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  1. pompeyrk

    Super containers

    50 blue n white striped camouflages finally
  2. pompeyrk

    Super containers

    Still zero supers
  3. pompeyrk

    Super containers

    so my luck has dried up from receiving average of 3 per month to none
  4. pompeyrk

    Super containers

    sorry if been asked before couldn't find it . are super containers broken ive not had one for at least 2 months now . thank you
  5. pompeyrk


    were there many school girls and space men ?
  6. pompeyrk


    Ive yet to come across a captain that is not white or asian , so my question is are there any black captains in the game ?
  7. pompeyrk

    eastern dragon

    thanks but not looking to hide it .. brought it as i thought my son was buying the southern dragon and thought it would be funny both driving them in battle but he tricked me saying he had brought it but hadn't now im stuck with the bloody thing.
  8. pompeyrk

    eastern dragon

    how do i get rid of my eastern dragon as its quite shh rubbish i cant sell it ??? sorry if asked previously i couldn't find it. thank you.
  9. pompeyrk


    do signals for extra captain xp all work together at the same time (plus 333% plus 100% plus 50 %) along with camouflage bonus or am i wasting them ? thank you .
  10. pompeyrk

    clan tab in port disappeared

    in port my clan tab at top of screen is missing since update and clan chat tab says (underfined) is this across the game or just me ? thank you
  11. pompeyrk

    PSA - Patch 0.6.10 problems

    new fire effects so real the bloody thing has burnt down and we all have to start t1
  12. pompeyrk

    operation dynamo

  13. pompeyrk

    operation dynamo

    still have a couple of tubs here in portsmouth
  14. pompeyrk

    operation dynamo

    we looking after her although was/or is painted wrong colour apparently .