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  1. One player on my side got upset because i was not doing what he asked, told me to uninstal the game, my karma went down by 1 (only noticed as it was not a 0 for a change :P ) Wish i was a batter player and did more for my team :( Now do i uninstall if i am upsetting players sooo much. player in question has a better winrate as mine (i am such a bad player) anyways below is the result of the game. enjoyed the game a lot as we was behind in score for about 80% of the game, as was not till the end we turned it around. GG to the enemy team games like these are far to rare to enjoy these days. I put the team result first as i belive this was a team effot. Not a massive score game, but was better.. close run game that went almost to the end.
  2. Tugnut

    Alpha players

    Back in Alpha/Beta there was the anti CV meta... platoon of 2 USS Cleveland.
  3. Tugnut

    Alpha players

    I was not erly Alpha, i got in on the Weekend warrior event (think it was advertised on FB at the time), then got invited to stay on as a Alpha (seems soo long ago now) still remeber firing them guns for the first time and thinking OMG this is epic, also remeber my 2 team kills in a DD from 2nd line shooting lol, i was such a noob hehehe
  4. Tugnut

    Alpha players

    How many are still about? and 2nd do you ever take the ole Alpha ship for a spin still? Might have to dedicate a days play to it :D
  5. Tugnut

    A place for everyone.

    If you ask for help, i find this forum will be more than happyto help. only ones that get flamed down are ones Demanding and unwilling to get help.
  6. Tugnut

    Good bye, it's been fun.

    only play solo myself, games fine imho. But good luck in your next game
  7. Tugnut

    What to convince me to play again

    Learn the new CV play... have loads of fun swimming in the sea of salt.
  8. Tugnut

    Why I keep getting the bad teams

    If they are staying in to play video games its a win no!
  9. Tugnut

    Why I keep getting the bad teams

    Not sure if your trolling but... its a team game and may require many players to do there bit to win. your 200 games at a 43.50% this says your still learning the game. use twich and youtube to watch and learn what skilled players are doing and the best ways to play the ships you are using. nicest way i could put it.
  10. Tugnut

    Remove ship health status bars,

    Nice idea if most players knew how to play, yet the amount of low health ships that get away due to no focus... or games with 0 kills on one side due to no one knowing how to focus, i will have to gsay nope bad idea.
  11. Best comment in the game... you dont have any Torps? (had a ship trying to kill me before time ran out) edit: also a good day for shipping
  12. Well if Jingle's says its so... it must be true, nothing to the fact he has always disliked CV's due to the fact he lacks the skill to play them (even in there dumb down state) the bad player base is bigger in this game now, the ones that like to sail on there own or DDs that feel they have to get to the cap first and leave all the nice Cruisers with there AA behind. players like these are what the Cv will look for.. nice damage grind :D To many players with tunnel vision imho
  13. well its a weekend day... well i think it is as my winrate for today is confusing LOL... all luck of course :P
  14. Tugnut

    Cunningham Tokens progression so far?

    Saipan is nice... But very hard to play, easy to lose all you planes in a bad t10 pull... Kaga with weeker planes will on a bad tier10 pull will be more forgiving, make a mistake still loads of planes in the hanger, but with the Saipan with a bad mistake you lost a lot of planes :/
  15. love playing the Albermarle, had only but great games in it! or maybe i been just lucky.