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  1. And so it Begins!!! #Christmas2019 #ChristmasGiveaway The BOBS 2019 Christmas Stream Party is back in @WorldofWarships Starting in 10 Minutes!!!! Join us for 3 days of fun, Giveaways and Fun!! Starting on https://www.twitch.tv/tcfreer
  2. Urm - Sorry. but I don't work for WG? I'm just a CC?
  3. Full Live Schedule here folks!!! WITH PRIZES!!! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u4h23UVmy-ARougIAIu-ITGj7oqppqsHLdbhPMTjrzU/edit#gid=0
  4. @AveXxYT My comment was my own - I've yet to release my view on the PR grind etc I wanted to do this event for my own personal reasons. I appreciate how it looks from the community side as well.
  5. @AveXxYT This was being organized a few weeks ago before anything to do with PR. I understand that people are upset and angry about that, but I'd ask that we as the community separate the 2 events as much as possible. After all - Please, it's Christmas we should all be able to split these events
  6. Nice one @Shaka_D Looking forward to seeing ya!!
  7. YES - THE BROTHERHOOD OF BEARDS IS BACK!!!! For the 2nd Year running now, we are doing our epic Christmas Party Stream!!! This year, we are going for longer though!! We have some epic Streamers taking part, Christmas gifts aplenty, and of course, the chilled fun streams that BOBS has become known for :) The schedule is here Check it out and we look forward to welcoming you to the party!!! Start DATE - 20/12/2019 at 9pm GMT time (Please adapt for your local time)
  8. Congrats Guys - Great content from these folks well deserved :)
  9. Well Haven't posted here for a while - Apologies folks :) Hope your all well?
  10. tcfreer

    King of the Sea IX – Wochenende 2

    @DaMaGGo Danke Sir :) Mein Desutche ist nicht gut I'm afraid, apologies for that. Thanks all, they were great games to cast, especially as my first time doing it See you all next weekend for the Finals!!
  11. Holy smokes - EPIC ANNOUCEMENT!!! thanks to 2 Epic people if we hit 10k Twitch followers today we are giving ving away not 1, But 2 TIER 9 prems IN @WorldofWarships
  12. Hello Folks!!! Welcome to the Brotherhood of Beards!!! We are a chilled, fun group that enjoy having fun in the game. We are always looking to improve and grow - while having fun, being respectful to our fellow players and having fun!!! We have a Sunday Showcase day thats always streamed by the clan streamers - its a great insight to clan life and how we are :) Our Community currently has BOBS and BOBS2 in the EU server for Warships. We also have a NA clan - and a World of Tanks clan as well!!! All we ask if that you active, you have a positive outlook in game, you like to just chill out and have fun. Beard is not needed for application, but coming on our TS and joining the Discord would be great to fully immerse your self in Community Life :) We can Provide our Discord and TS Details on request if you'd like to pop along for chat Now with Recruitment Vid!!!
  13. Hey folks :) I'm TC and I'm the Leader of the BOBS community :) I first got involved in WoWs back in Closed Alpha - Long live the Kitakami :( I've since just played the game quietly as my own enjoyment away from another of WG's products. I've now decicded that I want to grow in Ships, and bring the same chilled, fun, saltfree gameplay and stream style that I have. I've grown my stream over 3 + years, but I love to see more new names in the chat :) RedBeren and myself do a switching stream on Sundays were we get the clan together, and play Ops, while chatting with the audience, having a laugh and just generally enjoying the game - with a few giveaways thrown in every now and then ;) Mondays, Wedensdays, Thursdays I'm normally live from around 7pm GMT ish till 10-10:30pm. Fridays we stream abit longer Saturdays we tend to have a long stream, and song request as well :) The stream has peeps of all level's and we are all happy to chat and help new people and exsisitng people. Stream - www.twitch.tv/tcfreer Twitter - @tcfreer Facebook - Tcfreer Feel free to drop a follow and come along :) Look forward to seeing you there!!!