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  1. tankgame2

    Where are Warspite's turret top AA mountings?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Warspite_%2803%29 to shepbur You will find all the information you need concerning warspit above. and you will see the refit was between 1934 and 1937 this is when the aa guns was mounted on top of her main turrets and many more features. hope this helps
  2. tankgame2

    Where are Warspite's turret top AA mountings?

    NICE photos and i agree to the last letter. wg as done no favours for the british.here warspite was a bettter ship than this.shame on you wg.
  3. tankgame2

    torpedoes or missiles

    when aiming at a target with a cruiser or destroyer with your guns and press the middle mouse button you will fire a torpedoes like a missile flying through the air, this is definately a bug. Sorry for the spelling before, very late a night and had a few drinks
  4. tankgame2

    Will i ever play. :(

    give the lad a chance he just wants to play the game. He has been a member since 2012. There are players who have not even played wot and wowp who are now happly playing wows. So give the lad some slack. Good luck in the future Grimwristler.
  5. tankgame2

    capture base at the harbours

    Thanks for all your comments for and against. The point i am trying to make is that we start from the Port which you see when the game starts. The developers have done such a good job where the ships are harboured it would be a shame not to utilise it in game. So we start from the Port and move out to sea to battle but the finish game is the emey Port which will have its own defences in the way of bots which you must destroy. As for those worried about people camping, if they have not moved out of the harbour in 4 mins of game they will be automaticly stopped from leaveing the harbour which will make them nice targets for the enemy. This should stop the happy campers. I appreciate this may take more time mabe 30 mins of game play against 15 mins. I hope this clears a few points up and draws some interest.
  6. tankgame2

    capture base at the harbours

    To the developers. Is it possible to have the capture points at the harbours and leave the open seas for battles, and remove a lot of the islands as this is only good for small ships like destroyers. Larger ships cannot manover or turn in time to avoid collision with one of these Islands, which then makes it an easy target for the destroyers. Very annoying. Also this would make the destroyers work harder for there kills.
  7. yep still up with a cup of tea.nice one