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  1. The hardest part will be do I take DFAA or Radar if they do this smoke nerf. Also WG please remove the rest of the real ships in the RN BB line. No one wanted to play the Vangaurd or Nelson anyway. So remove the KGV, Iron Duke etc etc. We'd rather play fantasy ships like HMS Bad Google Translation.
  2. All the BBabies are extatic. Now they can continue killing everything as the last of the ships that could hide and fire at them have been broken. Well done. World of Battlebarges is finally coming to througition.
  3. The line has become, let's make as much crap up as possible.
  4. Time to shekel up goy!
  5. Because Wargaming is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO interested in historical accuracy.
  6. Was it the brain cells of Wargaming? How about the freaking super chargers, you know the ones that could be used on the 15 inch guns. It's a bloody insult. Literally the last Battleship ever made on the face of the earth. No don't use that, let's make a fake ship with a fake name, that's far better. Than giving the Vanguard superchargers. Or would that be historically inaccurate for the company making up ships?
  7. Exactly what I said. WG will pull a Scharnhorst as won't those 14 inch guns off the KGV, and they'd make it a premium and they'd make the DoY the ship in the line so you can get the proposed 15 inch. If you want a KGV at T8.
  8. I laughed when I saw the BR. Time to run things over in my battle bunker
  9. No i knew you'd be in this thread like a shot upon finding out.
  10. How did I guess this was coming