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  1. FeelTheseTorps

    Steel for money, steel from campaign, steel everywhere

    I wonder what does WG staff have to say here? @MrConway @WG_Lumberjack @Crysantos @T33kanne
  2. FeelTheseTorps

    Steel for money, steel from campaign, steel everywhere

    I really hope im wrong and steel won't be obtainable in an easy way and I DO REALLY hope that steel won't be obtainable for money. But that is just hope...
  3. FeelTheseTorps

    Steel for money, steel from campaign, steel everywhere

    Self getting steel from campaign is not fair by itself. This currency was SUPPOSE to be received ONLY for competetive modes like rankeds and clan battles. There should be NO PLACE for steel from ANY SORT of campaign!
  4. Hello, as the thread says. This will be a discussion about upcoming changes, steel campaign, steel buyable. Back in the season 1 or 2 Wargaming decided they will award the best players on the server for their efforts during Clan Battles for getting the top spots in this competetive mode. The clans ware happy and did their best to get into Typhoon league and win 30 games in the league to get the Stalingrad unique flag (1 of 3) and to do it in the next seasons as well to finally get the ship. Recently the mentioned company introduced "steel" and Arsenal, so basically what they did was converting 2 Stalingrad flags into steel and add 10.000 steel reward for the third season for players to get the Stalingrad. Now as we can read in the news WG presents... a campaign for steel, steel obtainable from other sources (of course we all know what does "Other source" means or actually mean$$$). Every single of the members from the best clans from all servers from ASIA up to EU for their efforts in 3 seasons of clan battles get now this information as a "reward for best players". Basically what it means its that now even a 30% WR potato will be available to buy himself steel for Stalingrad/ Bourgougne/ Flint/ Black without single effort in CBs, rankeds or any other sort of competetive activities, he will just simply buy them. Where is it fair for the players that already earned the ship? What is the value WG wants to get from clan battles? What is the future of clan battles? Fighting each other only for prestige? As steel will be available anyway from every single source. Stalingrad was introduced as a elite ship for the best players, where is it elite now if you can simply do campaign, buy yourself a bit more steel, use free coupon for the ship and have it? I would like the best clans to take part of this discussion. With kind regards, [PNAVY]FeelTheseTorps
  5. FeelTheseTorps

    Clans: Fight Against Another Region! - Discussion Thread

    In order to select a Prime time your clan's Commander or a deputy officer needs to select it. All other clan ranks aren't working. In order to be counted for a reward you need to select other region then yours. The Clan battles are Tier 6 with 1 Battleship allowed and no aircraft carrier. You can play with multiple teams of 5 members choosing either Alpha or Bravo rating.
  6. FeelTheseTorps

    Cross-server Clan Battle MM test

    This Saturday and Sunday are KoTS 7 matches. How do you expect us to play the cross server clan battles after having 6-9 matches in KoTS which are by FAR more exhausting as you think they are? This is some next level *edited*Do NOT announce something if you keep cancelling it... We have asked whole clan to be online while CB russian prime time kicks in... and now what? The russian clan will get away to live another day? -.-
  7. FeelTheseTorps

    JaQ_TSW - szukam portu

    Witaj Jaq, odezwę się do Ciebie w grze ;) https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/101893-qrf-quick-reaction-force-w-pełnej-gotowości-bojowej/
  8. FeelTheseTorps

    Rozgladam sie za klanem ;)

    Wejdź do nas na TS, pogadaj, z chęcią popływamy w dywizjonie ;) jak się spodoba to zostaniesz :) Tu masz adres posta rekrutacyjnego, w którym jest adres TSa :) Zapraszamy
  9. FeelTheseTorps

    ٠•★ [DoNot] Touch Me ★•٠ Zaprasza w swoje szeregi!

    A Pancerny widzę w każdym temacie obecny xD
  10. FeelTheseTorps

    [QRF] Quick Reaction Force w pełnej gotowości bojowej!

    Połowa klanu zajęta, druga połowa jeszcze wolna... może to właśnie na Ciebie czekamy? Przyjdź na TS, zobacz, posłuchaj, pograj, a później zdecyduj.
  11. FeelTheseTorps

    Poszukuję klanu

    Siemka, oficer klanu QRF do Ciebie napisał :)
  12. FeelTheseTorps

    Rozglądam się za klanem

    Siemka, oficer klanu QRF do Ciebie napisał :)
  13. FeelTheseTorps

    Szukam klanu

    Siemka, oficer QRF napisał Ci wiadomość prywatną w grze :) Zapraszamy.