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  1. Venatacia

    Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    Ah thanks. Starting to understand. Haven't played this game in a long time so it all seems confusing to me.
  2. Venatacia

    Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    Did British DDs come out in this patch ?. I have no British DDs in my tech tree, not even my Campeltown is showing up.
  3. Venatacia

    Update Operation Dynamo

    Had operation Dynamo freeze my French DD Aigle at the corner of the first minefield ( heading to the second minefield ) while the enemy DDs were charging in. Ship froze like the game had disconnected but I hadn't disconnected. Everything on the screen froze but chat was still working and I could hear my guns fire when pressing the mouse key plus the battle speech was still coming up in the chat box. Could hear everyone else still firing there guns. Had to ESC the battle and restart. Next battle I couldn't get in with another DD, just hung at the loading screen and had to restart again. After that it worked fine. The new version. Guns from the shore seem to knock out my engines a lot compared to last time plus more fires too, gets annoying if you get picked on by the shore guns and the bomb planes but that's fine as it is - every game is slightly different and doesn't always happen. Enemy DDs torps are faster, seems like it. Got killed a couple of times by the torp boats which never really happen last time the operation was on. All in all the operation is enjoyable as it was before.
  4. Venatacia

    I'm a submarine...you're a submarine...we're submarines

    This poor U-Boat ended up in pieces.
  5. Venatacia


    Mine didn't pass after 30secs - just froze up completely. I had to press escape and leave the game. We were only at the corner of the first mine field heading to the second minefield.
  6. Venatacia


    During the Dunkirk operation my French DD froze during battle. Could still type in chat but everything else on the screen was frozen up. Sounds of guns were still firing from other ships and the chap talking about the mission was still heard and displayed in chat and everything on the screen was frozen up but I could hear my guns fire when pressing the fire key. Anyone else had this issue ?. Tried to take a screen shot but that button turned into the Thank You option which is normally F5 for myself.. weird. Thought I was disconnected at first but nope, I'm still online.
  7. Venatacia

    What is wrong with our player base?

    Stopped playing this game a long time ago because I got teams of rubbish and watched my win rate go from 63% to 55%. Only pop on to play Operation battles now and again and like today it's full of rubbish players but that don't matter in operations as there is no win rate to be ruined. Wont go near Random battles, not in a million years. The good player base left years ago when WG made bad decision after bad decision.
  8. Venatacia

    WoWS coming to Steam

    Just go play WoT to see what it will be like when steam brings in more players. Just had a break from ships and thought, wonder how WoT is doing - dire man, dire.
  9. Venatacia

    Clanwar excluding 90%+ of players from competitive

    That looks like a job advertisement for a sh*ty job rather than some fun mode in a game.
  10. Venatacia

    Saving Transylvania - tips for success

    Questions. 1. Can Battleships ram this time around ?. Last Halloween event if you tried to ram all it would do is cause you to blow up. 2. Does the healing circle for the main ship speed up the more ships that are in it ?. Things that are different this time around. DDs have lost there speed boost but gained heal. (liked the speed boost better myself but heal is ok) Cruisers seem to have more guns. BBs don't have as much range far as I can tell. The circle now heals which it didn't last event. Edit: Don't forget to spec your Captains out.
  11. Venatacia

    Saving Transylvania - tips for success

    Great tips posted for those that don't know. Shame they don't come to the forum to find this out. Edit: Came top 3 times and not one star - players are rubbish at the moment. Tonight may get better. Noticed as I did last time, if all or most of the players go in the circle at the start - you know you're in a bad team.
  12. Venatacia

    Large ammount of AFK players?

    Been like it for a long time now with at least 1 - 5 afk at the start of battle. You see at least one at the end with 0 damage and what makes me laugh, sometimes they will get a medal - fubar. I report ones at the end with 0 damage, there is more than enough time to get into battle even if you have to restart. Not sure what causes this problem though. My brother has problems loading in sometimes but not all the time. Myself, no problems at all (maybe once in a blue moon). We have similar spec PCs built for gaming. It is getting annoying and you can see in chat other people are getting annoyed with it to. Even the ones who get in late. Not only that but if it's DDs that are late into battle, which is a lot lately, that can make or brake a battle.
  13. Venatacia

    People hate russian dds

    Hello there old friend. That's the only way you get Karma by having a lot of friends up voting you. I can get a lot of Karma for playing well but also lose it just as quickly when you play well and the enemy down votes you. Good job there is no rewards for Karma - not even sure why WG have it in the game anyway. Should learn from forum voting it can be manipulated (when we once had it here many moons ago).
  14. Venatacia

    People hate russian dds

    People hate a lot of things OP, not just Russian DD. Was playing Operations yesterday and some guy/kid was saying "I'm reporting you for kill stealing with 2 kills" (don't know to who he was referring to as we all had 2 kills at that point except for him) but lets say I'm not bothered as my karma is always around the Zero mark.
  15. Venatacia

    MM sugestion to avoid usless games

    Oh yes, I know how it feels just starting a match only to be hit from space by one salvo and deleted in my New Orleans = much fun.. not. That cruiser is free XP for the first enemy ship to aim at you. Agree the Mogami can still be hit the same way but overall she does better and a lot more versatile and more of a joy to play. New Orleans is probably just a WG pay XP to skip ship.