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  1. DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! Our First Winner is..... @Hyppehest
  2. Twas the 1st Day of 12 BOBS, and all across the fields BOBS were out looking for people to nominate :) Get out in the games have fun and if you're nominated maybe when we run the Random Picker you might win!!!
  3. We start this THURSDAY folks!!!! Watch out for BOBS / BOBS2 or BOBS3 in your games - there on the look for peeps to nominate :)
  4. The 12 BOBS Kicks off in just 6days FOLKS!!! From the 13th of December - the members of BOBS will be on the lookout for players to nominate for a random Prize!!! We have 12 to give away from the 13th of December till the 24th of December!!!
  5. You want Biscuits - you got Biscuits:)
  6. Also on The Daily Bounce as well!!! https://thedailybounce.net/world-of-warships/the-bobs-first-annual-christmas-event/
  7. quikr, as someone who has around 70k of games in World of Tanks, I can say that I personally have found the World of Warships community to be mainly fun, courtesy and willing to share knowledge and help in chat. But we know people always get triggered sometimes, its to be expected occasionally. But its because of the majority, we want to start this and do it every year hopefully :)
  8. Folks of the World of Warships Forums, Hello and Welcome to the 1st Annual BOBS Christmas Event!!! Starting this year, we The Brotherhood of Beards[BOBS] community invite you to mark in your calander's some dates!!! Starting on the 13th of December and running everyday till Christmas Eve - BOBS Members will be out looking for players to nominate to recive a Random Prize!!! 1 Person per day will get a Prize (Picked at Random) Ranging from soem dubloons and prem days all the way up to a Tier 8 Prem Ship!!!! They have strict instructions from me to look for people in game who are fun, made the game a enjoyable experiance and worked well as a Team!!! I'll drop a short video on here the following the Draw for you to see who has won and the Prize they got for that day!!! Our BIG EVENT Starts at 17:00 on the 21st of December!!! The following link will show you, who is taking part, Prizes that are there to be won, and when!!! Click here for the Schedule!!! There will be other things on offer as well and you'll see there are some yet to be decided prizes - You won't know what they are unless your there!!! We Look Froward to seeing you all there and on the Sea :)
  9. Sure I'll ask one of the guys to drop you the details :)
  10. tcfreer

    BOBS Christmas Shenanigans!!!!

    10 Days till we Start the 12 Beards of Christmas folks!!! Will you be a luck recipient!!!
  11. Zenjoji - NP dude!!! Come on board, Mind the beard and grab a cold beer :)
  12. Indeed dude!!! We are proud to announce the arrival of our 3rd EU Clan!!! We have more space for Beards, laughs and fun :) Join us and never not laugh at the games again :)
  13. Eddie - join us on TS and we'll sort it out, I'll get someone to drop you an invite :)