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  1. lovelacebeer

    Has anybody else had shells falling short?

    It happened to me and a clan mate over the weekend it was such a surprising discrepancy we assumed it was bug of some sort but thankfully hasn't reappeared since
  2. lovelacebeer

    HMS Agincourt

    I can see why it would work for wargaming to add her considering she was originally built for Brazil, then sold to the Ottoman Empire before finally being requisitioned by the British, this would allow WG to basically do the same as they did with the USS Boise and have her in the same form but available to different nations. Seems to me like a good chance for them to advertise in Turkey and add a low tier premium that can be used for a future Pan American fleet.
  3. lovelacebeer

    What about a premium CV - let's say Ark Royal?

    They will certainly release The Ark as a premium in time and probably as a tier 6 considering we already know we are getting a tier 8 premium. All that WG will do is wait for the current hype to die down and then release her knowing such a famous ship will be popular. As for loadout I'm really not sure the selection of planes across the rework is rather bizarre usually based around tier rather than historical accuracy. Still it's a pity I was looking forward to The Ark's arrival (and I'm certain it will come) but since the rework unless somehow CV suddenly becomes interesting to play again I just don't care what they give her.
  4. lovelacebeer


    At least it's not just me then
  5. lovelacebeer

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    There really isn't much consensus but that's hardly surprising when the updates are pretty much weekly. There will always be those who say CVs is OP and conversely those who call for them to be buffed to such an extent they might as well be equipped with Exocet missles. From what I have seen with the large number of games where CVs are present certainly a lot of people are curious to try them, and hey if CVs can be balanced ( aIthough I doubt it will be anytime soon) I'm all for them. Although I personally just don't see the fun in playing CV but that's just me I tried it during testing and have done a few in Co-Op but it's just far too boring and repetitive. Honeslty the only issue for me is the way that the rework has increased how passively a lot of people play and the extremely drawn out process of finding a balance between CVs and other ship classes. Still for the foreseeable future I think we can expect a 50/50 split of forum posts saying CVs are both over and under powered.
  6. It will be interesting to see how the GC process goes, It is not yet confirmed that WG have decided it's worth changing her and then if they do they will have to deal with the backlash, also then the added work of doing the same for the other ships defined as OP will take ages. In the event that WG do push ahead with changing these ships then it gets more complicated, because in the case of the Kamikaze family they may get off lightly, as the current CV rework may solve a lot of those issues. Smoke and Radar in the HMS Belfast and USS Black however will be a lot harder to deal with. Personally I'm against the idea of changing premium ships after they have been sold because we have taken WG at their word that this is what we are getting. If nothing else this whole saga shows how important sufficient testing is required before releasing any premium ship even if it does result in about 20 people spamming every twitch chat with "when is X being released, I can't wait any longer"
  7. lovelacebeer

    An idea to fix the, supposedly, OP Premium "problem"

    No serious question is ever daft, as ships there isn't a whole lot of difference between the two, mainly the Belfast has HE shells whilst the Fiji has torps and only the special British AP shells. What makes the Belfast OP is her consumables: she has smoke, radar and hydro. What this means is that a good Belfast player has the ability to radar destroyers and kill them quickly or sit in his smoke and farm long range damage, but with the radar and hydro if using those consumables correctly they should be Immune from any surprise attack from a DD trying to get close to torp the smoke. The Belfast is a extremely dangerous ship for any DD player and after that you have a ship that can still sit in smoke and spam HE shells into any battleships at long range to get very impressive damage scores. The Belfast does have its weaknesses though it doesn't have a heal and she's very fragile if you can hit her, shes very dangerous in the hands of a good player though as she has those consumables.
  8. lovelacebeer

    Clash at the carnaval

    Would be a lot of fun to have on EU and I'm sure more than a few of us or CCs would volunteer to take part just for the fun of taking part.
  9. lovelacebeer

    New carriers

    I was prepared to give the new carriers a chance, I tried playing them in the tests and found the play style too boring for me honestly, if I want to fly planes like that I would play WOWP but I'm not against carriers in the game and if people do enjoy playing this style then good for them. Not it sure what you mean the fighters so something I have found them to be utterly useless on here rare occasions the CV tried to use them to help the team I think part of the issue is such a fundamental change in carrier play upsets those who were very good at the RTS style, and also frustrates a lot of other ship players. In part because at the moment the balancing is very much work in progress so every week there is something new to get used too. This has resulted at least in the short term in a lot more passive game play and certainly not helped with 2 or 3 CVs per side.
  10. lovelacebeer

    PTS - Space Games (and maps for them)

    Space assault is brilliant if your defending but attacking its very hard to do. Attacking a lot of players didn't appear to understand the objectives or were extremely passive and hanging back to avoid taking damage not understanding the respawn mechanics so in most battles the generators were never actually attacked. i would suggest that the generators need to be spread out more so at least the ones on the extreme flank are easier to assault and then the attacking team has to work harder near the end. Considering how many players don't read what the objectives are before the battle I would also suggest better highlighting of the generators as the first target I have seen more than a few players bombarding the base and ignoring the generators. One minor bug sometimes ships (so far only friendly) don't appear to fully render and so you can't really see them
  11. lovelacebeer

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I believe it was because all the damage you did was to ships from higher tiers, the system rewards you more if they are 1 or 2 tiers higher than yourself, also DDs are worth a lot of XP.
  12. lovelacebeer

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Merci. Yes it was a rather disappointing battle, I couldn't quite understand what a lot of my team were doing as they did call targets a lot but were mostly doing it whilst hiding behind islands, I am going to have to put this replay onto youtube as it was too funny and no way am I going to get 9 kills ever again.
  13. lovelacebeer

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Apparently the Kamikaze R is a little over powered (well yes she really is) still a rather disappointing defeat. But I admit it was fun
  14. lovelacebeer

    Lets be positive, for a change

    I always loved naval history (I blame an elderly relative who used to tell me stories of his time in the navy when I was a child for that) so of course seeing such beautiful ships fighting it out is something I love, from the wonderful sound of the Yamato firing to the sleek lines of the destroyers I can always enjoy seeing.
  15. Honestly much to my surprise I did it in one battle, I just jumped in my Belfast and stuck to our teams DD at a suicidally close range the other teams CV's of course went for the DD repeatedly hoping to gang up on him and we'll it was very easy after that. Still I have only done 5 battles today and just with random luck 4 of them had 2 CVs per team, still this mission requirement is very luck based considering the current CV situation.