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  1. lovelacebeer

    CVs need balancing here is my suggestion!

    Personally I think it would be a good idea, as mistakes should be punished and might help bring some sort of semblance of balance to the class. However sadly WG have a very low opinion of CV players abilities (an unfair generalisation on their part) and don't want to incentivise CV players to get better or add complexity to the class.
  2. Its not a perfect solution but happy to have been of some assistance
  3. lovelacebeer

    The concerning direction that Directives are taking

    It is a concerning trend that they keep making the grinds more time gated. However what really does bother me is that for the upcoming European (Swedish and friend) DDs is that the directives will reward crates which contain a "random" number of tokens. So whilst now with the British cruiser event we can calculate how many days we need to play etc for the next event no such certainty. Honestly though it does come down to the player, I took a look at the PR grind and just decided nope, it wasn't a good investment of my time and money, and all but ignored the game over Christmas. Still enough people did feel it was a worthwhile investment and WG will have seen whilst we might complain enough people still invested in the PR to justify WG doing such grinds again.
  4. I think it's just the bots, they seem to know when you launch torps but a good trick is to use the prediction line then Unselect the target ship but launch the torps down the previous line of bearing. The bots don't seem to get the prior warning of the torps that way.
  5. lovelacebeer

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    None at all but judging by the results of he last round of testing we have a long way to go before it's ready, as the saying goes patience is a virtue.
  6. lovelacebeer

    Battlecruiser Unebi in wows?

    Looks an interesting idea and at around tier 6 or 7 probably would be a nice addition, I sometimes get the impression it's easier for WG to add totally fictional ships over real ones because they can just adapt the stats to suit balance purposes. Considering this appears a Japanese style of pocket battleship similar to Graf Spee they should have plenty of data to balance it successfully. Should provide for a fun and different gameplay style too.
  7. lovelacebeer

    0.9.2 PTS - Bug reports

    Dear @MrConway and @Crysantos sorry to disturb you at the weekend but I have completed the Winter Season mission for public test 0.9.2 but as I understand it I should then have access to the Winter season mission from 0.9.0 as I believe I didn't complete that one. Its not a huge issue but I naturally would like the chance to complete all the Winter Season missions. Sorry to be a bother, but any assistance would be much appreciated. Logged in today on PTS and final mission was available, thank you to whomever fixed it.
  8. lovelacebeer

    0.9.2 PTS - European Destroyers: Early Access

    The new port looks great, only a pity there are no Lancaster bombers overhead for recreating Tirpitz's wartime experience. Still seriously a very beautiful port. The directives all worked fine but as they are only placeholder missions cannot comment much. I really didn't like the random number of tokens element of the containers, I did get one container with 140 but the rest were all 30 or 10. Still I'm sure as a marketing method it has its logic still for me I will not bother putting much effort into this event when it goes live, its quite the disincentive for me.
  9. lovelacebeer

    0.9.2 PTS - General Feedback

    One little thing and it might be I'm being silly and missing the control for it, but the noise when your on fire is really loud and annoying when compared to other sound effects, I know everyone is testing IHFE so I'm on fire a lot on the PTS but is there a way to turn down that one specific sound effect?
  10. lovelacebeer

    0.9.2 PTS - Bug reports

    I have been getting this bug quite a bit where I cannot open or choose containers
  11. lovelacebeer

    Why the insane resource ship price inflation?

    I cannot see this changing anytime soon, as long as WG keeps selling us various boosters they will need to find a way to use them up. Ah the joys of hyper inflation
  12. lovelacebeer

    Earn European Tokens in the new PTS?!?

    Here is the mission chain and the notification of the rewards, got it from here https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/public-test-092/
  13. lovelacebeer

    Rename the tier 8 British Heavy Cruiser

    Well Albemarle was a British admiral albeit a controversial one as noted by the fact he didn't receive a medal for serving at the Glorious 1st of June https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sir_Albemarle_Bertie,_1st_Baronet So does that mean the nickname for the Albemarle should be the Bertie?
  14. lovelacebeer

    Great White Fleet Event

    To my knowledge the only time the Royal Navy painted the super structure yellow was in the dockyard livery
  15. lovelacebeer

    The game is not bad.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one confused by "emblem players"