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  1. well i dont have unlimited time play to do dailys every day, and today "friday" will be unable to get full tokens, 3 hours of game play... but :( weekend meta has been engaged, and i cant get a win out of the dog shite teams i have been pushed with. even a 6kill 150k damage game still could not get a win, so will miss out on 10 tokens for today.
  2. Today i been mostly farming daily mission tokens... the burn out is going to be real at the end lol
  3. i like to think 3 or 4 but thats obviously thats imo loving hms indomitable, hms ark royal is a lot of fun. hms Audacious can hold its own, and enjoy playing the Implacable
  4. Tugnut

    Deliberate Teamdamage? How to get the offender banned?

    It happens.. ignore and carry on, dont let them get to you. and i think that team damage builds up and in the end can cause a ban! anyways idiots will do idiot things, dont let them get you down, plenty more games in the sea :D
  5. Tugnut

    Sudden Surge Of toxicity in CCs

    If i am watching CC, and they start to bore me or say stuff i dont agree with, i will stop watching! Also i like to think people have enough of there own mind and not be sheep? And tbh we are all human and can get hot headed about stuff and rant.
  6. Tugnut

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    Thats most probably due to island camping and the other team having to sail quite a bit to get into a position to kill all, and the fact the island huggers for some reason come out of hiding one by one
  7. Tugnut

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Using all my play well plus 1 things, before i even used 2 or 3 bad player ones... was a chilled day of ships today
  8. Tugnut

    credits, or lack of......

    Me to was lucky as set it up before WGing messed something up and gave away a load of oil soo was able to advance it quite a bit strait away. noticed your a two man clan... cheat :P
  9. Tugnut

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    Some times the way they play makes it seems they are the only ones playing correct... like holding way back not supporting the team, hiding behind a island tell its too late. they are normaly the last to die, and end up thinking its every one else fault for dieing. can be said i sapose for the ones that push hard on there own, into a team of enemy, you know the angry player saying that he was not supported... A lot of players keep saying it on here, but the Mini map is such a massive tool, but some players fail to look at it, in the correct ways... the position your in and your team are just as important as the enemys positions. also lack of focus fire in games omg... i try to always point out a target to focus fire, and i play Cv most of the time, and will call in chat any targets that have used DC.
  10. Tugnut

    Auto return last Captain

    Dont use Mods nor want to use mods... vanilla player all the way.
  11. Tugnut

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    Yea 100% agree, i remeber when 45% WR was the shock face of wow how do you lose that constantly. But seeing well lower and like above with less than 500 battles and still hitting the high tiers. you dont need to seal club low tiers anymore... just as easy in t10 these days LMFAO
  12. Tugnut

    1 year CV rework anniversary

    Love my indomitable... never run out of planes for the game is lush, and the what BB do i make this fun and engaging like burning in hell, is soo cool errr hot!
  13. Tugnut

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    I like to browse the idiots players that did not so well, stats after a battle. I am seeing more and more that buy prem ships and farm the free xp and jump to higher tiers. Not that there play style gives them away
  14. Tugnut

    Auto return last Captain

    Should make this a no.1 priority of the UI team imho :D. The time saved from scrolling or trying to find your Captain is priceless.
  15. Tugnut

    credits, or lack of......

    pick the best prem ship you do well in, and farm a few credits. better you play the better the income.