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  1. Also reversing increases penetration
  2. As it says in the title today i get disconnected after every single battle. It then tells me for about 5mins that the server is currently unavailable before letting me back
  3. The Conquerors I have met seem to citadel really really easy.
  4. i have had no problem getting citadel at all on them i was really surprised and kinda annoyed it was so easy too :(
  5. I expect to get punished but not when im dodging and 1 stray shell hits me. I mostly play BBs and think i rudder shift nerf for BBs and a general torp stealth buff would be good for the game
  6. Persoanlly the only thing that really annoys me is when im in a cruiser and im dodging and the 1 off shell goes straight to my citadel nowhere near the others i just dodged
  7. The Conqs i have seen in game look like they have 0 armour they are basically just floating citadels
  8. Think its bollocks personally . Would prefer if the game had no mods at all to many people will use everything they can to get an advange and download every mod they think will help
  9. Play all classes it will help you adapt your play
  10. Ive ground out just over 100k free xp in 4 days without really trying. Time to use Tirpitz with my signals
  11. Sounds fair enough but its not 1 i would purchase
  12. pay attention to the map to know where enemies where last spotted learn torp ranges of aall ships you can and get in close where possible as you will do a lot more damage and very quickly ;)
  13. Shame we dont get the ships when we complete the missions :(
  14. strange in my game it does specify cruiser