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  1. Tugnut

    Why are YOU playing this game?

    loved the game since Alpha.... But its not easy to play any more... the players that have the awareness of road kill... have stuck at the game and have infected t8 t9 t10. and the amount of them, plays a big part of a lot of the games, that one side just rolling over the other.
  2. Tugnut

    New Player experience.

    its no better at tier 8 9 10.... you get the players that still only have skill set from tier 1... and have done every thing possible not to learn a dam thing. learn the ships learn the maps learn it all... even ships you dont have... if you have knowledge, let say of a spotted DD and know your in Torp Range you can set up to avoid the worst of it. if your spotted but cant see any enemy... torps are on the way. learn Citidel points and how to guard your own ones. learn attack drops of types of aircraft and the CVs they come from. Soo much knowledge that if you can retain it, you will have good times at the top of your team. Stick with the game its a great game, just can be frustrating when you get a team of utter brain dead morons that calling them potatoes is a complement.
  3. Tugnut

    0.8.5 CV in depth feedback

    I find that i can still avoid losing to many planes, and to a point can still do reasonable damage, what i do find is that its hard to support against the main fleet of the enemy, to much AA to warrent the attack :/
  4. Tugnut

    CV Rework Discussion

    could lower the damage, but some how make them still relevent against bigger targets some how! (would say fire chance but that still screws over the DDs)
  5. Tugnut

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    get rid of flak... bring back the focus aim on aircraft ... could make it that you could focus on the attacking squad or the squad thats in the holding patten?
  6. Tugnut

    CV Rework Discussion

    that will be ok for mostly skilled CV players that will have an idea of what direction/postion a DD will take, but makes it very hard for unskilled CV players to combat.
  7. Tugnut

    Cv rework suggestions

    lower the air detect of DD's shorten the attack a little for rocket/bombs... they still will find the DD in the end, but more time and effort will be required and makes it a little easyer for the DD's to jink in to a diffrent direction. Also if you shorten the arm and attack run, CV's will find it harder to sling shot on to targets!
  8. Tugnut

    CV Rework Discussion

    Dont think that will ever change! was playing my Belfast and a guy on the enemy team was trying to get every one to report me for cheating LMFAO.. asked him after the game why i was cheating, He told me because i was playing a banned ship! So all you dirty little cheats out there playing Belfasts... shame on you :P but from tier 7ish def 8 and up you hit the Radar game, that added with aircraft spotting makes for a hard DD life.... maybe have the min attack range shorten on aircraft and lower air detect on DD's... they will find you in the end, but will take more time and harder to keep doing!
  9. Tugnut

    0.8.5 CV in depth feedback

    CV rework was to make CVs less for the noobicums and for all... So less skilled players was able to play CV with out the enemy destroying all there planes... Problem was making a class to play for the masses... Ment the noobicums could turn that in there favor to. Current update has handed back to only noobicums will do well. Will thing change well yes.. Heal is now almost redundant... Any up tier game makes rocket planes just free xp for the enemy. (do I need to put a xp flag on... Naa just hope you pull a kaga game lol) Will DD still be no1 target... YUP Will WGing make a good counter balance patch or will they mess it up again... Do I even have to answer :p
  10. Tugnut

    0.8.5 CV in depth feedback

    current update CV play is dead to me... will not be back unless improvment is made. also with the brop bomb patten nerf to stop us using them on DD's... in all 3 games played today (sorry could not stomach any more than that ) no matter how i dropped the bombs and what direction.. it seemed the spread on a DD was at the most outer points for every bomb. so rocket planes and torps are the only real option now.. trouble is you cant cross drop any more, your planes will die to AA before then, and the rocket planes... well unless its a very very poor AA ship they get wiped before you even get close. (on some cruisers they will not hit to LMFAO Also the games are still the same as before.... the team with the less brainless players win, only diffrence now is in a CV i cant influence the game any more. Best fix is up the damage on hits for torps bombs and rockets... if "de-planeing" is what WGing is after let us do some damage before it happens.
  11. Tugnut

    CV Rework Discussion

    Trouble is any positive changes to the CVs will then make a group of players spam play the Enterprise again trying to effect the CV rework in the game. Also getting a little boared of the changes all the time now, might be a good time to find a better supported game to play.
  12. Tugnut

    What makes a great game to you?

    I play solo and have a OK wr for it... The game that I played vs the cat clan... You had 2 on 1 side and 1 on the other.. 1 side lost... Why?
  13. What i have seen in games it plays well... maybe LTP that ship!
  14. Tugnut

    What makes a great game to you?

    For me... hard fort games maybe a clutch win at the end... Problem is most games i see are like these: They make for poor games for both sides! is this what WGing thinks we want in games... fast as posible over before the game gets going! And is it me or tier 10 just full of the worst players! is it ebay accounts or some one that plays a lot of games but forgot how to learn to play the game on the journy?
  15. Tugnut

    Karma - Rewards and Punishments

    if my karma is not on 0 i am not happy.... is on 2 at the moment, must try harder to upset poor players by deleating them.