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  1. Corocotta15

    Spanish Ships line

    Cabo de santa María (Luis de Córdova), La Coruña (María Pita), Tenerife, Cartagena de Indias (Blas de Lezo), Panamá (where Drake was finally defeated and death, etc, etc, etc... Those were good jokes, indeed.
  2. Corocotta15

    Why WG, why?

    Dear comrades. This is my last post in the english forum. I uninstalled two days ago the game who I enjoyed during the last years. Any of us with more than 10.000 battles, even less, overcomed a lot of changes and challenges in WOWS. A lot of things who made us stronger on this virtual ocean. We always found an exit, a way to mitigate the pain. Now, IMHO, with subs, this is not possible any more. Before, ofc, you could mistake, chose a bad position, dont turn at time, whatever. But you knew it was your fault. Now, the feeling is different. With subs, I feel like a duck in the fair. I'm a surface sailor, as you can imagine, but i never was so naked than now. Completely frustrated. Wondering how is possible. Pings, double pings, plus the normal battle. Tactics and strategies changed completely. When a ship receives the ping, is better than the DCP is on. Oh, unluckely, is possible other ships fired to you before or will do later. "This is a scam". "Im cheated". "I dont have any defence or a ridiculous one". Are some phrases who crossed my brain in the last days. I have not a great win rate: just over a 51%. An average player, but with 27.000 battles. 200 ships. 550 M of credits. 290.000 coal. 17.000 steel and, and, 210 premium days. And I quit. I say goodbye to all of this. The effort of years. Like if it never exist. And there is a funny point of view here: I prefer uninstall than suffering this kind of frustation with the subs. Because any game was created for give pleasure, not suffering. And you failed in this basic and elemental point. What I learn all these years: angling, dodging, hiding, etc now is useless. May be, WG should ask itself the next question: if a person who liked so much our game (no many people has 27.000 battles) is quiting, what's happening? Should I find a solution -the stadistics reflects a great fall in the conections during the last days- or just let him or them go away? It looks they prefer the second option. Its ok. Its sad. They lied to me and didnt care about my opinion, but is their business and I respect it, although i dont agree. I only have a weapon and I already used it. Hope the game developes in a common sense path. I dont trust at all, but who knows. A miracle? Good luck to all, even the sub users.
  3. Corocotta15

    subs literally extract the fun out of the game

    To be useful, a sub doesnt need to launch torps. Is enough to ping targets and the rest of the team can fire them quietly. Try it, sub users. Dont launch torps at all in a battle. It works anyway. As in chess, the threat is stronger than the damage. I felt so powerless that I uninstalled the game i loved. Good luck all
  4. Corocotta15

    If you uninstalled, leave a comment

    I uninstalled yesterday night. With still 210 premium days and almost 27.000 battles. With subs in game I dont enjoy. And I dont want to be angry all the time. Good luck.
  5. Corocotta15

    Can I sell my account?

    But I dont think it will change nothing. Why disturb him? The answer will be the same and, as I said, i understand it. No problem. Just a quiet farewell is the best. Thanks Bye
  6. Corocotta15

    Can I sell my account?

    What it means? Can I write him or what?
  7. Corocotta15

    Can I sell my account?

    I see. Ok. Thank you very much for the information. I didnt have notice of it. Well. So, i just will remain uninstalled. I can understand this point of view from WG. Thanks again Bye
  8. Corocotta15

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    No problem at all. I just uninstalled the game. Thank you.
  9. Corocotta15

    Can I sell my account?

    Hi. After several years and more than 26.000 battles, today I uninstalled the game. Now is not funny at all to me. So, I wonder if I can sell my account and, if possible, how to do it. I have 200 ships, including premiums like Slava, Bourgogne, Smaland, Thunderer, etc. I have too 2.500 doblons, 550 M of credits and 1'5 M of XP. Plus 290.000 coal, 15.000 steal and 210 premium days. I'd add too, for free, my account of WoT. Thank you in advance for any information.
  10. Corocotta15

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I was killed again by a homing sub torp. Is that enough or is too common?
  11. Corocotta15

    Suggestions thread

    Easy. Remove subs
  12. Corocotta15

    General Submarines related discussions

    I'm trying, really. I try. I do my best in the battle, but now i dont enjoy. Is simple. I get angry too often because of subs that this game is not fun for me in this moment. Is a pity.
  13. Corocotta15

    [POLL] Subs in ranked. Are you enjoying them?

    Ban subs. Ban subs, ban subs etc, etc
  14. Excuse me, with all the respect. Do you belong to the same team who said the subs would be never implemented in the game? If so, and you are the Comunity Manager, let me say that, with this precedent, your words dont have any kind of credibility. Im sorry, but I cant trust in you or in any other member of the WG staff. And btw: subs stink.
  15. Corocotta15

    Submarines in Random Battles

    My feedback is not play them at all. We'll see what happen when 2 cv's and 2 subs are in the same game.