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  1. Corocotta15

    Friesland build and captain skills?

    I watched a video and the player dont use CE at all or any kind of concealment. Too risky, may be, but great in other aspect. Right?
  2. Corocotta15


    Thank you
  3. Corocotta15


    Hi, the new british tier X, premium. What about it? Good feelings? The name sounds good: Thunderer.
  4. Corocotta15

    Guide Unique Upgrades

    Thank you :)
  5. Corocotta15

    Guide Unique Upgrades

    You only have to see the behaviour of the other colleagues and compare with yours. Is enough.
  6. Corocotta15

    Guide Unique Upgrades

    Agree. After the video of Flambass, I probably give it a chance. I thought that the range was more useful, but I dont care to change my mind, if needed.
  7. Corocotta15

    Guide Unique Upgrades

    You can keep your nasty arrogance, Nobody needs it. Thank you.
  8. Corocotta15

    Guide Unique Upgrades

    Thank you. I already saw it. Very interesting.
  9. Corocotta15

    Guide Unique Upgrades

    Is enough if you give your own experience. And where is readily available? I was looking for it and didnt find.
  10. Corocotta15

    Guide Unique Upgrades

    Hi, could be possible to have a short guide about the caracteristics of all the unique upgrades for tier 10? Some of them are useful: Montana, Zao... but other are useless: DM, Shima... And others, could be a discussion, like Hindenburg. May be it could help. Thanks.
  11. Corocotta15

    11 campers losing in 10 minutes is the new meta

    Really tired in the last 2 days. Always the noobs, always the afk's, always the smolensk in the other team... Wondering if i should stop before a heart attack. And 10 minutes is too long. Trust me and the others whoy say the same.
  12. Corocotta15

    Smolensk too OP

    Thank you. And normal that you love your Smolensk :)
  13. Corocotta15

    Smolensk too OP

    No specific thread in this line. No specific in gameplay or general. Just one about IFHE and another with Colbert and Smolensk, talking about other questions. Is what I saw. So, I dont know where's the problem with this thread, but is ok. As I said, it can be closed when the moderators want.
  14. Corocotta15

    Smolensk too OP

    Sorry, I didnt find it. Close it then. No problem.
  15. Corocotta15

    up to date smolensk review?

    As I said in another thread, the Smolensk is too OP. The other CA's are nothing in comparation.