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  1. Quanticus

    Looking for clan / "home"

    Thank you very much for all your replys, i found a new clan.
  2. Quanticus

    Looking for clan / "home"

    Hello fellow captains, i am a german player in my late 30's, who plays for over 3 years now on a casual schedule, most of the time on my own. I finally start to look for a clan now, where i can play in some divisions to maximise the fun. I own nearly all of the T10 ships and a wide selction of premium ships, together with some favorites from all tiers and i think i usually know how the game works with the different classes (except CV's, just don't like to play them). what you get with me : - experience from over 8k battles in all tiers and ship types (except CV's) - open minded personality with a lot of (dark) humor and (most of the time) good manners, fluent in english and german and not too shy to use voice (discord prefered) - activity, some days more, some days less between 17.00 - 22.00 CET on weekdays and on very different times on the weekend (depends on social and private life) - not too bad for helping newer players although i admit that i am not the most patient person - maybe someone for your clan war BUT i never tried that mode (you have to teach me) and i am not sure if i will like it, so if you look for a 100% clan war member please pass on me - no parents or kids who will make me leave in the middle of a match what i am looking for : - people to play with who know the basics and are open to play randoms in silly or even tryhard divisons, i don't like to lose but if i do at least it has to be fun - a friendly, humorous, even a little bit silly and open minded community wich i can maybe call a "home" in WoWs - no pressure if i don't want to play - i don't care about nationalities and neither should you, in fact i would love to play with people from all over europe and not in a pure german clan (although that's an option if it "fits") Feel free to look up my stats : https://wows-numbers.com/player/506211913,Quanticus/ The clan where i play at the moment is my own lonely one, wich i created to get some use of the oil. Thank you for reading!