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  1. Brandometer

    The Psychological Game (with myself...)

    It was certainly a fun read! And some very good points, despite the occasional nudge lol! I'm usually the morale booster, and troll ignorer, of the in-game chat, but every now and then little don don decides to throw his toys out the pram. Upon reaching this point in future, 0 shits will be given, all shots will be taken and we shall be victorious!
  2. Brandometer

    The Psychological Game (with myself...)

    I do take your point here. I learned my 'trade' in us BBS, so you can see I played a fair few in New Mexico and Colorado. I didn't play much Japanese because at this point i had my tier 10s, ergo free exp! However, point taken! I'm aiming at tier 5 for now so just unlocked Emile Bertin, which I'm hoping to play a fair bit.
  3. Fantastic! Probably giving too much of a crap by the sounds of it haha. I'll try yoloing a bit more :p A BB and DD walked into a bar...
  4. Brandometer

    The Psychological Game (with myself...)

    Dragnorak gave some nice advice on this point in his post re. selecting the ship you like most and giving it a good blast. I personally have never tried it (and this, on from your comment, is probably contributing to my rough patches... god I sound like an addict lol) so will be giving it a try with my Amagi!
  5. Brandometer

    The Psychological Game (with myself...)

    I have sold all my low level ships to pay for high level, and in hindsight (and agreement with fat_maniac) I should have kept a couple. Odd thing is, I recognise the value of playing at lower tiers, and still decided to sell the ships! Also, I've never tried consistently playing a ship. I'll always bounce around my favorite 4-6 ships and do at most 3 games in any one at a time, so good call on that one. Just unlocked the Amagi, so I'll give her a good riding and see how that fares :P Finally, regarding blaming the team, I'm 100% in agreement. The main reason I came here (which I failed to mention in my OP) was to avoid venting my anger/stroppy moment towards the team - which helps nobody - and try to make a conversation out of it. I'm well aware of the positives and negatives of playing random, so completely with you there. As always, cheers for the replies :)
  6. Hi Andre,


    I posted you a while back about potentially joining your clan. I wondered if you would be willing to have me? predominantly a bb player, with a fair bit of cruiser and little bit of dd thrown in. From UK. 


    I can't commit a great amount of time, but am willing to muck in as much as possible! more than anything I just want to meet new gamers and have fun playing with people, rather than yolo solo! 


    Please let me know,




  7. Brandometer

    The Psychological Game (with myself...)

    lol! It would appear I need to grow a pair!
  8. Brandometer

    The Psychological Game (with myself...)

    hah yeah, had an amagi game similar. Angled NC 16k, broadside Alabama, 7k. I'll blame my aim, it's more... constructive :D
  9. Brandometer

    The Psychological Game (with myself...)

    Hehe good point about improving gameplay, although I'm quite active in improving and generally have more good spells than bad! One thing I don't do really is play with anyone, so good call on that one I'll have a look for a clan with similar skill level and see if they'll have me. I'm not too stubborn, so usually get stroppy, quit and put a crap movie on. King Kong is tonights' choice! Cheers for the feedback
  10. Brandometer

    The Psychological Game (with myself...)

    haha, you're a better cap'n than I!!
  11. Brandometer

    The Psychological Game (with myself...)

    Hello. I just played Conqueror and scored 40k damage before being torpedoed to death, Montana scoring 60k damage before being destroyer burned to death, and a Hindy game which was average at best, but ended in a double citadel (whilst angled) and instant death from half hp. Believe it or not this is not a regular occurrence and so I got pissed off (stroppy teenager alert!). I found myself ready to rage type at my team for sailing straight for the bloody islands - en masse! - leaving me at the tail end of the train to get harassed by 2 Russian dds for half the game. Then I thought, 'Hey Brando, why not type this on the forums so that people can read and either agree or, more likely, slate me for being crap!'. But my new years resolution is to be awesome and positive and constructive... and stuff. So I would like to put a request to the community, asking you to discuss your experiences in dealing with sustained periods of bad play, and more importantly how to prepare yourself, mentally, for the games ahead. I rarely get a chance to binge-play WOWs, and when I go to play and the first few matches are absolute crap it can be quite demoralising. So I would be grateful and interested to see your experiences with this and perhaps your methods for evading the ever approaching landslide of crap that seems to wash my way! p.s. this isn't aimed at the 'odd bad game', more a sustained period of bad play! Also, I'm certainly not aiming for a [edited]-fest. Looking forward to the replies!
  12. Brandometer

    What do you use on your BBs?

    I'm a little tunnel-vision on this one. I always use the steering mod because I hate torps more than I do fires. It also means I focus more on positioning. If you're in the wrong position, or unable to re-position quickly enough in a BB, then you get nailed regardless.
  13. Brandometer

    Roon Trouble

    guys all your advice has been fantastic. Just a heads up: played 2 games just now, one was 127k damage 4 kills other was no kills but still 80k damage, and I survived them both. Not the most impressive numbers in the world, but by my standards i'm very happy with that! Mostly down to your advice, so once again thank you!
  14. Brandometer

    Roon Trouble

    Thank you for all the advice. Looking through your comments, I think I have been focusing too much on getting close, using that awesome hydro and trying to use that devastating close range AP. Particularly will use the advice about using HE a bit more often and try to bait people into pushing to use the gun positioning a bit more. Thanks again!
  15. Brandometer

    Roon Trouble

    TY for the advice. Regarding the turning, I find the thing so clumsy compared with the hipper! Probably just need to get used to when to turn like you say.