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    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    This is bit off-topic but... You DO realize the function of battle server in this game, right? You do realize that in order of cheats like you describe to work, someone would have to inject their code to WG server? Client sends data to server and receives reponse, then draws result on screen. That's it. All important calculations, like if you hit someone, are done on battle server. I watched your links and to be honest, am not convinced that is a genuine "hack". Sure, some kind "aim assists" can be done on client but that's all they are: assists. They literally CANNOT make you hit if server decides you miss. On topic: Massive FPS drops after 4-6 games, going from stable 75 down to 20-30, occasionally as low as 9. Client restart clears this, so you might be leaking some resource. Can't believe this wasn't noticed in testing and if it was, how it still can be seen in released product.
  2. So you and 74 other people can have the server all to yourselves? You have any idea what that would mean to this game? I remember devs saying that WoWs is not so much paper-rock-scissors type game, ships had IRL their own roles to fulfill and WoWs tries to follow that.
  3. Sons_Of_Horus

    Carrier state: Calling out devs

    And pray tell, how do you stick around cruisers that are going 5-8 knots faster than you doing their own thing?
  4. Haw haw, done that in Tirpitz with just one. Turned towards the spread to take only one at the tip of the bow to minimize number of hits. Lo and behold, that hit detonated magazine. 3 is just overkill. E: I don't have a replay so obviously it didn't really happen, but still...
  5. Sons_Of_Horus

    Working hacks in WoWs

    I don't know if they ban people on WoWs yet. But they do ban in WoT, they post (semi)regularily number of how many people have been banned for unallowed mods.
  6. Sons_Of_Horus

    Karma system lol

    That would be WG spoiling us, hard.
  7. Sons_Of_Horus

    I think it's time we start a GoFundMe to buy WG EU a brain...

    Phew! Thanks, for a moment i was worried that WG is up to it's old tricks again.
  8. It might be possible that we have already crossed the BB event horizon. You know, the point beyond which is only profitable for WG to make BB even more easy, forgiving and attracting to play. Until we reach BB singularity point when the servers are populated only by BB players.
  9. Sons_Of_Horus

    The Impending BBabypocalypse.

    And what would this re-work be? And what it is supposed to achieve? I am afraid you intend that change somehow punish long range sniping BBs. That would be just what you wrote in the first line. Which I agree with, btw. Well, actually I do think CVs need really serious rework. I know I am alone in this, but an RTS clicker does not mix well with slow paced arcade shooter. How CVs should be implemented to this game properly, I have no idea.
  10. Sons_Of_Horus

    Battleships should earn 0 XP and credits for CA kills

    It's raining shells! Hallelujah! It's raining shells! Amen! I'm gonna go out, I'm gonna let myself get Absolutely soaking citadelled.
  11. Sons_Of_Horus


    I once killed entire enemy team just by aiming at them.
  12. Sons_Of_Horus

    High smokers R.N. Captains

    No, not really. Graf Spee had some damage to superstructure (Exeter might have hit her also, can't remember) which caused the captain to believe that the ship might not survive northern Atlantic conditions. His opinion has been considered having been too pessimistic.
  13. Sons_Of_Horus

    Hood performance

    Turns like a train and secondaries are nothing to write home about but otherwise not too bad. On the other hand I have had only less than 20 battles in it.
  14. Sons_Of_Horus

    Non radar cruisers in cyclones

    The level of butt hurt in this post almost made my butt hurt.