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  1. anunnak


    These are the results from yesterday, until yestarday i only played Musashi....same results. I should have posted a screenshot with the WR of players both in my teams and the oponents but i gues ur hatred for this particular ship makes u rule out everything else.
  2. anunnak


    What the hell is wrong with this ranked [edited]? I don't think i had such bad game experience since i started playing this game. I'we been trying to play for 3 days now and i get 90% of the time the most atrocious players on the server. 90% of my teams are 30-47% WR players and the other team has 50+ players.....what the hell is this? I'm not a bad player, i have a 58% WR and decent stats so NO, it's not me...i constantly get on the first place or among the first. This is just terrible what's happening....where are all these atrocious players coming from? What the hell is this? FFS....You can do anything with them...they either suicide in the first 2-3 min or they are catatonic, it's just unbelievable. This is a total mockery for any reasonable player from 49% to 60% WR..... I'm all for everyone to have a chance to play in this game type but what the hell is this stuff with 90% bad players vs 70-80-90% good players. This isn't playable....this is pure mokery. Why aren't these qualifications based on performance and not team quality dependant?
  3. Doesn't work. I get constant connection reset by server. or technical issues found.
  4. anunnak

    Weekly Combat Missions: Black Friday

    I think this is the weakest Black Friday since i play this game. The offers are ridiculous. I for one don't like the black ships, i even turned them off in-game (camo). I see 0 disscounts on premiums, 0 disscounts on captain retrain, 0 on free exp from normal exp, 0 disscount on premium camo, 0 disscount on resources ships, 0 disscounts on premium time or gold, etc. The reduction in price for equipment is worthless since most ppl already buy them with the ship purchase. The disscount for regular ships is also meaningless since the major one applies to the lower tiers which already are cheap and if ur in a clan most of you have disscounts on all. What a dissapointing black friday offer. WOT has disscounts on every premium tank and more.
  5. anunnak

    Viribus Unitis

    @Major_Damage225 yes, no doubt. Why would it have been so hard to nerf the accuracy of the guns a bit (just not to be too op or frustrating to play) and just leave it at tier IV where it belongs? Such a simple solution and they decided to throw it at tier V because? it just baffels me completely. Instead they just ruined it with this uptier "experiment".
  6. anunnak

    Viribus Unitis

    It performed ok in the hands of unicum or a very good player. While it's guns were adequate the other aspects werent good and it struggled a bit. Maybe i was harsh saying it was junk but definitely not a very pleasant ship to play imo. Having constantly CV attacks and tier 8 guns hitting u and spamming you with powerfull HE from range is very annoying.
  7. anunnak

    Viribus Unitis

    VU is imo the second worst premium ship in the game after Mikasa. It has no place at tier V as it has tier 3 HP pool and no AA. Having a good broadside hitting power and good sigma might make it very good at tier 4 but certainly it has alot of downsides to compensate. They could of nerf the sigma and it would have been a good premium for tier IV. This ship meets Nagato, Sinop with twice the HP and 406 guns, it meets tier VI CV's. It is completely insane to put this ship at this tier. So: Tier III HP 35000 vs Nagato 65000 Range 16 km vs Nagato 20.5 No AA vs tier VI CV's 20 knots speed weak armor when not angled ALL this for good guns? So what WG did basicaly is taking it from tier IV because it was deemed too OP and moved it to tier V where is junk. So WG...did u solve anything? Anyone remember how they tried to uptier Giulio BB to level 6 and they dropped it because it was junk? Weellllll...they did it with VU...same results. One has to wonder if the people in charge with balancing ever learn anything or they just simply don't give a rats [edited]or they just dont play the game. Or both!
  8. anunnak


    Didn't get any rewards either. Logged several times, no results.
  9. anunnak

    Premium Shop – An Extra Month of Savings

    The disscounts are small even for a person who lives in central-eastern part of Europe. 1-2 euros disscount is the equivalent of a medium soda bottle or a piece of cake. Now imagine 1-2 euros off for someone who lives in Germany, UK or nordic countries. I for one would feel offended by such cheap marketing "strategies". It's like we are buying from China en-gross products and we get -1% if we spend 100 euros or more. I don't know what u guys and gals think about this but to be honest i think WG takes us for fools. In any case the arguments that were brought here with wage diffrences bettween Rusia and Europe are 100% valid. The EU server has ppl from countries (half of them have same or lower wages then CIS) with lower wages then CIS yet they get the same treatment as top 10 GDP countries.
  10. anunnak

    French destroyer container

    Hello, I think i found a bug? I received a french destroyer container by finishing the "Armor takes it all" mission but it didn't appear in port. I received the sound of "container" received (if i can call it like that) but no container to open.
  11. anunnak

    MM with Minotaur and Seattle

    @GarrusBrutus - thanks for the encouragement mate. ;) @All - it seems other ppl have bad luck with good ships also. Thanks for all the answers.
  12. anunnak

    MM with Minotaur and Seattle

    I'm talking about overall progress in it, and the fact that i have 40% (not 60%) WR in speaks for itself. I have 100k avarage damage, 1.22 kills per battle so i'm doing fine stat wise. After i saw that i keep loosing i started looking at the player stats and alot of them are bellow average or bad. Might be a streak of bad luck but since we are talking about 60+ battles at this moment it's getting strange. Of course i dont have any charts with the player stats and could be seen as bias but from what data i have it looks strange for me. Same thing with the Seattle. I'll keep playing but it's not fun at all at this point. @MacArthur92 - ur stats on Zao are not bad dmg wise but ur WR is low, yeah. My stats have a big discrepancy WR to avarage DMG, that's what i find strange, sometimes i get monster games in Mino, which is a fantastic ship, and still loose and then play more and loose and loose and at one point (this is even funny, dark humour) i get a crap game where i get deleted by a detonation or a full citadel salvo and i WIN. :D Anyway...gonna try to improve but if this still happens i'll just give up the ships, i'm not a masochist.
  13. anunnak

    MM with Minotaur and Seattle

    @LemonadeWarrior that's true. Since they are light cruisers i try to pick an area with islands so i can shoot from cover. @Miki12345 Could be, but it seems i keep getting them for 60+ games. In any case...seems strange to me and its not fun at all. :(
  14. anunnak

    MM with Minotaur and Seattle

    @beercrazy - thing is it's not fun loosing like this constantly and i do like the ships, both are good ships. @DFens_666 - been thinking about that too, might be a cause but this doesn't depend on me too much since i cannot choose the enemy i face. Sometimes u might start bad with a ship and then get a good overall rating but since i already have 60+ games it's quite strange. Thing is i started to look at the teams stats and in the vast majority of cases i get into bellow avarage teams and the enemy is better. Might be bad luck but it seems this "bad luck" kinda sticks.
  15. Guys what the hell is going on with the MM of Seattle and Minotaur. I get horrendous MM with them, as in horribly bad players. I check the WR and most are 40% and the enemy team most 50%. Its becoming ridiculous. My stats on both ships are ok, On Mino i get over 100k avarage dmg and 1.22 kills, 67 games, Seattle a bit less 80k avarage, 62 games. I have a 57% general WR and i do generally good in most ships but when i play these 2 cruiser it's just ridiculous, everyone dies arround in minutes. Anyone else has the same problem?