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  1. lovelacebeer

    Submarines impact on your number of games

    I won’t play randoms at all whilst subs are present, so it’s mainly operations and sometimes ranked for me.
  2. lovelacebeer

    Convoy Shambles

    It’s scary how the addition of a comparatively simple objective can utterly overwhelm a lot of the playerbase. It is probably just that in such a simple mission the stupidity of certain players shows through more obviously. Whether it’s the BB players who hide behind the island all match or use the transports as damage shields. DD players who suicide rush Minos because they forget the transports will come to them or sub players who submerge right at the start and then drive off to the friendly CV to support it. All of this behaviour is sadly pretty common in all modes but in convoy just as in ranked somehow it’s just frustratingly more obvious.
  3. lovelacebeer

    Public Test 0.11.6 - Bug reports

    In several battles now when in open water I get the sound of crashing into another ship and slightly loosing some speed even though there is no ship. Then the invisible issue resolves itself and I carry on and quickly return to full speed. Its not like the hidden reefs that subs caused though its a very temporary interruption to speed and the sound effect is the one from bumping into a friendly ship.
  4. lovelacebeer

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I lost 3 karma in this one battle so I must be doing something right
  5. lovelacebeer

    Important message to the Player Community

    Surprisingly WG have honoured some of the promises they made there but only as much as they felt they needed too in order to calm things down. WGs promises are not really promises and more like a politicians pledge ( sounds good but little more than that) for example take when submarines were first announced and WG said: “We’ll add submarines into the live client as a separate battle type, similar to Arms Race, Savage Battle, or Space Battle. The third stage will last several months. This will enable us to make the final touches and adjust the balance of the new type on the live server. When we're done with all these steps, we'll be able to decide on the final fate of submarines.” https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/submarines-announcement/ However a little later we get WG staff saying something extremely different, going from testing and then decision to we have decided and will keep testing:
  6. lovelacebeer

    Attack Wave Mode (Survival Mode?)

    I would actually be up for such a mode it would be a fun change of pace. Could be a special event mode like space battles.
  7. Agreed it should be their problem but WG cater to the griefers I can only presume they are a profitable target audience. This is why I’m avoiding random battles whilst subs are there because why would I want to encourage WG by submitting to the sub implementation.
  8. The only metric WG would listen too would be if everyone who doesn't like playing lab rat for the submarine project stopped playing in modes and at tiers where they would encounter submarines. As long as the player numbers and battle queue times don't change why should WG change direction. People can complain all they like but if there is no change in behaviour from players there is no incentive for WG to listen.
  9. lovelacebeer

    what is the purpose having fighters ?

    Whilst I’m certainly not a fan of the current AA situation, it’s not going to change any time soon. The defensive fighters have a lock on time to add some variety for CV player, any decent CV player can dodge them. When the game stops being fun just stop playing, I still dabble in the game but don’t play randoms anymore and I’m happier for it.
  10. lovelacebeer

    About the upgrade discount

    There has not been a definitive statement from WG (not that their statements should ever be treated as guarantees) but going from what they have said on their twitch streams when asked, I certainly wouldn’t get my hopes up for any time soon.
  11. Precisely, for all the complaining about subs or superships I seriously doubt many people are actually avoiding the modes where they are present, so there is no reason for WG to listen to any amount of complaining.
  12. The problem is a surface ship only mode would almost certainly be extremely popular, and then WG would be left with CV, super ship and sub players complaining about not many people wanting to play with them. So its easier for WG to just not offer the choice rather than deal with the underlying issues.
  13. Sadly there is no way WG would ever abandon their practice of selling high tier premiums (honestly I’m shocked they even made it a requirement to have reached tier 10 before being able to buy superships). However I’m curious what could be done to improve the quality of gameplay (and I readily admit I’m far from good). The one thing I do wish is they would make a basic couple of training missions for new players, I remember WOT used to have this where you learnt about spotting aiming etc, it was very basic and a few rewards but anything helps. I know they say you can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink, but WG could at least make the water more available.
  14. The good ones are aware of the mini map and have the ability to influence anywhere on the battle. The bad ones think they are commanding an immovable airfield and are shocked when they are attacked despite being repeatedly warned to move their ship. There are bad players in all class naturally, it’s just when it comes to CVs it’s considerable more obvious and impactful on the game when compared to other classes.
  15. Just a thought but would there be a way to relay the data to Little White Mouse? Only reason being was it was LWM who found WG made a few mistakes with their calculations for the Missouri bonus, and it never hurts to have some people checking WGs maths again.