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  1. raur0s

    *sigh* this is why CV's get a bad rep.

    Had the same experience yesterday, a CV complained half the match about me only farming XP and not helping the CVs when I killed the only enemy Langley. Funny how the other CV ended up with top XP while he was on the bottom.
  2. raur0s

    BB vs Destroyers...

    I haven't reached the Fuso yet, but doesn't it have a scout plane?
  3. raur0s

    I don't understand...damage.

    I only use HE against CV, everything alse is AP for me. Maybe a salvo of HE just to set them on fire, but other than that AP hits way harder amd much more DPM. The only class I use HE with is DD, as they use torps anyway, the only time I need to actually gun something down, HE seems more practical.
  4. raur0s

    I don't understand...damage.

    Use AP. if you are doing criticals, setting them on fire, you are most likely using HE which is not supposed to hit hard. That is what AP is for
  5. raur0s

    Are you enjoying the CBT?

    The last time I enjoyed a new game this immensely was 10 years ago and that game was called World of Warcraft. So yeah, this CBT is pretty spot on.
  6. raur0s

    Smoke and detection

    DDs and Smoke screens are a bit OP, yes, I lost game because we were not able to find the capping enemy in time and couldn't interrupt... Either the size shouls be nerfed or the detection range in it, but something needs to be adjusted here.
  7. raur0s

    passive players

    Indeed, each class yould use a healthy dose of tutorial except maybe the the CA
  8. raur0s

    German ships in the near future?

    WG can always make prototypes and paper-projects into the game, like, I don't know, half the tanks in World of Tanks. If they can fill out most of the trees with real boats, I'm pretty sure they will put them ingame.
  9. raur0s

    3 wave pls need key

    I can't recall who exactly posted it, but either WoT EU or WG EU posted it on FB yesterday, that's how I got in anyway
  10. raur0s

    recommended Torp tweaks

    What Mindfulcrane07 said, if you don't keep an eye on the planes and only react when the torps are in the water, you gonna get rekt. It's not easy otherwise either, but you have way better chances if you are prepared for them. Watch the plane icons and don't tunnel-vision. I got owned a few times too, I'm been paranoid about those [edited] ever since. It really helps.
  11. raur0s

    Weather conditions.

    It would be great to see night battles or any kind of weather effects, like storm, fog, etc, however this would a) f*ck up balance (imagine a perma smoke screen), b) reduce game performance terribly, c) with the storm you'd need huge waves too and those would kill both the control and the aiming. Although, it'd be quite fun to have to worry about LOS because of this
  12. raur0s

    Please increase XP

    If anything, it's very easy right now to gain XP, at tier 2-3 you gain 7-800 XP even for a terrible game where you barely hit anything. I don't know much about high tiers, but compared to WoT low tiers, it's ridiculously high amount of XP here.