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  1. Preview: New Ships Galore!

    Musashi now please. And then Brit and German tier 9 free XP battleships too :)
  2. Quite literally no point in aircraft carriers.

    Play more battles and get more experienced. You got a lot of good advice here
  3. I really thought I can do it this weekend

    Ive been chat banned once. Someone i killed raged at me saying i was crap and basically in a fuso they could apparently beat me in any tier 10 1on1. I laughed can't remember exactly what i said but was finding it funny then. ............chat ban for 24hours :/ On checking after battle they had over 8k battles and around 12k average damage
  4. Server Down

    yeah im in
  5. Server Down

    Shouldnt they know whats wrong without a screenshot?
  6. Server Down

    I still cant get in
  7. Server Down

    ok posted seconds before me.....
  8. Server Down

    Sehales has commented in the German section yet we get nothing.............
  9. Server down?

    Anyone going to respond on the english section?
  10. Server Down

    Cant believe we have still not had an update from WG................
  11. Server Down

    over 21k online now yet i cant get on stili.............
  12. Server Down

    the number of players online has gone up yet i still getting technical issues
  13. Server Down

    on the webpage it says it up and 20k players online
  14. Server Down

    Now its saying technical issues
  15. Server Down

    still cant get in