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  1. _Argas_

    Yukon in the Armory and Premium Shop

    For anyone interested about story of development of Yukon into the game, I highly recommend reading LittleWhiteMouse's review of it and their part in this story. Very interesting read. Don't buy this ship. It's trash and it supports WG way to do business. #giveusHMCSNunavik
  2. _Argas_

    A Look Through Time: German Destroyers

    Just as with last one, great article and quiz. Good way to learn new interesting facts, I really appreciate it. I would be quite happy so them on monthly basis. So good job whoever makes them!
  3. _Argas_

    A Look Through Time: Italian Battleships

    I really like the idea of adding quiz for these kinds of articles. It made me pay attention and even look back through the text again to get answers right. Would love to see this more often and I personaly don't even mind that rewards are nothing special. It's more about learning something new and not winning a jackpot. (but I would be quite happy to get some nice free stuff for sure ) But at the end, great article and lovely idea with quiz. Big thumbs up
  4. _Argas_

    Dry Dock: World War II Navies Compared

    Great video, I enjoyed it quite a lot. It's one think to hear numbers in war documentaries, but showing different periods of war and graphicaly compare each naval powers is something I never seen before and it gave me much better insight. More videos like this please
  5. _Argas_

    World of Warships Advent Calendar

    It worked about 20 minutes ago. But I suppose they relised that challange: "Try reworked Ranked battles" when they still didn't introduce it, is not the best way to start a week.
  6. Hello there everyone, I guess most of us would normaly just spend most of the time on forum flaming everything we hate about the game, but this time I would like to star something little bit different. Clan battle season this weekend (qualifications of Verizon Warrior's Championship) was the best CBs I played this year. It was hard for our clan to get 9 players online, but when we did, we had a blast. There were so many options to play it, so many usefull ship combinations to choose from. Not just Stalingrads+Venizias (Spring season) or Petro rush (last season) or T6 schenanigans. Variety was just amazing. Absence of CVs was just... great (how unexpected, right?). It feels good to be able to set up positions without need to put ships together so they would have at least some chance to protect themselves from aerial attacks. But let's don't make this post about CVs so no more about that matter. Now I would like to ask, what is your experinece with this little CB season? Did you and your clanmates enjoyed it or you found it frustrating? I have to admit, getting 9 players together can be hard for some smaller clans, but on the other hand, battles were more interesting with this amount of ships. So at the end, hats of to Wargaming for giving us this season. The fact, that next Clan Brawls seems to be also pretty nice looking, might mean playerbase finaly convinced WG what they like? Let's hope so...
  7. _Argas_

    Submarine Testing

    WG: "We heard you people. Now submarines can stay underwater unlimited amount of time and they can keep going full speed. Also batteries will be charging but just a little for... you know, balancing reasons. Also submerged subs will be able to keep spotting ships on surface in ONLY half of their view range. What a nerf, right?" I tried to be constructive in last iteration of test. It took some time to sum up all my thoughts in survey and to give my ideas how to "make subs work" (what a meme, right?). Not gonna do that again. You clearly didn't listen to anything community said. Good think is, with those kinds of changes between each testing sesions, you will never get subs to fully operation state, and I am OK with that. Beacuse you would never release content that is not working properly, right? That would be just stupid... Good job Wargaming
  8. _Argas_

    Public Test of Update 0.9.9: Round 2

    TX 3v3 with CVs... ohhh boy. This gonna be interesting. But I asume it's just a test for mercenaries machanic which is great.
  9. _Argas_

    VÝSLEDKY – Blíží se Den Anzac

    Zase se šance na získání snižují s vyšším počtem hráčů... ale co, vlajka vypadá pěkně a kamufláže se vždycky hodí. Osobně bych tedy raději vlajky, ty mizí rychleji. Každopádně mise jsou jednoduché, takže je to vlastně malý pěkný bonus téměř zadarmo. Díky za akci
  10. Trochu mě zaráží, že pokud se zúčastní více hráčů (bude odehráno více bitev), šance na získání se pro individuálního hráče sníží (tady pouze teoreticky - pokud by počet hráčů účastnící se akce zůstal stejný, tak ano, rozdalo by se do tohoto počtu více lodí. Většina hráčů ale odehraje jednu bitvu a bude spokojená) Ale rozhodně zajímavá akce, i jako možnost vyzkoušet si loď. Za mě palec nahoru