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  1. This is a start but don't just think the Missouri being in loot box's is the only problem... Don't get me wrong loot box's as a Christmas thing with a good mix of rewards is great and have dabbled in the past. But using loot box's for almost everything puts me off and I would imagine by the CC reaction to it them to. Slow. And steady wins the race, trying to ring out every cent out of your player base is OK short term, but I feel hurts the player base and game long term.
  2. Leaving because of your moral duty because you feel the game has fallen far from what is should be at or even heading to, is a better badge of honor... than anything WGing could give you. I dout WGing will see the error in the things they have done, and most prob stick a band aid on it and ignore whats going on. BUT this is a great chance for them to bring a lot of players back on board, fix a few wrong doings. Selling ships in loot boxs imho is the worst turn off to me for spending money on this game, i tend to spend on stuff i like and have a intrest in, even if they are not the best and greatest thing on sale. also maybe selling the all bad arse great ships a little cheaper and more oftern, (you know WGing the new players you keep trying to get, have a chance to buy the ships in the game) would open it up for more players to be able to afford them and more players spending money and getting some thing they truly want and will enjoy.... is this not a win for all... players, CC, streamers/youtubers, and WGing them selfs... if i am happy and enjoying somthing i dont mind spending time and money on it.
  3. Tugnut

    CVs & Subs in WoWS together

    The players that want the old CV RTS are the very few that owned the air and sea. Back then you had very few CV players as you would be de-planed quite quick or be able to do nothing wile your enemy stopped your attacks. Also BBs hated the ole 3 drop diffrent direction torps that would all but and may times would take them out of the game. new system makes CV more friendly to more players and not so devastating.
  4. Tugnut

    Citadels in the current state of game

    I thought it was all about the burn.... he he he he and more he, and watch them BURN.
  5. Tugnut

    Any way to stop THIS

    WGing new money making.... want the pop ups to stop... pay a subscription of X monies a day. Ummm do i delete this post.... might give them ideas!
  6. Tugnut

    WG's approach to community relations

    Only Mods stalk these forums... they are as close as you will get to a WGing employee, but they are only here to flex the ole ego if you say anything cutting about the overloards. Only thing WGing care about is milking whales... and wile the whales keep throwing cash at them, they will care very little what the player base has to say.
  7. Sorry I have no one I dislike enough to recommend this game to them.
  8. the game has sailed far from... what can we do to add a positive experience to the game to what fat whales can we harpoon
  9. Tugnut

    Questionaire ended really fast...

    is this fact or your opinion? Also if people are pressing towards the neg field... to think of it, why would WGing not add a text field to it, would this not be the best way to get what WGing customers are thinking? 0 could be for a lot of reasons, the text field or even followed up with a multible bullet and a text field asking a reson? Also the amount WGing are pushing there invite a friend, you think they could get there data/answer from how much that is used?
  10. Tugnut

    Write here your biggest everyday annoyance when in WOW

    Domination and players not understanding how to play it :/
  11. Tugnut

    General CV related discussions.

    Quick question... is it a bug that if rocket planes even sniff land their aim is totaly out... or is it by design to make them even worse than they all ready are?
  12. Not sure it was a Achievement! But soo glad i was not on the enemy side in a normal BB that MM .....
  13. Tugnut

    General CV related discussions.

    the problem with WGing is first they realy dont care what we think... mods are only ones hear to protect there over lords from us talking nasty/"toxic" they dont like the game skill based... MM and RnG are the king of the seas.
  14. Tugnut

    Attack plane nerf

    BB and Cruiser players you think would be up in arms to.... as no point going for the DD now (well i been for years attacking DDs with torps so honed my skill in this a bit) Imagine your in your plane you line your shot up, and fire your rockets................................................................................................................................................................................................................ then they fire LMFAO But WGing have ballenced this by giving us a little cute mashine gun fire animation ! Also i am getting to read a lot of books i did not have time to read.... fire my rockets read a few pages then they fire lmfao.
  15. Tugnut

    5 Days of Premium Ship Giveaways

    If your going for the cv my advice don't bother... Its sooo weak