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  1. vonBlashyrkh

    Changes to tomorrow's patch

    So the cyclone is still spreading like a virus to other maps?
  2. vonBlashyrkh

    Comprehensive List of Design Flaws

    Agreed, I've spent entire Standard Battle games in bottom tier IJN dd's lighting the enemy up for our team to shoot while fling torps at them without hit but achieving a delaying action. Games ends and I've been in the bottom 2 on xp (just above the afk guy) because all that's rewarded is damage. A very meagre return for a 20 minute game where I could argue I'd saved our cap while protecting and directing the fire of the teams bigger guns. What you are describing Corvi is decent DD play. Bad DD's die in the first 3 minutes and rarely achieve anything, spotted DD's should be focussed and destroyed. I'll also counter that by saying how little fun it was in my last game for a Shokaku to basically freely annihilate my Fuso (and no I wasn't off alone). Another situation where one player could strike another without any fear of retaliation whatsoever is that any more right, fun or fair than your example?
  3. vonBlashyrkh


    I hate this map. And there's so many things wrong with it. Here are a few of the problems as I see them and some possible solutions. Split spawns that when uneven can just be horrible - please get rid of this very gamey mechanic and have the entire team start together, SW & NE. Domination could then have caps NW, Centre and SE. Spawns are too close together, coupled with no cover you can be seen and under fire before you get a chance to do anything - move them back towards the border. It's the very definition of a corridor map, and this game is about movement, being funnelled is not a good thing. The map sides are not even, west has a stronger position by virtue of having no split in the cover island for a fast cruiser or dd to exploit early. Either close the channel between to 2 eastern islands, or provide one on the west to even them up Too small for t6 or higher, no ship over t5 should see this map.
  4. vonBlashyrkh

    Does anyone know any of the mechanics of the MM

    I too often have this perception of being bottom tier more than my 'fair share', so over the last couple of weeks, I took a note and this is what I found: Ship tier Top tier Mid tier Bottom tier 3 2 4 15 27 10 5 30 27 30 6 3 2 2 Total 48 58 42 As you can see it isn't that bad at all - and that' after a bad run today where 9/12 tier 5 games were played with tier 7 ships. I can't speak for higher tiers, simply because I haven't played them yet. Make of it what you will
  5. vonBlashyrkh

    Detonation Mechanic

    Just got Detonated after firing one salvo and scoring one hit, what a great x3 that was. If I get deleted by being citadeled because of a mistake I made showing broadside to the wrong enemy, then fair enough. But RNG should not dictate that your game is over from one hit, ever. I am of the opinion this mechanic should be removed.
  6. vonBlashyrkh

    Strait map

    That's just proving the old adage that teamwork is OP. Doesn't make it a good map.
  7. vonBlashyrkh

    Maps Ocean and Strait

    I utterly loathe Strait, it's the one map I never wish to see. Combines all the worst sins of map design into one horrible experience after another. Split spawns that may force you to play against an overwhelming force, corridors that prevent the ability to manoeuvre and initial spawns far too close. You can be fudged before the game starts and that's not fun for anyone. Would be so much better to have the entire teams spawn NE and SW, and then domination areas could be NW, Centre and SE.
  8. Why just DD's, why should not all classes / tiers be mirrored in all matches?
  9. vonBlashyrkh

    sapan is a discrace

    Oh the irony
  10. vonBlashyrkh

    Unified account?

    It's interesting to note that this weekend, WoT has a discount on 180 days / 360 days premium time for it's 5th anniversary, yet it is not discounted in the WoWS shop, so be careful where you buy your time from
  11. vonBlashyrkh

    Strait map

    i hate this and I still hate Hotspot and for exactly the same reason, split spawns. The game can be decided before a move has been made or shot fired if one side gets a terrible matchup.
  12. vonBlashyrkh

    So, you call this fixxed match-making, right? Hahaha

    I swear I wrote something about OBT / live onwards, not sure where that comment went. CBT isn't possible with the limited numbers
  13. vonBlashyrkh

    So, you call this fixxed match-making, right? Hahaha

    My issue for the last week has been, I keep getting the wrong team. But seriously, due to the rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock makeup of the ship classed MM should try to balance all classes in numbers, tier and ship type across both sides come open beta. Looking at line ups I can usually predict which side will win, simply based on which team can over power the other in key areas.Giving one team the battleship advantage and balancing that against the other team getting cruiser superiority doesn't work, when battleships are designed to kill cruisers, same with CA v DD, CV v CV and so on.
  14. vonBlashyrkh

    Huge amount of time of loading a game.

    Same, with 0.3.0 I would get in while the 30sec countdown was still running, since 0.3.1, can be anything between 3 secs left on countdown to the game already being 2 minutes old before I start sailing.
  15. vonBlashyrkh

    Contact list empty after todays patch (3.1.3)

    Yep, contacts also vanished here too.