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  1. i think u will get it but if u want to get pensacola or lower tiers u will need to grind xp for them, have funn mate
  2. allex27

    Pc to android

    hello man , from what i no i can tell you that wows share same account with world of tanks and world of airplanes in matter of premium account , i have it also on android but for the moment its on begining and maybe in future will be same stuffs like in pc but i have doubts because android devices are not so evolved like computers , good luck and have funn
  3. allex27

    Game crash issue

    hello mate you can remove all mods if u have one or try to update them , or add the game to your firewall or antivirus exceptions as secure, in case if that its not working just try to reinstall the game , most of the time will fix all your problems :) good luck
  4. allex27

    Roma T8 Italian Premium Battleship (DONT BUY)

    hello mates , i have it and what can i tell for the moment is that its a good ship if u have the patience to learn her , what can i say on first impression is that its a cruiser killer just search for cruisers what expose their broadside and ,,nuke,, them , i got lots of citadels with herr, sometimes yes shells can totally miss the enemy but same thing happened also when i played tirpitz or other bbs, also angled can bounce lots of shells from enemy , even from high tiers bbs , sometimes its awesome, sometimes its ,,bad ,, but like in reall life nothing its like you expect to be,have a nice day gentlemen's
  5. allex27

    USS Indianapolis in Nicolas Cage film

    maybe she has an different hull
  6. allex27

    First Scharnhorst impressions

    get tirpitz man u will love it much better
  7. allex27

    How 2?

    u need to load yokosuka port and have at least one ship tier 5 , then go on missions and u will see there the arpegio missions , good luck and have funn
  8. allex27

    Arkansas Beta lost?!

    i think it was 50 battles played to get again arkansas after closed beta finished
  9. allex27

    Changes to Update 0.5.9 after Public Test

    why to complain when Situational Awareness is added for free and repair skill is the best choose to get anyway for many ships at first skill , just be happy and good job Wargaming
  10. allex27

    Yubari is broken.

    yubari was awesome in closed beta , now its just a rusty piece of metal in my port
  11. allex27

    Independence day, what about Brexit?

    u no england wanted to get out from eu because of imigrants , but do you no that 80% from england population are imigrants
  12. allex27

    Is the Ognevois good?

    i skipped him because he loose almost all matches 1-2 turrets , kiev its a beast
  13. allex27

    Dont Buy KUTUZOV ship

    just give it a chance man you will like it , sometimes rock , sometimes not depends , i have it and i like it , good luck in battles
  14. hello and welcome , u can hide ur stats herre if u want , anyway even if u have good stats and dont help ur team in game u will get same rage, not so much like in wot but u will get some ,,love.. ,just learn the game , help the team and have funn, u have the chance to learn it by playing against bots a few matches then push in pvp matches , take care and welcome
  15. congratz all of you for the job done , gg