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  1. Tugnut

    "super" containers

    Before changes i would all ways get 1 of 3 XP, Credits, and prem time.... Don't need any of them, and the prem time more than oftern... Dont play every day so giving me 3 days of prem maybe half way though playing is a total waist. But now with the camo changes, you get the bonus things (still a waist to me) maybe you guys that love playing t10 every day and can stomach playing this game every day its good. wish their was a way to turn off SC... like i said would rather get the reg container.
  2. Tugnut

    "super" containers

    Not played the game in a wile... first container i open is a Super container. Now i remeber back when i played a long wile ago that the SC tend to give you crud you dont need. well now with the camo changes their is even more usless crud to win in them :(. would of preferred my choise of the normal container than what i got in the SC. Also the best way to see what is broken in the game, is to look at the forum and look at the sicky subjects that refear to game play.... looking here its Subs CVs and MM (Dont want to deal with the problems on the forum, make a sticky to file it under. Also seeing a lot of discontent on the money grab the game is heading towards (has this game got to that point the only way the company can see it, is to ring out as much cash as possible? )
  3. Played a few games today, it has been awile. game use to be fun... OMG not sure what to call this now, also they made camos usless, but seem to think giving them as a reward is a thing :/ . added the fact that ingame i cant get to my armoury or Clan page, unless i remeber to load them up on the web page first ( but that seems pointless to ) soo many bugs poor MM and quality of play :(
  4. Come accross this player today... 1 way to use daily rewards to start up a account... I presume thats what they used to skip ships. Edit: ops forgot about Co-ops... looks like it was done that way.
  5. Tugnut

    What ships you play lately?

    Hornet..... been catching up with my sleep... launch planes, set an alarm for when the planes get to target, have a snooze wile i wait
  6. Tugnut

    Great battles

    I don't condone sailing in to certian death, I have on a few occasions took out two enemy with me in a DD, torps to the left of me torps to the right - hear I am stuck in the middle with certain death. I also changed my mind a little in WoT and WoWS... i think the main problem with MM and not a easy fix, is that the team with the weakest links are the team that looses. and may be why you see games with very very good players turn a sure loss in to a win... and maybe vice verser as in all the good players have died your side, and you may have more numbers, BUT the lets say not the best of the crop to follow though the win. That and RnG can play a large part to
  7. Tugnut

    Great battles

    Well they would be BUT... MM is getting as horrid as WoT. Two games in a row one side just melts away... the game is over before it gets any legs to it. how can a game this old and players still not understand game modes and how the ship they are playing works. And still see the ole... I died because no one help me vs the 5 ships i was sailing in to.
  8. Tugnut

    CVs are Overdue an Overhaul…

    For a lot of players this is their normal tactic anyways! to busy washing their monitor with their tongues to notice what's happening in the game.
  9. Tugnut

    Doubloons costing

    Ok maybe i never noticed BUT has the price scaled up the same... as in you buy a bigger box of Doubloons, but you could buy the same amount with smaller boxs to the same cost! I thought the attraction of getting a bigger box would be some sort of discount? i am sure thats the way in WoT. not as easy to scale the boxs up in WoT though.
  10. Tugnut

    CVs are Overdue an Overhaul…

    AA takes a little longet to de-plane than some one with insane fighter skills. So bad players dont feel as dumped on, or focused. regen on planes also helps a little. maybe why Kaga is a fav these days soo many planes so many planes lol. But with what feels a more friendly class to play for new/bad players, means more in the pool. and unlike before, less chances of playing vs a very good CV players all the time. TBH a lot of games get screwed more from MM than CVs these days. I have enjoyed playing CVs from the start and enjoyed the changes (some thing new to try) "You improvise. You adapt. You overcome."
  11. Tugnut

    CVs are Overdue an Overhaul…

    Players like @El2aZeR in the old CV game play would strip the enemy players CV of planes with the fighter ability... The game then would be a one sided CV game. Hence the "Dumbing down" and rework. Not so good players could play the CV with out fear of being De-planed. But no matter what changes they make players like @El2aZeR and the elite CV players still make it a one sided CV game, as they know who and what ships to kill and support. In short no matter what they do, it will not work. (try to punish how the elite play the CV effects the normal players and make the CV not playable to the masses, and that in turn does not sell prem CV's) Back in the old days, MM would put a CV on one side... But in them days players would have Cleveland platoons to punish them :D sigh the good ole days.
  12. This is a start but don't just think the Missouri being in loot box's is the only problem... Don't get me wrong loot box's as a Christmas thing with a good mix of rewards is great and have dabbled in the past. But using loot box's for almost everything puts me off and I would imagine by the CC reaction to it them to. Slow. And steady wins the race, trying to ring out every cent out of your player base is OK short term, but I feel hurts the player base and game long term.
  13. Leaving because of your moral duty because you feel the game has fallen far from what is should be at or even heading to, is a better badge of honor... than anything WGing could give you. I dout WGing will see the error in the things they have done, and most prob stick a band aid on it and ignore whats going on. BUT this is a great chance for them to bring a lot of players back on board, fix a few wrong doings. Selling ships in loot boxs imho is the worst turn off to me for spending money on this game, i tend to spend on stuff i like and have a intrest in, even if they are not the best and greatest thing on sale. also maybe selling the all bad arse great ships a little cheaper and more oftern, (you know WGing the new players you keep trying to get, have a chance to buy the ships in the game) would open it up for more players to be able to afford them and more players spending money and getting some thing they truly want and will enjoy.... is this not a win for all... players, CC, streamers/youtubers, and WGing them selfs... if i am happy and enjoying somthing i dont mind spending time and money on it.
  14. Tugnut

    CVs & Subs in WoWS together

    The players that want the old CV RTS are the very few that owned the air and sea. Back then you had very few CV players as you would be de-planed quite quick or be able to do nothing wile your enemy stopped your attacks. Also BBs hated the ole 3 drop diffrent direction torps that would all but and may times would take them out of the game. new system makes CV more friendly to more players and not so devastating.