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  1. Yeah, I've only ever manged 4 stars, and that was when I lucked out and got a Division of clan mates in my game. Unfortunately the other players weren't the best
  2. I was furious enough without the influence of alcohol, I can only imagine what would have happened to my monitor after some of those matches if I had been drinking too!
  3. Maybe that was my mistake, waiting so long for British BBs, that's exclusively what I played this weekend. Maybe I should have jumped into my Gallant!
  4. Morning All, I'm not trying to moan about teammates, in fact, I'm pretty ashamed about some of the hate chat that I sent out during my weekend of play. If you were one of the people in my rage induced firing line, I'm sorry. What my misery is looking for, is company. Looking at my stats for the weekend, I ended up with a win rate of only 35% and it just seemed no matter what I did, most matches ended up a loss. What would perk me up a bit on this gloomy Monday morning is to hear that I wasn't alone! So imagine me as the guy propping up the end of the bar who looks like he's got nothing left to give to the world and just wants to hear about how crap other people's lives are for a bit of Schadenfreude!
  5. @Nfinitum - I've just answered this on another thread, if you're going to ask a question because you can't be bothered to do the maths yourself, don't spam multiple threads with the same question.
  6. 375,000 / 25 = 15,000
  7. It's a bit of an Enigma for me, it's now my top damage dealer at tier 7 but my lowest win rate. I'm loving the ship but battle results aren't great. Hoping it's just the fact that everyone is shooting at the Nelsons when they see them at the moment as my survival rate is pitiful!
  8. Taken from Wikipedia: She was nicknamed "Nels-ol" from the resemblance in her outline to RN oilers, whose names ended in "-ol".
  9. Mogami and FdG for me, 88 battles in the mogami and 38 in the FdG and both WRs are at 44% At least I've now unlocked the 420mm guns on the FdG and have been faring a lot better recently! The Mogami I've finally slogged through and I'm on the Ibuki.
  10. Also, was it just me or did all the voices of RN captains or RAF "Colonels" sounded decidedly not British?
  11. Saw, bought, waiting for 5pm to rush home (to play maybe one game before heading out on a volunteer ambulance shift for the rest of the night, civic duty sucks!)
  12. It's a shame HMS Conqueror isn't getting torpedoes, or else there would be a few interesting (semi-) repeats of history!
  13. If you have a valid argument to make about historical accuracy, please make it, then I and many other people will most likely listen. If you're going to cherry pick numbers, disregard historical record and claim that since another game has a different mechanic and therefore draw historical conclusions from it, don't expect people to react well to ill-informed arguments. You're right, you have a right to post whatever you want (so long as it conforms with the forum rules and policies), but that also means that people have the right to make judgements about you, your demeanour and your intelligence from what you post. I'm not going to share what I think of your points and arguments as many other people have already covered it and I was taught that if you haven't got anything nice or useful to say, don't say it!
  14. OP, just looking at your stats, your survival rate for the RN cruisers is pretty low for the Emerald and Leander (8% and 18% respectively). If it helps, concentrate on staying alive first, not trying to get as much damage as possible. Hiding in smoke/behind islands, getting in positions where the enemy is concentrating on someone else, making sure you've always got an escape route if things start shooting at you and NEVER allow yourself to become the focus of an enemy BB. Hard to master I know but the line is really good fun and I think it makes you an overall better player once you have mastered it. Keep at it, it gets better! Just remember that you can't take any shots once someone is shooting at you so it's time to run and hide.
  15. ...seeing as he's now a "compatriot" of the motherland!