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  1. Tugnut


    Biggest unbalance in the game is players skills... not the actual ships. Yes a lone wolf DD will get picked off, and in some cases this is better.... remember the games that you have 1 DD and that DD wants to sail around the out side of the map to cap there base or That shimma that wants to torp at max range.
  2. Tugnut

    Got a free Kaga carrier

    Best CV in the game well i think so anyways... Kaga dont care about AA... all ways more planes to use :P
  3. Tugnut

    What good is coal? - gives usless rerwards

    Maybe your not using enough in games then! (or enough of the correct ones) would of looked at your profile to see how you play but your one of the special players that like to hide there stats!
  4. Tugnut

    Exeter - Last stage

    Omg and its done... for badges i cant advise, as found this to be quite hard no matter what i tried... 3 kill in a game part, found that hard as every one else is trying to do this and players would hold off firing tell they would get a kill shot (did this in co op in a DD Gallant and went yolo, use your smoke to get them in as close as poss, try get the first kill at distance with torps, then 2nd close up, and hope your tubes reload before your dead lol) Citidels: found this quite easy in the Nelson if you have it. The Nelson is great for 2 reasons, first good guns that will draw citidels - 2nd in co op the game puts 1 on the enemy side to... if you can board side, and shoot the back its citidel city back there got 6 citidels 1 game 4 from the enemy Nelson.
  5. Tugnut

    Exeter easiest to aim for achievements ?

    not if your team gets rolled over, and the game is over before its even started.
  6. Tugnut

    Exeter easiest to aim for achievements ?

    If i knew the last set of missions was going to be such a nasty grind of no fun, i would of not bothered doing the 1st mission.... getting to the point i would rather crap in my hands and clap than play any more ships.
  7. Tugnut

    CV rework failed every test it was set.

    I am finding the most impact in games, is the amount of unskilled players of all classes, that you have on your side effects the game. T10 BB player 31% wr in one game! how do you get that low a WR? ( thats is the over all WR and not just that ships BTW :/ )
  8. Tugnut

    Some more CV stuff

    I think the Fighters - ship based and dropped need a rework... Enemy CV dropped his fighters to guard his DD... got fighters to chase press F and they follow you out... come back no fighter cover. plus even if they win a fighter vs fighter battle they still bail out from the game. they should stay until dead or time is up imho.
  9. Tugnut

    CV rework failed every test it was set.

    1 skill gap like in all ships effects the game... but you no longer have the best CV players shutting out plebs, the pleb may still suck due to flying in to AA over and over but its down to him to learn and not be shut out by a noobicum 2 Alpha strike! well any one can get a detonation. But if i want to kill some one i have to work at it... unless that player goes rambo and there CV offers no protection for them! 3 tbh still think they are working on this... and you cant have so strong a AA that the CV player cant do any damage in the game.
  10. Tugnut

    Saipan refund - are we being serious?

    This is why we are seeing a ping pong effect, tell WGing just lets the CV player base turn to nothing again. We got a problem with cracking this nut..... No problem me lad, i got a sledge hammer that will solve it.
  11. Tugnut

    What about a premium CV - let's say Ark Royal?

    I think it was russia to start with... but due to no direction signal and fuel problems, China was the best bet!
  12. Tugnut

    CV's - Good looking, but that's about it.

    @El2aZeR Do you in the most part play in a platoon or solo? And what is your opinon of the latest changes in CV's ?
  13. At the end of the day, if WGing carry on with release a OP Ship to make the sale but then nerf the stats after sales drop ect.... People will stop buying no matter how good it is at first.
  14. Tugnut

    New Błyskawica camo

    I am 1 mission away from getting this :)
  15. Tugnut

    Cloned (and similar) ships: too many!

    Ajax .... I would be like WGing take my money. tbh also Achilles, even if they was the same ship diffrent skins... would take both.