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  1. elladaris

    Time for Clans Results - List of Winners

    thanks thanks thanks. gratz to all winners
  2. elladaris

    King of the Sea II

    Good luck to everyone. Lets give a try against the bests. THANKS
  3. elladaris

    King of the Sea II

    good luck everyone
  4. elladaris

    Server Down ?

    problem fixed captains. lets play
  5. elladaris

    THE KRAKEN "Sailing In International Waters!"

    ela sthn parea mas an goustareis
  6. elladaris

    THE KRAKEN "Sailing In International Waters!"

    γεια σου νικολα και σε ευχαριστουμε που μας σκεφτηκες. θα σε περιμενουμε και σενα στο teamspeak της ομαδας να τα πουμε και απο κοντα
  7. elladaris

    THE KRAKEN "Sailing In International Waters!"

    σε εθχαριστουμε φιλε μου να εισαι καλα. σε περιμενουμε στο teamspeak μας οταν με το καλο εχεις μικ
  8. elladaris

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    No need. I just want to know the following. I do not really care if I have selected issue I know there are many players who can do a better job than me. As I update for my English in form. Just watching some players surprised chosen. Not expecting to achieve something. Not want to give continuity to this and to BECOME a drama queen
  9. elladaris

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    Yes yes I believe that everyone should have equal opportunities and that all may be the same loving the game but I will give you an example of my reasoning. In your group will they accept such players; Not because obviously it can not have the experience and perception in a battle and this issue has only 483 battles. Can a week to have quit the game. And also after one year and something months which operates the game thinking about what kind supertesters NEED the game and. Just like a man with a disability I have a different view on the daily life and will not be considered someone simply issue came in an interview with the costumes.
  10. elladaris

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    Yes my English may not be as good as some other players' but what do you mean be there an acceptable measure known. We should send each of us and someone bachelor; And I believe that maybe some players if they really wanted would have to work harder than others to be managed to provide the correct information for the game. It is so simple. I can not ever be come but believes that other players will have to have a better deal.
  11. elladaris

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    quoted post removed Hello mr FTD. Last day many people say me many unicum players use something . But now WG staff things that players with 483 battles goes to make better our game? Maybe WG staff need to choose players who love this game for real. I love this game and i do hard work to give the new people a good idea to start the game. Many many players is better for me and i know many captains who realy give the bests for this community. I fill the form but WG staff dont take me and take someone we learn different to the past of.
  12. elladaris

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    If that you say is correct then WG why ask us to fill that form with all this ? And come on captains. we speak about "SUPERTESTERS" If a player have a 480 battles maybe after 2 weeks unistal the game and goes to play "Barbie". Maybe that player never play BB or DD or CV.. And next ???? "SUPERTESTER" must be a player who love the game and wanna work for the community. "WG" staff do it perfect work but sometimes need more and more and more.
  13. elladaris

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    Good evening my captains. Ladies and gentlemen today they saw that came out of the results of who is chosen to be in the game "supertest". I would like to say a big "Bravisimo" to all. But I want a minute to stay at how "WG" choose these players. Actually saw them one by one and saw that some players have not even 500 battles and some others are quite low their statistics and I wonder if you really these players could actually take the correct result for the game. The "WG" demanded players to have understood the mechanics of the game, to have time, to have experience and their statistics can be quite well. I dont want to mean anything about the players. Just do not understand the "WG" and critiria for this work. And I wonder simply. I believe that not even seen our requests. Just they did a draw between names. I hope to be able to stand on their height. Pity . Pity for many [edited]
  14. elladaris

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    finally completing the form with a strong expecting. Also good luck to all who have truly appetite to deal with another piece of the game. Good luck and me.