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  1. hello  I sad to say my father died recently when I was young he told me stories about the times he was served in Royal Navy  and so when started playing warships I used to ask him things about different  ships and especially when  British  ships came along as he served on mainly British Cruisers and destroyers  and mine sweepers along with being on survey ships in far east , he served during Korea  , Malaya , He saw action in Suez in 1956 on a cruiser , some of the ships he served upon were HMS C ossack his first posting in the  Med .

    Before being transferred onto Wakeful  then onto the cruiser St Brides Bay , and finished his career with the fast destroyer flotilla at faslane before BEING SENT ON NATO Duties as a signaller in Norway when the Cuban crisis happened . He served his country and died at the age of 81 years old .  I hope to find his old albums out with pictures of some of his ships he served and will try upload them soon if anyone wants to look at them