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  1. I am doing two missions a day. Just collecting the deadnought really. I was hacking away trying to win random games. Was hoping to win 6 games in a row and missions done. But yea bad teams alot of the time meant this was taking ages. Just yesterday I went on a loosing streak for over an hour. No matter how many XP I got it was wasted on a loss. I remember in tirpitz finishing a tier X game as top scorer with 3 kills and 130k damage and just giving in and going into co-op battles. It took over three hours in the end. So today I went co-op for 1 1/2 hours. Tirpitz and Gneisnau. As torp damage soon stacks up faster than guns. And yes I had fun. Charging into a group of red bots with manual secondaries blazing, main guns blasting and torpedoes charging. Work that Tirpitz and Gneisanau were made for.
  2. cometcruiser

    Trying to understand what I am doing wrong in BBs

    Main thing for the Nagato and all Battleships, is 4th level Captain skill "concealment expert". Most battleships especially the IJN ones can be seen from across the map at the start. Dont be in a group with the forward units. Be a few Km behind them. Always plan where their spotting units will be. Keep your detection circle (much reduced now with your captain skill) away from the caps that are very probably being approached by enemy units.
  3. cometcruiser

    DD cry babys

    I play only BB's, have spent some time in cruisers, but sold them off. I specialise on being a DD killer. Of course I dont hunt them. Well maybe in Bismarck I might. But in games where I'm confronted with the fact that I will have to fight one. I will use every trick in the book to come out on top. I would like to think that over time I have kept the upper hand. Some you win, some you loose. You end up 1 on 1 sometimes when your team all die on the flank you are on, or they all steam off on a lemming train. I'm usually the stubborn one, who decides to defend a flank alone. Not thinking I will eventually win. But thinking ill stack up as much damage as I can before the team looses anyway. n my mind if I have come away from a battle and have sunk a DD, I feel that I have accomplished more than if I sank a cruiser or BB. Especially that time I sank every single enemy DD in the red team. In Ishizuchi I sank all three when they rushed the centre into our cap. I turned and ran and swung my [edited]and fired for my life. And one after the other they died. I survived and will remember that game forever.
  4. cometcruiser

    Wierd and Odd Play Stats

    Just last night, he jumped on at the start of a game and unloaded a full broadside into the water from my Nelson, right near a team mate. Waiting for the day I turn pink because of the Cat.
  5. cometcruiser

    Wierd and Odd Play Stats

    When my cat sits on the keyboard, I shift him off quick.
  6. cometcruiser


    Yes this. Tier V Ishizuchi / Fuso hybrid monstrosity. It would be a pain to play. Poor belt armour, slowish, no AA and low range guns But I did the old Fuso A hull grind and bought the pre buff Ishizuchi when it had 11km range. I know the pain and would relish it.
  7. cometcruiser

    Ships you kept

    8 ships. I have kept a ship on each tier that I like. I have stopped the grind on every branch other than the Royal Navy where I will stop at the KGV. All my captains are 15 and 16 point skills. All ships operate with premium consumables for silver and as many flags and free cammos as I can gather. Ishizuchi Tier IV. Kongo Tier V. Fuso Tier VI. Queen Elizabeth Tier VI. Gneisnau Tier VII. Nelson Tier VII. Tirpitz Tier VIII. Bismarck Tier VIII. I play each day get 1 win on each. I make sure I get a set of fire proof / dreadnought / secondary kill flags every day. So all ships sail with all the flags they need. I will start grinding again for anything I like comes along. Hoping RN and KM battlecruisers come along one day. The Makesen premium might be a look in as well. Swap my Bismarck captain into her.
  8. cometcruiser

    Lest We Forget.

    Captain Blackadder: "Well, possibly. But the real reason for the whole thing was that it was too much effort not to have a war" I'm English, and a devout supporter of our Great British nation and former empire. And don't really need a special day to remember. I remember most days of the year anyway, when reading or watching something. The Great War was un-avoidable, and inevitable. Its impossible to look at the situation with a our minds set in the 21st century. None of us has ever lived as a working, middle or upper class person, in the mind-set of a late 19th century person. Those boys and men went to war on all sides, with the un-questionable faith in their upper class leaders and monarchs ability to win the war for the good side against the bad.
  9. Neptune would fit Tier IV better. Kaiser layout and all.
  10. cometcruiser

    R(evenge) class Premium?

    This is how I imagine the line to be. But its a shame Queen Mary isn't shoe-horned in somewhere. There you go another premium contender, along with HMS Neptune, HMS Canada, HMS Agincourt.......the list goes on....
  11. cometcruiser

    Best performing tier V BB in tier VII matchmaking

    I voted Kongo too. I ship I rebought recently as my son and girlf are at tier IV and soon to be at tier V and I wanted a ship to platoon with them. And I have two 11 point JP captains to use. In a side note I also rebought the Fuso when they get to tier VI. The Kongo is the first battleship i played after open beta that looked like a battleship should. Up untill the kongo the BBs are either too small, too ugly or too fat. The kongo looks the business. For me I choose my battleships by turret rotation time. So I discarded the RN BBs. All my German captains are tied up in tier VII and VIII. So the logical choise was the Kongo and Fuso. Proper Oceon going superdreadnoughts.
  12. cometcruiser

    IJN Ishizuchi turret #4

    3rd Turret can fire at angles, but only elevated for long range firing. But yea broadside only at short ranges, as there is that sea boat in the way. Move the bloody sea boat
  13. cometcruiser

    Most Satisying Moment in WoW?

    Two brothers seams to be popping up a lot. I have a great two brothers story. Yesterday, in my Nelson. Finding a Gneisnau, pensacola and kirov rushing the middle channel. I detonated the pensacola in my first salvo. The Gneisnau and kirov didnt fancy a fight and went in full reverse, back up the channel. The impressive thing was the Gneisnau captain and his reversing skills.
  14. cometcruiser

    question about winrate (and i need something off my mind)

    Question How does OP manage to read this thread, and in game insults...and not see his mini map? I suspect you are being trolled.
  15. cometcruiser

    Pre-Dreadnoughts at Tier 2?

    A quick list of cool pre dreadnoughts for each nation. Each would have to follow the pattern set out by the Mikasa. Gun layout and mostly secondary firepower. Japan aleady has one the Mikasa Royal navy > I would love to see HMS Agamemnon 1906: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Agamemnon_(1906) It has monster secondary 9.2 inch guns Germany > lots to choose from. Well lets go for SMS Scheswig Holstein as its got a great history. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMS_Schleswig-Holstein USA > Gonna have to be USS Mississippi class. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mississippi-class_battleship. But ill be honest. I dont know much about them (yet) so if someone knows a Mississippi or Connecticut class with some great history then feel free to add it. Russia > Again, my knowledge of Russian battleships needs brushing up. So ive just gone for their last pre dreadnought: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrei_Pervozvanny-class_battleship Very standard layout. Edit now I have more time Austria Hungary should also get represented at this tier too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radetzky-class_battleship An even heavier secondary load than the Agamemnon, having 9.4 inch guns. And French and Italian ships as well when I get the time Feel free to agree or argue these ships!!