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  1. Trevor_604

    Ships that need a buff

    Omaha - this ship feels like it needs a buff.
  2. Trevor_604

    Ships that need a buff

    Can't agree, Monarch and KGV seem rather quite good ships. Think you just need to play them in a different way. Best not to be the first BB spotted always helps. You're right there - no fun to play, just looks nice in port.
  3. Trevor_604

    To many Destroyer in random battles

    Balance would be nice
  4. Trevor_604

    To many Destroyer in random battles

    Your right. If you can't beat them, join them. I'll go play DD's
  5. Trevor_604

    To many Destroyer in random battles

    5 out of 12 players in one team is too many destroyer. All most every battle
  6. Trevor_604

    More Weather

    Yep, one minute looks like your winning, next lost the battle. New dynamic.
  7. Trevor_604

    General Feedback

    Love the sound of the horn when ships crash Think i might be hearing that quite a bit. PS. Think the update is good, keep it up WG.
  8. Trevor_604

    i love my horn

    I see they have added horn sound when you crash with another ship. Sounds really cool Think it automatic and not user activated. Have to have a few more scrapes to find out.
  9. Trevor_604


    About time. It also has larger than normal citadel [goes beyond front / rear of gun turrets] and sits above water line. click to enlarge co: http://gamemodels3d.com
  10. Trevor_604


    I have decided to retire mine It's just painful to play compared to other ships in its class. I wouldn't recommend buying one that's for sure. PS. i would recommend buffing and not dropping to tier-5
  11. Trevor_604

    Lag spikes and bugs!

    Got kicked from ranked battle just after it started tonight. Think it could be server overload. Anyway, gets rebooted tonight (Thursday at 06:30 CEST (UTC+2).
  12. Trevor_604

    Something is soo wrong with the map "North"

    Just got kicked from ranked battle just after it started. Could be server issuse?
  13. Aslain Thanks for all your hard work. Really going to miss the last known positions on the minimap
  14. Trevor_604

    File Sytem

    I would like to second this. A real improvement on loading into battle [make that massive improvement]. Really good job done, shame about the little teething trouble in US. My update was done by in 45mins - did re-download [9G] first. Thanks WG
  15. Trevor_604

    Very bad lag in last 24 hours. Help needed from experts.

    Thanks Phroco for your help. Seems the problem got fixed Wednesday/Thursday. Been OK since. Not sure who or what the problem was. seems to be fixed