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  1. lovelacebeer

    German CV tokens such a joke

    Not interested in German CVs, the camos look good but I don't believe the price is justified so easy solution: Ignore the event and just play as normal when in the mood to play this game.
  2. lovelacebeer

    Petrodreamlovsk nerf when?

    Well I have not player her myself yet so I hesitate to pass judgement on the ship itself. However as we have seen with the Kremlin and WGs feather light touches to nerfing her AA (despite the fact I have yet to see anyone complaining that she's too good in that regard) I think we can safely say the Petro would also recieve this extremely cautious approach.
  3. lovelacebeer


    You wont know the reason why but they guy was rather salty in chat after I killed him so I know who it was. I got a post battle notification saying I had been reported and took a quick look and yes it had gone down by one ( not that it matters).
  4. lovelacebeer


    I got reported by a Smolensk today because I killed him in Yamato after I rushed his smoke screen and I survived - felt even better than being complimented
  5. Nope but I'm much happier just getting the flags so not a loss to me.
  6. I cannot say I'm a fan but I will get used to it in time. At least by the standard of WGs dubious decisions it's not that bad.
  7. lovelacebeer


    As far as I can tell karma is a vent for when people are annoyed by a bad teammate or when a sensitive soul is killed and they don't like it. It allows people a way to express their annoyance and avoids lots of angry messages in chat which then would then potentially result in a lot more work for WGs staff. Its really a worthless thing but hey if it means I loose a few karma when I kill a couple of angry people or on the rare occasion carry a team to victory and get a compliment it's better than loads of angry messages.
  8. lovelacebeer

    How you know when they are just good or cheat ?

    I'm sure it's possible to cheat or at the very least have mods that are not allowed, whether they are worth it or not I cannot say I'm wonderfully computer illiterate. However even if it was 100% impossible to cheat people would still accuse you of cheating, because it's easier for their fragile ego to believe you cheated than you outplayed them or even just got lucky. Lets face it online gaming is summed up by this;
  9. lovelacebeer

    FLAK... how to?

    It will be far easier to do AA missions in Co-Op just get the attention of the bot CV and they will keep throwing waves of planes against you to no effect but fast build up plane kills. Either that or just try to get in a battle with me, I always get damn CV games and I always get useless CV teammates who either deliberately team kill or are so bad they might as well.
  10. lovelacebeer


    I cannot speak for others but the reason I do not mention sectoring AA is because it shouldn't be needed to mention it, it's been around long enough it should be a natural response for anyone except a returning player or a completely new players. Also just be aware it's not always guaranteed to be that effective some CV players (thankfully good CV players are pretty rare) deliberately bait you out to select a sector then switch sides or loop back out and wait for you to be on cool down. Still sounds like you were lucky to get a totally potato enemy CV, so knowing my luck he will be on team today.
  11. lovelacebeer

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Good luck with this, I truly hope those people who are not happy with the situation participate in this action. I live in hope WG pay attention but the cynic in me fears they won't.
  12. lovelacebeer

    German Carriers: Early Access

    Well at least I can completely ignore this event there is nothing for me here. Still great to see the eventual return of Kitakami!
  13. lovelacebeer


    Sadly as others have stated an AA build is useless especially if the enemy CV is half decent, your options are try to be uninteresting at the start and hope they find someone else to torture, or pray that they are really bad at CV. Sadly though that's the state of things and I guess soon this thread will end up being locked for obvious reasons.
  14. lovelacebeer

    The Kitakami returns!

    Personally I am hoping they will PA style there is nothing wrong with expecting tier 10 players to know about fire discipline, but I fear WG may well go full Asashio with them.
  15. lovelacebeer

    The Kitakami returns!

    This is WG we are talking about, who insist they must dumb down the game to help those unwilling to learn the basics