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  1. Tugnut

    Bad CV players and their increasing frequency

    Only thing that troubles me with the "CV changes" and it being said will balance the play out is how?... will it be that no matter how bad or good you are the CV are just dull point and click with no skill? as if skill is required your going to see the same problem!... maybe they think removing the fighters will let crappy not so good players have planes for longer (then again did they not say the planes will be sort of unlimited!). And the games that the bad players would lose there aircraft quick was quite a lot of the time down to poor targets that had strong AA.
  2. Tugnut


    psst WGing add HMS Ajax as a prem
  3. its a shame i can at most play weekends, and these bad games are soo normal at the weekemd now, its taking a lot of the fun out of playing.
  4. Tugnut

    Gameplay is now a joke

    quite a few games today... most of them being a loss.... getting in position to support, take a look at the scores and we down 4 ships, how do players die that quick... spotted 1 2 3 < when you see this it means you been seen and the number of targeting players are about to spank you.... but players dont want to press Q E A D :( out of all the lost games we won 2 but same rubbish we push enemy team, and they are sooo bad its a white wash. Time to switch off and go do some thing more fun like watching grass grow.
  5. Tugnut

    Matchmaking Chart

    5 Games to night, 4 in t8 ship. 1 in t9 ship..... 4 of the games all t10 (including the t9 game) and 1 t8 ship game in a t9 game.... for 5 games not top tier :( would of done more games but thought well thats enough of that rubbish for one night :( Love the game but the MM makes me want to switch off. facing soo many games at t10 in the t8 ships is horrid.
  6. Tugnut

    The state of CVs - why the rework is necessary

    When you get a game vs a CV... if your poor AA you need to keep an eye on the aircraft... watch them like you would watch torps incoming at you. if your strong with AA try to support the ships that are poor at AA (unless its a BB hugging the back of the map) and just cus you got good AA still keep an eye on them aircraft as they still could go for you. also remeber the CV cap on your side is multitasking so pointing out planes to them can help them support you... unless its a poor CV captian :/ The biggest problem i see is the diffrent skill lvl between 2 players can be massive.... also players that drop there high skill captians to lower tier CV's are going to be at a massive advantage to. Happy sailing Flying :P
  7. Tugnut

    Deepwater Torps?????????????

    First I do believe its in "test" and its not easy to hit things right first second or even third time. Deep water torps make no diffrence when playing vs a CV (well unless your in a class it cant hit). from when i first started playing vs CV and still to this day watching torp planes approaching a BB and the pilot of the BB not taking any action to minimise the damage they are going to recive (avoid the plane drop and not the torps in the water). back in the day i all way seen it as a victory to only be hit by 1 or 2 torps from a drop... if you can avoid them all together all the time then its broken. make the CV player work for his damage... the more he has to reposition the planes gives you time to kill planes or force a bad drop or even give yor CV time to send you help. (also just a hint a CV will go for the damage...so if your sitting at the back with no support in ya BB the CV going to go well thats my first target)
  8. Tugnut

    One Sided Destroyer Number Advantage

    I find in games its the side that supports there said amount of DDs that win, and not who has more of them! (aslo as said above dependent on your DD skills) Was in a game the weekend that our 1 DD said he was going to get the enemy CV.... And the horror of watching and trying to talk him out of going down the middle of two brothers... and yes this was at the start of the game.... did not end well.
  9. Tugnut

    HMS King George V

    9 Games 9 wins ave damage79k
  10. Tugnut

    Without Gallant, only one collection box a day??

    I got her, not that pricy.... Did you know Anthony captain with his 19 points can sail in the gallant in randoms :P
  11. You dont have to do both extreme's.... first off max range like ya said boring and not needed 90% of the time... but you dont have to go guns blazing in to the fray. If you got the right ships to back you up to get close, DD that are on point should see torps before they get to you... also if you have a fighter... great tool for spotting. if you can fight mid range this can be good, you can be supported or support others... this is where as you play more games you under stand whats happing in game and can adjust. Also if your spotted by a ship and you cant see a ship chances are you be seeing torps soon, try not to sail 1 speed 1 direction for to long. also try to think the area the DD would be in and maybe look out for torps. Try DD playing you get a better under standing of torps and how against players that have a some skills its not soo easy to get them hits
  12. Tugnut

    New ship preview: Monarch

    A men Brother.
  13. Tugnut

    BB's sniping RN light cruisers

    Took the Edinburgh with Radar out for a try....Did not die just kept moving and used islands and others smoke.... also had to hunt a DD down that was after our CV.... He did not espect me to have radar to muhahahahahaha Any ways gone back to smoke for now.... but think i might mix it up wile grinding just to make it more fun.
  14. Tugnut

    Just Curious

    Ignore them and carry on.
  15. Tugnut

    Too many DD

    only games i think are going to go bad are the domination games with only 1 DD in the game total :/