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  1. So I've been having another weekend losing streak and I'm kind of pissed off which might be channeling this a bit. But, I've just lost yet another horrible match (our team mustered three kills, two of which were mine) where I noticed, the enemy team only had two players who didn't have a ranking of lower than 15. Whereas, only two players on my team had a rank higher than 15 (only three in total had ranks!). Surely this could/should be something taken into account when teams are being matched? There is now a decent yard stick to use when assessing people's capabilities and it would help against these horribly one sided matches. (Sorry, I've been trying to get a screen shot but for some reason my PC just keeps capturing a black screen)
  2. Great to have you aboard! Will accept the application when I get home from work!
  3. We're continuing to build more buildings. Oil is flowing nicely but we could always use more members!
  4. The oil is starting to flow in quite nicely, but we could always due with more members, if you would like to become a member of a nice relaxed clan, please send in an application! All applications will be accepted.
  5. We got our first member! There's now two of us!
  6. Hi All, I wanted to be able to experience the whole Oil = Buildings = Prizes features but couldn't really commit too much as with work and other commitments, I felt it wouldn't be fair taking up a spot in a clan. For that reason, I started my own! If you're like minded, would love to have a go at collecting Oil and reaping the rewards of the buildings and to have a group of people to division up with when you happen to be on but have a busy life and can't commit to anything scheduled, then please send in an application! I'll accept all applications
  7. Sicknote1

    Defense of Naval Station

    Yeah, I've only ever manged 4 stars, and that was when I lucked out and got a Division of clan mates in my game. Unfortunately the other players weren't the best
  8. Sicknote1

    Did anyone else have a terrible weekend?

    I was furious enough without the influence of alcohol, I can only imagine what would have happened to my monitor after some of those matches if I had been drinking too!
  9. Sicknote1

    Did anyone else have a terrible weekend?

    Maybe that was my mistake, waiting so long for British BBs, that's exclusively what I played this weekend. Maybe I should have jumped into my Gallant!
  10. Morning All, I'm not trying to moan about teammates, in fact, I'm pretty ashamed about some of the hate chat that I sent out during my weekend of play. If you were one of the people in my rage induced firing line, I'm sorry. What my misery is looking for, is company. Looking at my stats for the weekend, I ended up with a win rate of only 35% and it just seemed no matter what I did, most matches ended up a loss. What would perk me up a bit on this gloomy Monday morning is to hear that I wasn't alone! So imagine me as the guy propping up the end of the bar who looks like he's got nothing left to give to the world and just wants to hear about how crap other people's lives are for a bit of Schadenfreude!
  11. Sicknote1

    Verdict on Nelson?

    @Nfinitum - I've just answered this on another thread, if you're going to ask a question because you can't be bothered to do the maths yourself, don't spam multiple threads with the same question.
  12. Sicknote1

    Nelson - passive gameplay and camping intensifies!!

    375,000 / 25 = 15,000
  13. Sicknote1

    Verdict on Nelson?

    It's a bit of an Enigma for me, it's now my top damage dealer at tier 7 but my lowest win rate. I'm loving the ship but battle results aren't great. Hoping it's just the fact that everyone is shooting at the Nelsons when they see them at the moment as my survival rate is pitiful!
  14. Sicknote1

    Nelson confirmed cost and stats

    Taken from Wikipedia: She was nicknamed "Nels-ol" from the resemblance in her outline to RN oilers, whose names ended in "-ol".
  15. Sicknote1

    Cursed Ships

    Mogami and FdG for me, 88 battles in the mogami and 38 in the FdG and both WRs are at 44% At least I've now unlocked the 420mm guns on the FdG and have been faring a lot better recently! The Mogami I've finally slogged through and I'm on the Ibuki.