Serov, Tier VI Pobeda, Tier VIII Admiral Nakhimov, Tier X Key Features of the Soviet aircraft carriers: Each squadron consists of only one attacking flight; Soviet aircraft carriers have a small number of aircraft in their squadrons, reaching up to eight planes at Tier X; Beginning at Tier VIII, planes are equipped with rocket boosters. Similar to Ise and Tone, rocket boosters are automatically activated during takeoff and give a short-term increase in speed; All planes have a small amount of HP and low cruise speed; The "Repair" squadron consumable is available to Pobeda's torpedo bombers and to all of Admiral Nakhimov's squadrons; Torpedoes carried by torpedo bombers have long range and long arming time; Attack aircraft on Tiers VIII and X are armed with HE rockets, the equivalent of the U.S. Tiny Tims; At Tier IV, Komsomolets has standard aircraft types. Starting from Tier VI, Soviet aircraft carriers carry skip bombers with HE bombs instead of standard dive bombers; Good ship concealment. The concept of the branch: one squadron - one attack. To play effectively, squadrons will need to make a lot of brief flights at short to medium range due to their low cruise speed. This is helped by the good concealment of the ships and the presence of rocket boosters on the planes. Squadrons are vulnerable to AA due to their low HP, and each lost plane reduces the total damage that can be dealt to the enemy. The new ships' skip bombers and torpedo bombers can use their long range to avoid staying too long in the enemy AA zone. However, in this case, it will be easier for enemy ships to evade attack. Soviet aircraft carrier Chkalov, Tier VIII A fast-moving large aircraft carrier based on Project 71B of the late 1930s. The Chkalov is armed with aviation similar to the researchable Soviet Tier X aircraft carrier Admiral Nakhimov. Each squadron consists of only 6 planes. The ship is also distinguished from other Soviet aircraft carriers by its available selection of squadrons: torpedo bombers, skip bombers, and dive bombers. The Chkalov is best used for dealing damage to low-mobility targets and supporting allies in the fight for Key Areas.
  8. lovelacebeer

    What really ails the anti plane players in a nutshell

    Hey get your own, I can brag/ prove I have such a friend but I’m not sharing 😜
  9. lovelacebeer

    What really ails the anti plane players in a nutshell

    The thing is everything I say I can prove and whilst severely off topic here I can be DM’ed to back up my claims. After all who needs stories real life is way more fun ;)
  10. lovelacebeer

    Karma and enemy spite reporting

    It is a useless system really, I believe it’s created as a vent for those sensitive souls who don’t like being killed whether that be due to random luck or just being outplayed. Still some people find it demotivating to see it go down so I can understand it would be annoying for them. Last I checked I had almost reached 800 not that means a damn though as I can’t swap it for anything worthwhile.
  11. lovelacebeer

    Karma and enemy spite reporting

    If it’s affecting your enjoyment then best to hide the karma, it is a very flawed system after all as it does allow for petty spite. I guess I’m lucky in that I tend to not notice it but I know that doesn’t work for everyone. Happy hunting.
  12. lovelacebeer

    Karma and enemy spite reporting

    There used to be a mod called Karmaflage you could use to permanently hide your karma score. I don’t personally use mods but to my knowledge it still works. Hope it helps.
  13. lovelacebeer

    What really ails the anti plane players in a nutshell

    Trust me if you went with my friend you might disagree, assuming of course you like rather fit Korean ladies who can deadlift, she’s also a huge fan of science fiction and military history so the conversations are good too. ;)
  14. I will be curious to see the finished stats and reviews of Druid before I commit to her or Vampire II,
  15. lovelacebeer

    What really ails the anti plane players in a nutshell

    I can most strongly recommend it, if nothing else your constantly reminded to go to the gym.