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  1. malasme

    Current Ranked T10 Meta

    For sure a good Yamato player will easily out dps a good Hindi player, but then an average Hindi player will out dps a potato Yamato player. So if you're in a potato team it pays to be in a Hindi. Only problem with the Hindi is it can't carry a potato team to victory, irrespective of how good the player is. Other ships like the Montana and the DM in the hands of a good player can carry a team of potatos. I suppose my advice to all the potatos who get out dps'ed by a Hindi is shoot more, hit the target and don't do the special thing of sailing behind islands just when your dps is sorely needed. While playing my Hindi I have noticed a worryingly new meta called kill the Hindi first, really?. So I am blazing away at 21km range using my spotter plane and busily racking up 170k damage and the reds are ignoring the bbs 10k closer to them and sending 3.5M potential damage my way. I also see my own team ignoring the obvious targets and blazing away at the red Hindi. The Hindi is a steady damage over time ship, so staying alive for the full 20 minutes is key. Ignoring a Yamato which can rip half your health off in one salvo is not the way to go. The Hindi only becomes over powered when the reds are a bunch of island campers, its not at all difficult to hit a stationary target at 21km, but its damn difficult to hit a manoeuvring Hindi a 21km.
  2. The most important thing for me is the clan I would like to join should be fairly chatty and fairly active. I defo don't want to end up again in a clan of none chatty strangers. I fall into the good average player range, so if you're interest send me a message.
  3. malasme

    Update 0.7.4 General Feedback

    Yeah the disconnect must mean the 50p's have run out on the electricity meter
  4. malasme

    Fears about the IJN destroyer line rework

    Clearly the game designers are actively nerfing the stealth torpedo destroyer aspect of the game at higher tiers and therefore it makes complete sense to bring out some Japanese gunships to replace them and to drop the higher tier stealth destroyers down to a level that isn't quiet so radar spammed to minimise the cost of time of effort invested by players of stealth destroyers at higher levels. As any DD captain knows, an aware BB captain at higher levels is almost impossible to torpedo. We have all seen battleships cruising at half speed and then doing a 0-60mph acceleration in 1 second, easily avoiding torpedo's they saw spotted by a scout ten seconds ago. We have all seen the dreaded I am going to sail bow on, backwards, battleship captains who merely have to slam their ships into full stop to easily avoid a torpedo spread with their narrow profile showing. And of course there is always the constantly sailing away battleship captain who then has to struggle with the task of avoiding a torpedo spread closing at 30knots over a period of 20 seconds. Of course the slower torpedo's may be closing at the speed of a slow battleships, so its a bit like dodging a battleship that can only travel in straight lines. All the above captains you can spam torpedo and possibly get a lucky hit or two, but nothing epic. And then there is the noob who is sailing his Yamato in straight lines at constant speed. Ah yes this is indeed a worthy target, torps away, full load out, narrow spread... pay day. But is war gaming really trying to make the game more accessible to such a player at such a tier. This player has a significant ship under his control whilst simultaneously lacking the ability to shoot or manoeuvre or play with balanced aggression. Surely tier 10 should be for the guys who have considerable skill and tier 1 should be for the new guys. The real answer to the spam torp problem was always to limit the number of destroyers in a game to 2 per side. So many games these days have 6 destroyers a side and even I must admit that 12 invisible destroyer invisi torping each other in the first 5 minutes of the game, is hardly interesting or fun, followed by one side ending up with 3 surviving destroyers, whilst the other side has none. Nothing like 3 surviving destroyers picking off the enemy battleships one by one. that makes for a really boring game for the battleships because all they can do is constantly sail away. So in conclusion the current changes are intend to dumb down the game to make the game more accessible to the occasional player. But this may be a good thing because there will be a lot more noobs to torp at tier 4 while they are on their way to grinding out that Yamato! The down side will be that the standard of play at tier 10 will be no better and no less random than tier 1.
  5. malasme

    Looking for clan

    Hi guys, I am looking for a competitive clan to both team up and division up with. Ideally with a 54 percent or better win rate. Happy sailing
  6. malasme

    Nomadz Navy (NAVY) is recruiting

    Hi guys, I am also looking for division partners. My best class is DD with a 60ish win rate, but I can play all the classes. I have used team speak before.
  7. While it is true that the USA cv's given similar player skills has the edge over IJN cv's, the new converging torp patterns in alternative attack mode do go a way to equalling the playing field. I am developing a new playing style with my tier 4 IJN that is currently giving me a 60 percent win rate, so its not all darkness. My main concern is the massive difference in torpedo bomber survivability while under AA fire.
  8. malasme

    German Cruiser Feedback

    Ok seems to me that the tiers 1 to 4 should be skipped. However the Konigsberg is a very efficient DD killer. The weedy guns can fire AP at DDs to very good affect The second use is you observe an enemy which is 99 percent dead and 15km away and you can snipe him for the kill. However if you you come across a tier 6 anything like at full health you are in trouble. Equally if you come across an enemy that can shoot you're in a lot of trouble. So my guide to the Konigsberg is AP all the enemy DD to the bottom of the sea, This does indeed give your side a massive advantage. Low AP pen and massive accuracy make the ship perfect for this. If you can't see a DD or two to kill, then look for a noob who is sailing blindly in a straight line and pummel him with HE. Keep an eye out for peeps who crash into islands and punish em with a midship salvo. Avoid shooting at anybody who can dodge your shells and shoot back at the same time. Amen. Oh and any enemy midships hit will knock out your engines.
  9. malasme

    American or Japanese Aircraft Carrier?

    Against a noob side then defo the Jap carrier. Against a good side then defo the American carrier. Given that good sides occur as often as bad sides then its hard to say.