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  1. Hi Couldnt find a clan that had enough players with some skill nor active in CW's on regular base I like to be in a div Dont react if most players were not active I am famailiar with CW ;s and I like the role of cruiser or DD most. Genie_of_the_Lamp
  2. Genie_of_the_Lamp

    Looking for dutch clan

    Frequent player with 20K matches searchin dutch clan with dutch players
  3. Genie_of_the_Lamp

    Cant see new missions why

    Okay i see them now THANKS
  4. Genie_of_the_Lamp

    Cant see new missions why

    Hi Why I see only the so called Savege missions and why not the other??? Why arent the updated and new missions visible on my screen on the same tab for ex. Path of Liberty is new I noticed I can see it after the match but not in port
  5. Genie_of_the_Lamp

    Voodoo Magic attempt to complete Azur Lane Collection

    29 here too its worse than winning the lottery Jackpot
  6. Genie_of_the_Lamp

    EU Server Gone Down?

    Wth cant enter a match
  7. Genie_of_the_Lamp

    Failed to launch since 0.8.2 (Solved)

    I cant launch also....
  8. Genie_of_the_Lamp

    Please add Submarines to counter CV`s

    Thats crap The subs during the Halloween patch were pretty agile; they dived quickly en also pretty fast enough imo. With some rework they could make a whole new challenging branch which would cause extra perks also for the captains and modules. And btw many ships have already hyrdo but the sub should be invisebel on radar. So you have an extra option to take a cap. DD s will have extra weaponry like dive bombs and hedgehog kindof stuff. Maybe fake-debriss is also an option for defence. Killing a sub ingame should therefore have a standard delay on the scoreboard. A sub s reload time should be balanced of course and the amount of torps should not be that much of a Dd. I guess at most 4 at once with max 2 on the aft. Subs should be capable to have 1 gun that the player can aim and control.
  9. Genie_of_the_Lamp

    Not liking the new "shards" rework

    I totally agree with the topicmaker. Are we going to see the other maps too messed up this way? With bigger isles smashed into pieces...?
  10. Genie_of_the_Lamp

    LOG IN

    After downloading the patch I cant get into my port. The game is stuck at 5% and i m getting erro after error. This patch is a failure
  11. Genie_of_the_Lamp


    Play Tier 2....
  12. Genie_of_the_Lamp


    Agree... but pulling the Cv from game is not the way to solve this. imo. They need to work fiurther on the issue. The number of planes the higher tiers can spent is just ridiculous. When y shoot down many planes they laught at it. They should make it so; that Cv players will think twice before they jump on enemies. The next patch makes it especially more easy for them to penetrate dense formations of ships. WHY WG?? In this way more players will get rid of the AA perks/modules because of this. Many players did this already after the "planepatch". Further the concealment of a carrier is often so high; while they should have one of the lowest. They should have the concealment worse than a BB. When im in a DD I Always stay away from cap zones from the start. There 'are Always the usual planes going unpunished over the caps searching for Dds especially rocketplanes (they should take them from gameplay). maybe american DDs who have a longstay in their smoke are more to take a cap the old fashioned way
  13. Genie_of_the_Lamp

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Sad they worsened gameplay further with these Alaskas with 10 Km detection range. Hydro for these ships would be more than enough.
  14. Genie_of_the_Lamp

    STeam or PC??

    Hi Due problems i have on my HD in terms of space; I ask: Is there a difference in Gameplay between STeam and PC? Do players from both interact ingame? If y play from Steam you have extra room for yr HD right?
  15. Genie_of_the_Lamp

    Everyone focused on the tier 10 carriers.

    Nah thats BS/ The comment in the Shimaair video said (and hes fully right on that point) that he was keeping the whole flock busy with the torpsoup which didnt really had a break. By causing this the enemy ships werent able to focus on enemy ships properly. You can try focussing a far away target man when a squad of planes is diving on you; not one time but 3 times. He will keep you busy nicely. I experienced this ingame dodging plane after plane and finally i i got killed in a wide spread long ranged torps from a DD.