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  1. anunnak

    Vanguard and Dreadnought are in the shop...

    How do you get that coupon? Is it a special offer and everyone gets it?
  2. anunnak

    French Cruiser Changes

    I rarely play french cruisers as they are the most dull ships in-game for me. The speed consumable doesn't offer much as they are not very fast anyway. The only thing i found "interesting" about them are the fires sometimes i get on enemy ships. Now i gather you want to nerf tier 8-9 rof by 20% just to offer 1+ shot in very specific situations? It makes no sense and seems useless. As pointed out above, perhaps making the consumable last more like 60 sec or something akin to hydro. The current implementation would only make them less enjoyable and frustrating to play having a very anemic rof. Sorry, but giving with one hand and taking with the other isn't a solution, its a scam.
  3. anunnak

    Mockery discounts (rant)

    Same here! That's what happened to me. I got a 30% a year ago...now that is worth something, even a 20% is good but 10% is just totally not interesting for the EU market. True, but u have to use them only for 30 euros plus ships, that's tier VII...now i dont mind that but the point is 10% off means 3 euros which is nothing. That was my issue...this makes no sense from a financial point of view, 3 euros is nothing. Hope WG makes some changes cuz these 10% off offers are only good for the LOLS.
  4. anunnak

    Mockery discounts (rant)

    The 20% off isnt that worthless if u take in account that the offer u were talking about was half a year ago. Some ppl might of missed it. If i got a 20% coupon on say for example ships tier 7-8, that would be nice. For sure! I can't figure out why they even offer it. I can only think that's just a shrewd way to try and take our money by offering in the end almost nothing. I dont want to think there are ppl who would take the bait for this...
  5. anunnak

    Mockery discounts (rant)

    U missed the point...this isnt about whining that we get a disscount. This is about the manner we got it which virtualy makes it worthless. This isnt a 20% disscount applied to every ship, this is a 10% disscount applied ONLY to 30 euros or above and ONLY for certain products. It's not only forgettable, it is just worthless. We get better disscounts on special occations all the time, like -50% on tier V, 30% on tier VII and so on...10% is just worse then any, it is worthless.
  6. anunnak

    Mockery discounts (rant)

    U missed the entire point of this topic and the context. You seem the kind of player who accepts anything, well...thing is not everyone here likes to bend over. Some ppl actually care what they get when they pour money into a game by buying premium time and ships. This game works because of the player base (more so because of the one who pay), if the player base isnt respected then this game will fail and perhaps some of us invested alot of money and time into WOWS and WOT and dont want it to go down the drain. Or perhaps have more self esteem and want to be treated with more respect for their money that go into this game. As for ur comment perhaps you have something usefull to contribuite and present a solution other then personal attacks of ppl on the forum. Giving with one hand and taking with the other.
  7. anunnak

    Mockery discounts (rant)

    I dont remember how i got mine, probably most ppl have it after a great game. It is nice to reward ppl and i think that will keep the general public interested but the amount and the conditions make it worthless. Who ever thought of this either is very sneaky and tried in a crude manner to bait us in buying something or lives outside objective economic reality. A 30% off sounds good. I got one a year or more ago and used on a premium ship.
  8. anunnak

    Mockery discounts (rant)

    Now i think i got it...WG took me for a very rich person and thought i would spend hundreds of euros. Wait...this doesnt make sense either...if i was that rich i woudnt care about the 10% disscount anyway, right? :D
  9. anunnak

    Mockery discounts (rant)

    Thing is the disscount is a joke, its totally worthless if you apply it to a tier 7 ship for example, doesnt matter which country ur in Europe. It's capitalism, things are not for free...but this is just bad humor for anyone here. Having a 3 euros disscount is like buying one or two bus tickets in every city of Europe afaik. Not to mention for ppl that played this game since it was out or ppl that spend alot of time and money on it.
  10. anunnak

    Mockery discounts (rant)

    If it was like 30% i would think of using them on some ships that i dont have yet. But in this case with 10%, this is just a poor joke on WG part.
  11. anunnak

    Mockery discounts (rant)

    @eliastion Quote: "The coupon gives a one-time 10% discount on selected packages above €30 purchased in World of Warships. The coupon is valid for 7 days from the date of receipt and is not applicable to containers, doubloons, special offers, discounted items, or limited-time offers." So basicaly nothing of worth. Like you said, this is for baiting foolish ppl into buying something. But 10%? for crying out loud...this is just so pathetic and so low from WG. An amazing 3 euros disscout for a limited time only for virtually nothing of real worth. @principat121 Not gonna use of course! I spent already alot of euros on this game (not to mention WOT). @N00Boo7 I think a year ago or more i got a coupon of 20% or 30% (can't remember exactly) and i considered it quite fine, but 10%...no freaking way, this is just a mockery. If i didn't knew as everyone here the practices of this company i would of thought it was just a slip, a mistake or something...but in this case, no. A very good policy of alienated paying and loyal costumers. GOOD job WG...keep it going! ur on the right track!
  12. anunnak

    Mockery discounts (rant)

    Hello, I recently got a so called "disscount" coupon (in-game gift probably for playing too much) for a one time fabulous 10% off for packages above 30 euros (excluding special offers and other disscounts). Now, the greed of this company is becoming legendary, no doubt about it, everyone here knows (especially europeans), but what in God's name are these mockery disscounts? 10% out of 30 is 3 euros. Is this ment as a joke, mockery, a desperate money grab or has the financial dept lost contact with reality? We live in Europe, we dont live in Somalia...i doubt there's a country in Europe, either east or west where 3 euros is a sum, what the hell, i bet everywhere u go in europe u can't buy more then 1 or 2 bus tickets. What do u people here think? is this a joke or what? i'm not sure how to take this but knowing how WG behaves towards EU customers with frequent money grabs, overpriced and bundled uselless stuff (which we all know) this kinda falls right into their policy. In any case...i personally consider this a mockery. It doesn't even make sense from financial point of view...nobody is dying of hunger in Europe as to get any incentive from a 10% disscount for packs above 30 euros. It's just ridiculous! P.S. not to mention i have a week to decide, after that they will take my fabulous disscount away!
  13. anunnak

    Worst ship in the game?

    Mikasa is by far the WORST ship in-game. This ship is totally useless and my arguments are: 1. Main armament: The ships main armament is comprised only of 2 x 2 turrets. Since the firing arc is pretty bad you often find yourself in need to turn a full broadside to get them all to fire. Futher more the guns are horribly inaccurate often missing from point blank range. If by any chance one or two projectiles find their target you very often get a bounce or minimal damage. To sum it up the small ammount of guns with horrible accuracy makes them USELESS. 2. Speed: The ships speed and turn radius are bad. You cannot chase targets and you cannot do anything to avoid a torpedo salvo from a relatively small distance. Also enemy ships will in 90% of times just stay out of your rage and spam you with HE shells to death. 3. MM You get often in tier 3 battles against BB and CV that will just erase you from the map. Who on earth ever thought to put this ship in tier 3 battles? I really dont have any clue what arguments the devs have for such a bad way to balance this ship. I'we seen people saying that the secondary guns are a pro but their argument isn't valid. The game itself and the battles are fought from afar, often from more 5 km away and only in rare accasions ships (and in these are mostly DD) fight at close quarters.