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  1. pompeyrk

    match fixing

    its being on opposing teams that is the concern between them they see both sides maps and if on a team speak can fix the match
  2. pompeyrk

    match fixing

    without pointing fingers just a question is it allowed that 10 players from same clan enter a battle two on one team eight on the other they were chatting to each other in another language so i cant say they were match fixing but could see they were making comment about caps A B C . actually just checked result team with 8 lost so doubt was fixing but stil a concern
  3. pompeyrk


    Just logged in to see my guns have been stolen ive had this ship since the day it was released and switched out the guns several times ive probably brought and sold ten times over so the bs free xp can go where the sun dont shine i want the decision reversed and guns replaced or compensated with coal and its not just this ship im going to moan about all uk are now averarage at best i have almost every ship from all nations playing the game since day one other than the now average conqueror i would probably say warspite is decent and jutland the rest ok and the one heavy cruiser at t5 is dog sheet so im ranting i think this game is coming to an end for me be interesting to see what others think maybe its just me but livid about my guns .