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  1. So ... a Bismarck in charge mode, with backup and you lose the cap ... m8, its supposed to be this way. Get your team to support you and the Bismarck will sink. Sry, but this is more and more a me me me thread. The Amagi has more accurate guns, 2 more guns and higher caliber. The NC has higher caliber, 1 more gun and even those are more reliable hitting (and way better AA), her sister the Tirpitz (besides beeing a premium) has torps. And the Bismarck has great secondaries and Hydro. Now people were always complaining about BBs beeing to passive and not pushing, now that there is a great BB for pushing, you want them to push blindly and are annoyed if you cant stop a supported BM in your single ship? Please get real.
  2. So ... the OP got spotted by hydro (with 5.58km range) in his smoke and then killed, now ofcourse that needs to be nerfed. Sure, so you had 10-11 other targets to choose from, but picked the one which has a counter special and instead of asking, what the hell you were doing there in the first place, the BB needs to get nerfed. Never adapt your playstyle or try to exploit the weaknesses a ship has, better to change the enemy to suit your own mistakes better ... I play the Bismarck regulary and the only ppl who seem to fall easy prey to it, are exactly those sleeping in their smoke screens at close range or DDs who think making suicide runs, trying to torp at close range is a good idea ... the ones mostly sinking me are those who know how to play to their own ships strengths. You can adapt, or you can get sunk. Pick one.
  3. DBaron

    Something needs to be done about BBs.

    When driving a BB, the easy cruiser kills are easy because the cruiser in questions makes it easy. At long range, you need RNG luck on your side and a cruiser sailing in a straight line to actually hit him. Especially in higher tiers with the new steering mod, those cruisers can really dance. At close range ... well, who is to blame for that? The BB? Running towards 8-12 high caliber guns is rarely a smart idea, again, if you get deleted, whos fault is it? When I play my cruisers, I still find them fun and useful, and yes, sometimes I get insta-deleted, especially in the UK cruisers, but if I check after the fact, why, its mostly due to bad positioning or lack of situational awareness, asking myself, ok, why did I go there. As for the CVs, yes, they do lose more planes then they did at any time before, but those you know how to really play that class, still manage to bring in a nice score. The entire game isnt balanced around 1 vs 1. When I play my BBs, I mostly charge ahead, hoping for some support of my team to provide some tanking for my CLs and DDs to take the heat of them. For the guy with the Emerald & Omaha vs König ... so you decided to go up against a class thats supposed to counter yours. Why? Was that the last man standing, or while defending a strategic object? If thats not the case, why would you do it and be surprised, that he won (although it seems you still did nearly as much damage as both your hp combined). If you are in a cruiser, and arent a skilled player vs average-joe, chances are high the BB will come out on top as a CL isnt supposed to win, he still can, but it will be challenging as he needs only to get lucky once, you all the time he pulls the trigger. This sounds a bit like ... I want to play my cruiser and win against everything, wont happen, live with it.
  4. DBaron

    Bismark Most Interesting

    I find her a well rounded out ship, yes, she definitly has her strengths but also enough weaknesses. Once people have realized that, she can be easily countered. There is no real need to nerf her besides for those you don't bother to master their class and THINK before approaching an enemy
  5. DBaron

    Reduce the amount of scharnhorst per single game

    Had a few games with the Scharni today and never have I faced more than 1-2 Scharnis per side
  6. I think BBs are way to accurate in any case. They could actually need more dispersion on certain ranges.
  7. DBaron

    Protecting The Fleet - Dmitri Donskoi Commentary [150k damage]

    I had good games in the D.D - I played it more cautiously then previous ships, picking my fights with care. But it can dish out a punishment and holds up reasonably "well" if properly angled.
  8. DBaron

    An idea on how to increase cruiser survivability

    It doesnt matter if you get more xp and creds with winning if you dont do enough dmg to benefit from it - 4x0 is still 0. So you scout and cap and anything else to win the game which gives you a minimal xp and cred gain compared to just damaging away and loosing which gives you more. Yes, in an ideal game, you would do dmg and win for max outcome - which in the current build is easier for some ships than for others. For me they are going the wrong way in any case it it now feels more like racing boats on speed than actual warships but thats a different matter ...
  9. DBaron


    Ich würde den 4.Skill für die AAA nehmen, beide Nachfolger, die Roon und die Hindenburg sind wesentlich besser was Luftabwehr betrifft und ich glaube nur die wenigsten Kapitäne werden sich am Ende die Yorck behalten ... ausser man steht auf Qualen
  10. DBaron

    Deutsche Kreuzer sind eine Zumutung !

    Der Gedanke war wohl: Du hast zwar fast 18km Reichweite, um volles Potential zu wirken, musst du aber auf 8km gehen. Damit du dort nicht zuviel Schaden austeilst, haben wir die Panzerung entfernt, die Maschinen und das Ruder geschwächt, um dafür zu sorgen, dass sich die anderen an deinen XP bedienen können ;)
  11. DBaron

    T9 - Roon

    Hi guys, just unlocked the Roon and wondering what to put in the 3rd Upgrade slot, at 3m credit costs, trial and error kinda sucks ;) Did you go with the range increase of the main guns, the reduction in loading time for more travers time, or simple the efficency of the AAA ?
  12. My observation so far is: T1-T4 : meh ... T5: Königsberg does suffer from lack of armor and a "throw away" engine and steering, but it is a nice ship with high rof and great AP damage (which is situational if you dont see enemy broadsides) T6: More a sidegrade than an upgrade, basically the same ship with higher MM, but still enjoyable if you dont get taken out early. T7: OMG ... the pain ... the horror .. the suffering ... worse than T1-T4 combined. T8: Hipper is a decent ship, I find it on par with its piers on T8, not the easiest ship to play but you can have good games in it. T9: Unlocked the Roon yesterday, somehow dreading to take her out yet
  13. DBaron


    Der Betrag kommt ungefähr hin, wenn du alles upgradest und voll ausbaust. Ob es sich lohnt kann ich dir noch nicht sagen, noch nicht ausgefahren Also jetzt das erste Spiel gehabt (noch ohne den 3. Slot) - ist nicht schlecht das Teil, man kann einer Yama schön 8-11k AP Breitseiten reindrücken. Pro Tip: Infightduelle mit Yamatos unter 6km ... keine gute Idee ;)
  14. DBaron


    Was habt ihr denn bei der Roon als im Slot 3 der Upgrades drin? Die Reichweite der Hauptgeschütze? Oder doch eher die Effizienz der AA Guns?