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  1. He instantly dismissed mine based on my stats? I take your points however and like anyone, I have good games I have bad games. My play-style is one that dictates I push forward, I am not interested in stats or W/L ratio. I lost more than I win. However, I enjoy both equally. If he is fixated on stats, thats his problem. Yes I bought and continue to buy things on this game. I do so not to give me an edge, as truth be told, no amount of money could improve my "skills". I sink money into the game as I enjoy it and wish to support the development of it. I would hope, that coupled with "general discussion" forum heading, would qualify me an opinion. Below is a screenshot, which I have been spamming the forum with, which shows a SINGLE game I did well - however I feel it represents my game style of aggression over sniping. Thanks again for your constructive replies.
  2. DeimosNecro

    Nerf bloody battleships NOW

    Yeah I get that I guess. Just thus far all I have seen, is 40% one cap, 40% the other cap, no one in the middle 1/2 and 20%, at best, like me who think breaking the norm and pushing is best than having a luck-to-shot blob vs blob ratio. Personally, I feel that turret rotation, having to fire in more than one direction, is beneficial.
  3. DeimosNecro

    Nerf bloody battleships NOW

    That is absolutely nuts that if you take 1% it is not incrementally adjusted based on amount of repair. My play-style is one of pushing forward, hence my appalling stats. However, I would rather have bad stats, then sit each game sniping max rage as I would just find it boring as hell. Each to their own I guess.
  4. DeimosNecro

    Nerf bloody battleships NOW

    Really? Wow, whats the method of logic behind this? Thank you for this, I had no idea (not been sarcastic). Here is a screenshot of the best, I have done so far haha!
  5. DeimosNecro

    Nerf bloody battleships NOW

    Forgive me I am a new player, and therefore probably entirely wrong but initial opinion is as follows. (Please factor in I am not very good) I field my Iowa, I HAVE to as absolute necessity, kill at least one ship and score around 80k damage, all the while, taking as little damage as possible otherwise the mission actually costs me money to run. I am a Premium subscribed player so I can only imagine if I was not, how the continued loss of money would affect me. Anyway like I say, I am a new player so more than likely completely wrong but just thought I would throw this out there. Granted it is not relevant to specs of ships, but I felt it relevant as BBs in my opinion, especially if your terrible at the game like me, cost more than they earn so I do not see a nerf is needed?
  6. DeimosNecro

    Motivation Killer

    Is this your deal? Perusing various topics, trolling / criticising players as you go along?
  7. Above references that my W2L ratio is just shy of 50%, you stand, according to your signature at around 8% my senior. Just be quiet. Money does not give me a voice, the rules of the forum and heading of general discussion do so. You are boring the hell out of me and will receive no further replies. At least the other guy is makes sense.
  8. Aimed at Juanx, not you mtm
  9. I believe, while checking my stats, you can also appraise my previous forum posts. On the assumption this is correct, and having sank considerable money into the game, and thus supporting its development, this qualifies me for an opinion. Right or wrong. Rather than giving it the usual "L2P" BS that unfortunately dominates the MMO community, maybe, just maybe, you could articulate a constructive, all be it critical response?
  10. If you review my initial post, I never claimed to be "good". Nor do I care about stats. I do as I do, and I play to have fun. Maybe, rather than be concerned with stats, you could accept the comment for as it is? An opinion. Also, lets hypothetically, say I am the best person on the planet at this game. Never miss a shot.... IF I did not have a team up to standard, could I win alone? No.
  11. "Maybe l2p" Standard, <18 year old reply / yet to leave parents house. Thanks for your input bud. "Welcome to WoWS, where only the Master Race counts." This makes zero sense. I have more games where I see 4+ DDs, in the lobby with around 3 BBs.
  12. LOL " and gameplay changed into something that is pretty awfull." As opposed to players camping smoke, spamming torps and firing invisible? I welcome this change. Popping smoke, firing from with-in, rinse and repeat, is not what the game is about. Thank god the devs have corrected this!! Smoke on DDs, like the DD themselves, is meant as a support tool, not a tactical sit, camp and spam.
  13. DeimosNecro

    How can I report a player?

    I don't know what WG stands for. I also dont now if your replies are sarcasm but will reply assuming they are not. I put " lets push B". He responded by a torp spread on my bow. I put "???" he replied by firing cannons. Other players that were in game with me put "reported" so he again torp spread me then put "ahah no sleep loss b*tches".
  14. DeimosNecro

    First thread on the forum, newish player my findings so far :)

    Every game I play in a BB, I put in chat for a DD to support, then I push forward. Way I look at it, if the whole team clumps together, then its just a shot-to-luck ratio. However, if they have to fire at numerous different targets, turret rotation alone could win it for us, or at least give us the advantage.
  15. DeimosNecro

    First thread on the forum, newish player my findings so far :)

    \o/ thank you, I will be honest ^^ is not a fair representation of most my games haha I am still finding my way with aiming, well for citadel hits and angling armour.