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  1. pompeyrk

    They’re adding HMS Incomparable!

    well I'm being a bit unfair its ok now but was good
  2. pompeyrk

    Economic signals

    i buy my economic signals from the premium shop either 100 or 300 of all 5 at a time then when setting up ship i press the mount all button, So I'm a little bit confused how i've run out of the India bravo terrathree yet still have hundreds of the other economic signals, i definitely don't mount that one signal without the other 4. only thing i can think is i receive more of the other 4 from containers perhaps. zulu 419 india bravo terrathree 0 equal speed charlie london 525 zulu hotel 100 papa papa 600 Just wondered if anyone else noticed similar.
  3. pompeyrk

    They’re adding HMS Incomparable!

    Hood with 18" guns probably be rubbish however if its good it will be made rubbish like conqueror when they stole my 18" guns without notification or compensation they gave free xp to go with the other 4 million i already had then introduced Thunderer with the guns they stole off conqueror then made thunderer rubbish too so don't get overly excited and try not to spend real money.
  4. pompeyrk

    Attack plane nerf

    No its not you read it, I'm to old to learn punctuation . Learn to aim, If you actually played cv you'd know the destroyer now has plenty of time to avoid the rockets and can see where you've aimed .
  5. pompeyrk

    Black captain shortage

    Just an observation not anything about prejudice
  6. pompeyrk

    Black captain shortage

    half the ships never existed in the game let alone the school girls in mini skirts dragons and samurai space men
  7. pompeyrk

    Black captain shortage

    Wondering why all my captain's are white or asian or anime schoolgirls in mini skirts i even have a dragon captain but never seen a single black caricature in the game, are there any?
  8. pompeyrk

    Ranked Sprint needs to be less stars...

    ranked needs to be tier 3/4 one to give a reason to own these ships two to increase skill and teamwork .
  9. pompeyrk

    Attack plane nerf

    cv v dd nerfed to breaking point this latest one would of probably worked had it not already been impossible to rocket attack dd to top it off cv players get reported if a dd kills someone its automatically cv fault this is as bad as when you stole my conquerors guns with out even saying, its to the point of finding a new game
  10. pompeyrk

    HMS Nelson - opinions please.

    some years ago before nelson was released my son claimed to have seen a world of warships picture of rodney that had torps on the rear but its never been seen since, was it modeled will it appear once nelson goes ? id buy it. Nelson is worth getting but should be a little better than it is would of been good as a t8 had it been beefed up.
  11. pompeyrk

    Cruiser the forgotten gameplay

    no the Marcau took two volleys from my 6x 12" guns on the front of my massive beastly CA/BC he was barely damaged even if just two of my high explosive shells hit he should be proper mangled in reality i would imagine
  12. pompeyrk

    Cruiser the forgotten gameplay

    a slow torpedo does something like 50knts and fast battleship does 34knts in most cases bb isnt running at full speed and the torps are running much faster than 50 so no
  13. pompeyrk

    Cruiser the forgotten gameplay

    at that range you got one shot pretty much unless his torps aren't loaded.
  14. pompeyrk

    Cruiser the forgotten gameplay

    yes absolutely was the reason maybe you have not played long enough to know but we used to one shot DDs with rockets and dive bombers which i thought was totally fair .
  15. pompeyrk

    Cruiser the forgotten gameplay

    my point i admit poorly written was im pounding 6-8-11or 12" high explosive shells into DDs and its not killing them at close range whereas in reality the destroyer would be completely disabled as in history hipper Vs glowworm