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  1. Formula1Dragon

    More Immersive Experience Possible?

    I was just wondering, if we would be having more detail to the game, or is this as good as it gets... The little things make me happy, blowing up an island and watching the homes blow up, I think would be cool. Even better would be for our ships to look the part, when they are in certain maps... Take the Arctic for example, would it not be cool for our ships to look a little like this? I do hope we will get better graphics in game. It would be really cool to have additions like these.
  2. Formula1Dragon

    Epic Titanic Battle!

    Honestly, our club love to do things slightly different... And sometimes we get attacked for not just rushing in, while others do and get killed in the process... Here is a TITANIC battle, and a TITANIC rip off also!!!! Watch as a Tier 6 Fuso wipes out a Tier 9 Izumo at close quarters and turns the battle around in our favour!!! Oh and read the chat, and see the numpty crying about us for camping!!! Well it was worth the win...
  3. Formula1Dragon

    Bonus Codes!

    Does anyone have any bonus codes, that we might be able to use, it would be nice, even for us Beta testers who have just come on board. ;)
  4. Formula1Dragon

    "Server busy - please try again later"?

    Well it seems we have all sunk... Is this the same on the American server, or is it just the poor people living in the EU that are to blame!!! Anyway if you would like to chat about it, please feel welcome to come join our club on facebook. We have people on there!!! Who love the game just like you do. https://www.facebook.com/groups/WorldOfWarshipsClub/ Feel free to pop over today.
  5. Formula1Dragon

    Can We Choose Ships For Battles Please.

    Well The reason I have to ask this, is because, when you only get one carrier on the other team. You may as well just leave the match. If the carrier commander knows what he is doing, and they normally do, they torp ships close up, big battle ships do not stand a chance, cannot get away and are out the match. Some are out without a single shot. So we should be able to have tick boxes on what we want in our games. This is called world of warships. And I would like to have matches with just warships. No carriers please.