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  1. RayTru

    Atlanta and its role

    I recently got me the Atlanta and so far I love it. I must admit, its very challenging to be good in it. I was just thinking, that there is something missing from the Atlanta. Its supposed to be a Destroyer leader, a support ship. Now what is it? A light cruiser, or a heavy destroyer? It doesn't really work as a light cruiser due to the range, supporting BS out in the open its a big no no. Playing it it feels a lot like the Tashkent (except the speed), its only slightly larger. So what if the Atlanta could get smoke? Make it more appropriate in its role? Give it the ability to be out there with the DDs, and hide when the Shiite hits the fan. I think it would become like a Kiev on steroids. What you think guys? P.S. Atlanta has exactly the same Mk.14 torps as the Mahan, why do Atlanta's go 2 klicks less? Bug or mistake?
  2. According to the comments from devs on other forums, they dont bother reading this forum anyways, so whats the point..... its a discussion between players, thats it...
  3. RayTru

    Depressing to see that the Aimbot is back (Dec 5th)

    I guess the question is - Why are you playing this game? I play it for fun, I learn to aim and when I get better I get the satisfaction of having achieved something by myself and having a good fight is my reward.... Using Aim indicators or aimbots take that away, half of the work was done by the computer and where is the fun in that? If you decide to use one of those aids, you are taking a good part of the game away from you, and it will be only a mater of time before the game will became boring for you.... Enjoy the game as your supposed to, and leave the aimbots and assists for people who cant, they are at loss at the end anyways.... P.S. the best way to counter them is using your rudders from time to time, they get very confused by a ship that can turn, and scream bloody murder in chat....
  4. RayTru

    BBs in ranked battles below rank 10

    The picture you attached is from Random Battle, but you claim its Ranked? And its supposed to show exactly what?
  5. RayTru

    Depressing to see that the Aimbot is back (Dec 5th)

    I have the feeling that the people, who categorically deny the existence of an aimbot, probably have one installed. Cant explain the blind arrogance otherwise. Aimbot is a thing and its working (google is your friend), as sooner WG realizes it, as sooner they can fix it... Ignoring the problem wont make it go away...
  6. RayTru

    DD matchmaking in higher tiers

    Its especially bad in Ranked battles, last 10 or so battles its about 5 DDs in every team, leaving me in a BB mostly dodging torps (cant shoot what I cant see), making the gameplay more annoying then fun. I tried to enter with DD and was met with waiting times over 7 mins... Something is badly wrong, soon the game will be called - World of Destroyers, cause it will be the only class left, in Ranked at least....
  7. RayTru

    The holy grail of a ship is missing!

    Yes yes yes please.....Me want horn... Me want TooooToooo... Seriously it would be great, even with the trolls, if you don't like it just lower the volume....
  8. RayTru

    Too many dds!

    In my opinion, the cause are the missing CVs, with them gone, the life of a DD captain became much easier.... I myself played the Russian DDs and have a Tashkent, and from BBs the NC... the biggest mistake BB captains make, is trying to save time and not switching to HE when a DD is close, if you do switch, you can take them out by one good placed salvo, It has become much harder lately, because as I said the DD are not spotted by CVs anymore.... I just hope they fix the CVs soon and I see more of them, they added a lot to the battle....With them back, we might see more cruisers back as well, doing their AA support thing, and hopefully the battles will be more balanced again...
  9. RayTru

    DON'T show any skill

    Happens to me a lot, especially when playing BB and hitting a straight line captain at 20 km, I take it a a compliment, it means, that I'm good at aiming.... Its the same as with the foulmouthed chat admirals..... The option to blacklist people in chat in WoWs is on my Cristmas wishlist....
  10. RayTru

    Black Friday on EU server

    Assuming that Christmas is a thing in EU...
  11. RayTru

    Black Friday on EU server

    I just hope they get it right for Christmas, I want to add the Tirpiz to my fleet. As bad as they are, the competition is worse at the moment, WG probably know that, so they not worried, they know that EU players will still buy the premium accounts and bundles, because there is no other choice, I hope when steel ocean picks up, that's gonna change and they will start to fight for the players, and we will get nice deals and the attention we would like....
  12. RayTru

    Black Friday on EU server

    I did that... I'm on fiber optics in Latvia, the minimum ping is around 150 140 ms on NA, it makes things difficult on aiming above 12 km.... I do get 50 to 60 ms on the Russian server, but the players there are really aggressive against non Russian players and I don't speak Russian, so its difficult to communicate... the EU with 35 ms its still a better experience....
  13. RayTru

    Black Friday on EU server

    You missed the point.... Its my money and I will spend it where ever I want, and since WG is failing to offer me something I like, I take my money somewhere else... simple as that....
  14. RayTru

    Black Friday on EU server

    Well... No more my money for WG from me, until they change their attitude towards EU server, If plenty of players do that, it will definitely raise their attention.... its a shame, cause I really like the game and I think its unfair to threat the whole EU region like they do...