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  1. Guys come and join https://www.twitch.tv/aschwell and me Casting for the 1st time in the @kotswows Live now with MDF V BL4CK
  2. And back to the top with a Beardy Bang!!!!!!!!! BOBS3 I happy to open it's doors fully to the world now and we have around 20+ spaces there to add new Beards to our community :) Remember Beard is semi-optional but having a laugh and enjoying yourself is way-way more important :)
  3. You may be wondering where your daily dose of Beardy Brothers are - well we are FULL!!!! Sort of Ok well, there is still a little left from Christmas Dinner :) In the meantime, I can report that BOBS - Full, ISH BOBS2 - Full, May have spaces soon dependent upon activity!!! BOBS3 - Rebuild is set to commence very soon so we will need all the Beardy Goodness we can muster soon!!! In the meantime, we hope you had fun at our Christmas Events and we'd love to hear back from you all for those that were there!!!
  4. Apologies for this being late folks!!! Huge congarts to Day 10 - @sir_swagsalot Day 11 - @Foursite Day 12 - @Tar_Eldarion
  5. Sorry this is late guys - Prep for this weekend :) Day 8 of the 12 BOBS and our winner is - @Barronmr
  6. Congrats to @mouldykipper Todays Winner of Day 7 of 12 BOBS of Christmas
  7. Congratulations to @shoot_here Todays BOB of the DAY!!!
  8. Congrats to @Bark_steel You are todayss Lucky Winner!!!
  9. Day 4 of the 12 Days of BOBS is over And we can annouce that @Tomek_Zielarz
  10. Day 3 of the 12 BOBS is over and we have a winner!! Congratulations @Wanderer_Joe
  11. Glad to hear it sir :) Good luck on yur Charity drive as well!!! Day 3 is under way folks
  12. Sorry it's late folks - Works Christmas Event :) Congrats @Capt_Bluebottle Your the winner today :)
  13. Day 2 is off and running!!! The BOBS are out and about looking for worthy peeps :)
  14. DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! Our First Winner is..... @Hyppehest
  15. Twas the 1st Day of 12 BOBS, and all across the fields BOBS were out looking for people to nominate :) Get out in the games have fun and if you're nominated maybe when we run the Random Picker you might win!!!